Thursday, November 19, 2009

OBAMA Economic growth, unemployment falling, and GITMO prisoners’ trial PART 2

To part 1, posted on Nov 13… We know there is NO economic growth period. In result, there is NO decline in unemployment. If you read the first post, then you'll be right in step with me on this one.

Hey Congress, shelf that Health Care bill for now. If this administration is big on redistributing the wealth, give every American some money. Give us each $100,000.00. Make it 10% taxable to be paid to the IRS the following year as usual. 10% flat tax on it. NOT to be added to any other income (if we’re still lucky enough to make any).

If my little Radio Shack Casio calculator is right, that’s a government stimulus output of $3 billion dollars, based on 300 million American’s receiving the 100k. That’s a “government generated” $300 million dollar tax return on the back end, to the government. (I think) It could be $30 billion and a $3 billion tax back. My math is as bad as Washington's.

“Government generated” meaning, instead of printing more money that has no REAL value and “loosing track of where it goes exactly”, and giving it to all of these organizations and projects (“shovel ready” projects…ha ha, that was laughable) and to the expansion of big government itself", i.e. a Czar overseeing the Czars, etc, etc… This concept would justify printing more money because the $300 million taxes would recoup some of the outlay, it would help the population get their credit and lives right side up, and help jump start the economy by American consumers BUYING THINGS AGAIN.

Therefore keeping American business doors open, which would instigate positively, those businesses to hire more employees, and thus TRULY lowering the unemployment rate. (My math could be off by another zero…but even so…) Either way…It’s a hell a lot better than the delusional insult of home buyers credit of 8 to 15 thousand dollars, AND it’s straight across the board for “every” American.

Instead of trying/forcing to control the "richer American’s" pay levels, and trying to (so you claim) make everyone equal. It won’t make everyone equal by any means. There’s NOTHING wrong with lower class, middle class and upper class income. Our American way of life is what each individual makes it. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. We should ALL have equal rights, but not equal pay, for God's sake. And I personally don’t want any hand out, but if the government is hell bent on spending money, well here’s THE better way to serve our country.

It’s certainly better than the $820 or $787 BILLION dollars that Congress passed. (Trying to read it folks, It is mind boggling and you can’t even tell what the total nut, out the door really was) But let’s say it was the $787 Editor’s Note: (The Democratic Senate draft was the $820 which evolved into $828, with the stipulation that an additional debt cost of $350 billion would have to be absorbed…somehow).

But let’s call it $787 billion dollars. This concept (we’ll call it my concept although I doubt I thought of it first), would have still been $784 BILLION DOLLARS LESS!! (Or $757 billion less if my math was wrong because my calculater and head exploded) And by the way, when Congress passed this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act onto the Senate for approval in Feb 2009, it included an estimated $275 billion tax right out of the gate! In other words folks, the government knew perfectly well that were generating tax revenue back to the government without “really” generating the money “from something”. It gave the current administration moneys to further the rest of their agendas over the past 9 months.

In addition to this/my concept, give every (small businesses with 200 and less employees) "legitimate business" in America, One  million dollars ($1,000,000.00) each and make that a 25% flat tax for them to pay back to the government. WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO THEM! NONE!

It’s STILL less than the “Stimulus” package that was passed into law that "WE" are going to have to somehow repay via taxes. It too would help our businesses get back on their feet, boost the economy and help reduce unemployment. But because the bill has already been passed and there’s no EXACT accounting of where all those hundreds of billions went, I say to "OUR CONGRESS", PUT THAT TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS, HEALTH CARE BILL ON HOLD, and apply that money to this/my, concept for redistribution to America, and let’s get our butts back on track!

A trillion dollars folks… I can barely fathom a million, how about you? Let alone a billion, let alone a TRILLION. I’m shaking my head just trying to verbalize the word. Washington really is like a couple of parents falling asleep and the toddlers decided to explore what's in the kitchen, in the cupboards...and just started pouring out all of the syrup and ketchup and sugar and flour and dog food and rice and cleaning products, and everything that belongs in cupboards and kitchens under close guard and lock and key...and child proof! Someone needs to call Social Services on the White House folks!

Ok, GITMO prisoners being tried in US courts…

1. They are war criminals and should not have any rights as citizens!

2. Keep the Pentagon attack separate from these trials. That was an attack on our Military, if you can’t wrap your brain around how the judicial system works Eric Holder…ya “wanna be” Attorney General.

3. As Attorney General, please advise your client, The President, (you’re supposed to represent all of us) to refrain from his irresponsible remarks and assumptions that these terrorists (I mean defendants) will be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. In order to, avert from an immediate mistrial declaration. (Oh yea...I don't have any "order" in Washington...Duh!?!?! )

4. Aren’t there like 250 detainees at Guantanamo Bay? Are we to expect all 250 of them to stand trial and have these go on for the next 50 years?

5. Won’t trying them in US Federal Courts, adjudicate the further rights of the 3000 PLUS victims and ALL of their surviving families to file Civil Law suits against them? Yes it will. What then??

I’m no lawyer by any stretch. Don’t think I’d want to be one. (Maybe) But I don’t believe for one millisecond (or trillisecond) that this has been thought all the way through. Unless it’s true what I wrote in Part 1 of this post on Nov 13th, That, Obama himself wants to set them all free, and Holder is just following orders?

I don’t accept that these 5 prisoners will be tried in New York because they were part of the attack "on American soil". They were acting out plans and orders from the enemy of the terroristic network. It shouldn’t matter where they were captured, how they were captured, or where they struck.

I'll ask again, "why is this adminstration" so willing to appease everyone but us, the American people? Why?? It all rests on "you" President Obama. Answer the question.

Going Rogue… But certainly, not alone

Sarah Palin has kicked off her book tour “Going Rogue. An American Life”, with her first signings in Michigan, and has begun doing tv interviews, starting with Oprah last Monday (didn’t see it) and last night with Sean Hannity (saw it), and O’Reilly having her scheduled for his next three shows.

I think Sarah is about ready to go! Locked and loaded (perhaps for bear this time). I think she has it together, she is clear and sincere. Knows what the hell she’s talking about. Has a proven track record on a smaller scale of being in office and the political environment. (Yes there were some controversies, but if you look them up and their outcomes, she ended up being right and vindicated). She knows a lot about producing ways to be energy independent. She’s a true patriot of this country, and she is a good mother and wife.

And I think that both she and Hillary, “more than likely” give this current administration (and the left) something seriously to think about when they try to sleep. (And sneak….And lie…. And cheat…”us”).

If you’ve followed me, you know that I’m still praying for 2012 to actually come, and I’m praying for us to still be a sovereign nation and to still be on the map (Along with Israel) by then, and that we still have “the blessing” of being a democracy and will be able to take back “our” White House.

Back to Sarah….

I am very glad that she is doing well, and out on the track again…for whatever reason. If it is only for her book…Good for her! This is America, my liberal friends… and making money is on EVERYONE’S mind, including your own! If it is just to get “her own” words out, even better for her!

If you caught her on Hannity’s interview Wednesday night, when he asked her about being a conservative rather than republican and she responded that she is a conservative but yes, she thinks that the republican “plank and platform” is the best one to build off of, then I will say to my fellow bloggers and appreciated readers… If she’s back on track to give us the nod that she “might” be thinking of running in 2012 for the next President of these United States…GOOD FOR HER!!! Good for America!

Why not? We finally have our first mulatto…Ooops! Sorry! I meant “black” American President, so why not be poised for the first “woman” President??

We were sort of poised for the first woman President in the 2008 primaries, but sorry Hill… I think the people had enough of your hubby and you, and we just didn’t quite trust in you, either. (Not to mention that you were thrown under the bus Ms Clinton, by your party….along with the anointed one and his SEIU campaign power).

As for the “Newsweak” cover of Sarah Palin… Well, they’re jealous and very much afraid of you, Mrs. Governor. If you happen to be in good health and like to run to stay fit, (like a lot of American’s do) then let them (pitifully) try, to keep poking at your abilities by spot lighting your obvious good health good looks, and choice to lead a healthy life style.

Newsweak (desperate for subscribers) chose that photo out of the several that she had from the magazine “The Runner” article that Sarah appeared in, only and (sadly) for ratings and shock value. But I found no offense in “her picture”, but found offense only in how they chose to display it. Still, it was inapropriate on their part because I'm sure the article wasn't relavant to the picture of her. They “tried” and the liberal drive by media “tried” to depict (I really don’t know what), but some sort of brainless, and dangerous, and sexy (?) picture of your legs Sarah??? If that’s all that Newsweak has, and that’s all that the left has, to try to stop you from being you… Well, jealousy DOES NOT become them.

Folks, I had the blessing, and pleasure to know and be close to someone who was brilliant in her mind, and in her heart (with God) and in her political beliefs, and she also is a true patriot. And in addition to that amazement "that was her”, she was herself and is a physically beautiful woman to behold. I hold a very high regard for the “person” that she is “inside”. And yes, she also happens to be wonderful to look at. So what?

I likened her on an equally over all level of good “human being” with Sarah Palin. Neither of them ever walked into a room to display their God given (and self disciplined outter shells) bodies “FIRST”. But rather… they walk in with what they know in their minds, and what they have in their hearts. THAT’S WHAT A REAL PERSON IS ALL ABOUT. That’s what I think Sarah Palin… is all about And I approve this message. You can be smart and genuine and still be attractive.

The likes of a Nancy Pelosi “chose” to make herself the way that she looks. If you want to talk about vanity and insecurity and DANGER within a political figure let’s get her on the cover of “Nip, Tuck, Suck it in, Scrape it off, Putty it up, Sand it down, and Throw it out”.

My only gripe about Sarah today FOLKS…

Is that in her new interviews, she hasn’t said, “Well as far as (Barack on the campaign trail) saying that he doesn’t want his daughters being punished for making a mistake and not wanting them to be “BURDENED WITH A BABY”, and his remark about lipstick on a pig, and as far as David Letterman making his “joke” about our 14 year old daughter being knocked up by a New York baseball player…My husband Todd, and some of his buddies wanted to KICK SOMEONE’S SCRAWNY ASS!!!”

But it’s ok, because her and her husband Mr. Palin, seem to have more class and dignity than the above mentioned. Maybe that’s why some of us might think the world of her. Maybe the world needs someone like Sarah Palin. And she’s the REAL DEAL. God knows that “we” need something MORE than what we have in our White House now.

Go get em' Hockey Mom! God Bless Sarah Palin

Friday, November 13, 2009

OBAMA "Economic growth, Unemployment falling" Nov 12 2009, GITMO prisoners of WAR to be tried in N.Y. Nov 13 2009

Hold on here!
Barack Obama said on Nov 12, 2009, that while we have seen economic growth over the past few months, (LIE) and the unemployment rate has decreased, (LIE) that they’ve decided to have a job summit (a job fair if you will) at the White House in December, and gather the minds of “small business” CEO’s to hammer out ways to create more jobs for America???? WELL HO FRICKEN HO HO “SANTA”…

And now today we hear the prisoners of WAR being held in GITMO will be tried in New York as some sort of symbolic ceremony. He's going to set a precedent that will enable all of them to get off and be set free. These trials will take years, and cost millions, distract our focus from more critical issues we're facing, expose sacred military detainment policies to the world, and open more American doors for spectators and protestors to come join the circus. And this will ensure better access and inncentive for terrorist threat.

Since he already scrapped the missile defense system to appease the Russians, why not cut another one sided deal on our behalf?

Who do you think you are?? Do you think that you’re like the first mind, the first person, the first leader, the first “prophet”, the inventor of everything and the inventor of the World???

Do you think that we’re all idiots and don’t know what we have, what we had… and what’s coming?? UN-FREAKIN BELIEVABLE!!!

To quote the late great John Wayne, “It’s getting to be RE-GOD-DAMNED-DICULOUS”.

And I'm done listening and hearing it Barack. Do you hear me?? WE know you monitor everything we all have to say, so I’m sure you hear me. One small voice, but I’m still an American citizen who still has rights. You've gotten on my LAST nerve. Take my gloves off... Mickey! (Rocky III)

I’ve never in my life met someone as arrogant, and stupid, all at the same time… as you. And if my feelings and outrage are considered treasonous folks then please let my observations be known, before they shut my computer down and come and get me. And please folks, don’t send me a fruit cake with a file in it, send me a left handed lawyer…in case they put me in Gitmo. Oh no wait… I’ll supposedly be back in the states shortly too. Send Johnnie Cochran…Wait…he’s dead (Good).  Yep... I said it! Sue me if you can.

Where is the economic growth??? WHERE???

What CEO’s of small businesses?? You’re driving everyone into the poor house. YOU Barack, are forcing small business to shut down AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE. Where are all these “JOBS” that you have created??? WHERE???

And if it isn’t you personally, then as “The President”, YOU have the power to frickin do SOMETHING about it. But you choose not to do anything about it, and you ARE part of the agenda. You choose not to do anything about it, so therefore….YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

How arrogant of you. You are appalling. You are DEFINITELY not worthy of your position. And you’re definitely in way over your BIG head. It’s one thing to be indifferent politically, but it’s another thing to sit here and listen to your bull shit anymore. He said he would fundementally change America folks, oh he's doing it alright, and he is going to let all of the Muslim prisoners of war free. Who's the real traitor here??

I don’t care my fellow bloggers and my fellow conservatives and fellow republicans, anymore. I don’t friends. I’ve have a good life, and even though I’ve made my own mistakes, I've tried to be a good guy, and I do love my family, but I don’t care what the hell they might do to me for this.

This is blatant and deliberate driving the failure of our beloved America into the ground, while he’s STILL standing up there acting as though he’s gonna’ do something for us. He's doing something for someone...but it ain't us! I pray that if any of you read this, (and they do get me), that you’ll try to find out who I was, and help safeguard my family against them, for me speaking out. They can take care of themselves, just be conscious and observant, please.

I try to blow off the G20 crap, the anointed one crap, the Chicago ties crap, the radical crap, the Kenya crap, the anti American crap, and the anti-Christ crap.....

It’s not paranoia folks. This is real “shit”. In the stinkiest, most vile, brownest, stick to your shoe and drag it into the house sense of the word. He’s capable of anything…and probable of everything that we speculate he might be. Wake up America! White black brown red, fricken purple, I don't care what...WAKE UP!

I’m sorry folks. I concur with so many blogs that say they’re ashamed of our president. I am ashamed today too. And the pisser is that NONE OF US should ever be ashamed of our country or our leader. Who the hell do you think you are man??? How can you stand there talking down to us and lie about the economy and jobs and knowing that NOBDODY wants the GITMO prisoners brought here, and expect
any of us to believe you, let alone follow??

How do you sleep at night B.O.? How do you sleep?

I’m sorry for all the illicit words folks. But I’m not sorry for the impact or reasons of them. I won’t hold anything against anyone to stop following. I know we all need to survive and look out for ourselves.

And, I know that the Bible says to "Honor thy father and respect authority" and I'm certainly not doing that here..... But Obama gives ME "nothing" to respect... even if he is my president. So who's "not" doing their job? Me, or him?.......Or both?

All of my life I’ve been patriotic and felt “something” in my heart for my country, my flag, my fellow citizens, and our leaders. I felt inspired enough and passionate enough to post blogs but really didn’t think I’d write such incendiary comments in doing so… But I have no room in my heart or my mind for And this...Administration.

I don’t even have anything “funny” to try to add to this. I can’t believe what is happening and who is at the helm right now. (With head down in dismay) Thank you for reading…..God Bless

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day a Noble Homage to Those who’ve served

Today is November 11, 2009.

Ninety one years ago at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month marks the signing of the Armistice (Cease fire agreement) by the German army, to end World War 1. One year later in 1919 Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the day Armistice Day. Then in 1926 Congress passed a resolution to observe November 11th with ceremonies of national conduct to honor those who served in the War and it was approved as a legal holiday in 1938 defined as “A day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as Armistice Day”.

Then again in 1953, a small business man in Emporia, Kansas, a shoe store owner crusaded for the idea to celebrate “all” Veterans on this day. Al King was his name. He had been very much involved in the support of War Fathers and their families during World War 2. The Emporia Chamber of Commerce waved their flags and all of its members along with the Board of Education, agreed to close their doors on November 11th to honor our Veterans. Soon a bill to mark the holiday was sent to Congress and Dwight Eisenhower signed it into law in 1954. Congress amended it and changed it from Armistice to Veterans Day.

Talk about your Tea Parties and Patriotism!! Wow! And back then folks, EVERYONE knew it was the right thing to do. Everyone was very patriotic and felt in debt to our men and women in uniform. Back then, almost every single citizen of the United States loved this country.

Today in 2009, we honor the nearly 25 million military veterans who have served. It is also observed over in the U.K. as Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Day in Canada.

My flag is flying today. Waving in the breeze to people passing by and to the world. It is red, white and blue and I truly love my flag. Your flag. Our flag. They’re all one in the same. It flies for freedom, liberty, independence, and for peace.

I don’t think patriotism is gone…really. We all want peace just as much as those who oppose the war or the military or those on the opposite side of the political fence. Unfortunately, it takes an act of threat against our nation to make “some” stand up and remember how important our armed forces really are in preserving our independence. It’s foolish to think any of us “want” to go to war. It’s even more foolish to not recognize that freedom does indeed come with a price.

I hope you will take time to remember what our brave service men and women sacrifice for you and me today.                                                                      

This soldier was an 86 year old WWII vet holding the flag of his son's casket who was killed in action in the Korean War. The picture was taken during a Vietnam Veterans Memorial service in 1982.

Their service is very near and dear to their hearts for the love of their country. Please remember them today.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey Get well soon Glenn! We miss ya buddy.                                            

You know the "Follow Me America" slogan? Yep....I gave him that one....We were talking, and I was giving him some ideas for his show before he finalized everything with Fox, while we were buying some candy, some Louisville Sluggers, and some chalk at Wal-Mart, (I thought maybe he was going to write his name on his parking spot at Fox), and I told him "that" was going to be the name of my blog, when I get around to writing one.

And Glenn said, "You're really conscious Jeff". That's when I said, "Hey GB, observe those cool "Eco-friendly" Obama wallets right above the little statues of to those bobble heads on the shelf." And well...the rest is history folks.

He reads all of my blogs daily........(No, not really)

God's Speed.
Conscious Observer

Monday, November 9, 2009

Don’t want to be a Christian or believe in God? Ok. You might want to think about the alternative.

I found this video clip below while reading through some inspiring posts from (a Charlotte) and her blog site “Simply Devine Love”. I was already following her blog “Crumbs from the Loaf” but didn’t realize this one was on BlogSpot as well. I'd like to share the video with you and tell you why...

In my early twenties, I took a job as bottled water delivery man (so what) and had to first ride along with a few of the senior guys to learn the business. There was one guy in particular named Howard (I remember his name because…) He was telling me about his church group, a Christian fellowship church (I won’t reveal the name of the church…The enemy doesn’t need to know it) and how excited he was, without being neurotic or fanatical, that his church was in the process of smuggling parts and pages of the Bible into third world countries. The enemy doesn’t need to know which countries either.

He told me they had to smuggle the pages through all kinds of tricky methods, and how some companies here, were helping by allowing them to hide the pages in various products and items that were shipped overseas to various companies and receivers, which happen to have these “secret Christians” working at these places. They would remove the parts of the Bible from “whatever” they were shipped in, and pass them along via underground systems, to get them into the hands of “Secret groups”. Howard told me that the people LOVED IT! They couldn’t get enough of it. Some even paid pretty good prices for a single page out of the Bible! A single page folks… Just think about it for moment. Most of us would be like, “What good does a single page do me? I won’t know what happened before and won’t know what happened next.”

Parts and pages… Not whole entire books. And I was young, no kids yet, (still partying down) and while I liked hearing the “old guys” tell their stories and teach me about life, a lot of it went in one ear and out the other. But what he was telling me was quite different. I haven’t thought about it for a long, long time. Seeing the video on Charlotte’s site reminded me of him, and about this. Even at that young age, I was pretty impressed by the fact that they were “smuggling” Christianity to those who were forbidden to take part in the faith. All I had ever heard in my life about smuggling, was about drugs or guns or here in California, smuggling people from Mexico. But this was the Bible. I never would have guessed! Seeing this video now, it makes even more sense what he told me about.

I guess many different groups would get together and share the page or piece that they had. Sometimes they would read the same page over and over again. Howard described their emotional and spiritual feelings “Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come!” His church would get letters from all over the world expressing tears of joy and elated feelings of salvation and hope. And not only for "themselves" but for their people...FOR THE WORLD!

A lot of times, they would let each other borrow their pages. Sometimes they would have to burn the pages when they were done, out of fear of being tortured or killed, by either their particular government’s authorities, and or by religious clergies.

These “human beings”, had heard about and learned about The Savior Jesus Christ. “He” was different from the religion they were forced to follow. “He” gave them hope, and a different mindset than that of a religion that commanded followers to commit sinful acts in the name of the religion. The video will show you their repression. (Nothing graphic or violent. Appauling and reality, yes)


Folks, you don’t have to believe in God if you chose not to, or “need” physical proof or scientific reason to.

Personally, I’m certain everyone finds The Lord at some point…in their own time. A lot of time it is at  deaths door, but I pray they find "Him" sooner. Remember, one of the reasons why you don’t have to believe isn’t just because “you’re you”. But rather because (or also) because you either live in America or in another country, that has a democracy and freedom of religion. If I’m wrong, say so.

So, you don’t believe in God. That’s fine. But I hope you will be mindful, and “realistic”, and pay attention, to the ever growing Islamic faith across the globe. I’m not saying that particular faith is bad, or wrong. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to admit, that Christianity does not command the killing of non believers…and The Islam faith, does. Not all Muslim’s agree with that commandment. But many MORE do…
If we the people, (human beings), turn our backs to what is going on here and around the world, and turn our backs with some even cheering for our government to be more secular, to remove the Bible and Jesus from many things in our country, fail to acknowledge what is becoming more and more popular with the religious faith of countries that support radical practices... And ignore our current leaders who are embracing them and say we don’t have anything to worry about “from them” well… God "please" help us all.

A lot of you are going to be asking God to save us. I don’t really think the change that is coming... Is the change that you thought would come.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Patriotism, Values, Our blogs as our voices

I received this comment about Red and the Pledge from She has a really good blog, informative and coherent. Thought I’d share my reply. Hope she doesn't mind.

"He was a great patriot and Christian. I remember watching that show as child. Come on, it wasn't that many years ago. Anyway, I have seen this before and it always brings tears to my eyes and sends chills down my spine.

I have grandchildren, now. I am sorry their only inspiration in this country comes from a man who apologizes for the deeds of this great nation. I am sorry that their inspiration comes from a non-Christian man, an enemy of our country, and Islamic hate monger. My grandchildren, at least, have been raised in the church. Even so, the wool has been pulled over their eyes by putting their faith in Obama and not God.
Thanks for posting this. It give me hope."

Thanks for taking time to stop by Elizabeth. Red’s Pledge is great. I like the name of your post “Psss, Don’t look now, but”, and the great letter that wrote to your Senator Harkin.

It is sad to see faith and patriotism slipping away from a lot of our kids and grand kids. (It’s also true as we get older, our parents become smarter!) I have one daughter who loves the Lord and her country and another daughter who doesn’t feel so much for her country and is trying to find God. She struggles with both and believes (or wants to) that the country is better with this current president. I make valid points in talking with her, and she has a tough time making ones back. That’s one reason why she struggles. I love them both the same.

My step sons think the Bible and George Bush are a joke, (Their mom is a good person but I didn't agree with some of her parenting. Part of why I divorced) but they’re decent loving, young men. I’m always mindful of what or how we talk about life. But I do gently say things like Thank God, or this is a great country, etc, in our conversations so the bug is in their ear. I love them the same also. (Its funny how as people get older “a lot of them” tend to start to find God and love for their country) My mom and step dad have strong faith and patriotism. My dad and step mom don’t have faith so much, and they have a watered down sense of patriotism. And I love and respect them all, the same.

Although we weren’t ready for an administration like we have today, I don’t think they were ready for the internet and “us” and voices in talk radio. It makes me think perhaps all is not lost (but it’s so close too), and perhaps there “is a reason” to have blogging and web sites and conservative personalities. Perhaps it’s faith. Or for faith, as a tool, even as a weapon to fight back with. We need something, because they have the weapon of power. It is almost David and Goliath like. Our blogs are like our voice as a collective. Talk can be cheap from their side, but it can be priceless on ours, eh?

I’m fascinated how life and these times have many parallels like having this current administration and countering it with blogs, radio, and those conservative voices. (While we’re still free to)

The scary or sad part is that if the Liberal and Democratic Party lines bowl us over and squash conservatives and our Constitution, even they won’t realize what they will be destroying. It’s still America for now, and it’s ok to disagree and hold separate values and beliefs (I guess), but at what price are they willing to pay?

I don’t think they see it. I think they just don’t like us and that’s all they might see. We may not like them or their ideals, but I believe we are fighting for a greater cause.

My September blogs "About Me" and "I'd take a bullet for the President" both pretty much sum up how I feel about our beloved country, and why.                                       

Our Pledge Our love for country Our Constitution Our faith in Him

You can laugh all you want... (But remember when you're laughing...that you have the freedom to do so)

OR, you can laugh all you want American's, because this is the greatest nation on the planet and we are, and have been, "Thankful" for the many great things and ideas in and from this United States of America. (and we thought the 60's were just a bunch of hippies....)

Check out Mr. Red Skelton and his patriostism and his faith.


Friday, November 6, 2009

In our thoughts and prayers

To the people and families stationed and working at Fort Hood, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama G20. Where we going here Mr President?

"Cede" *(To concede; To give up something such as land, rights, or power, to another country, person, or group) Where are we going here Mr. President? Tell us the truth. We deserve the truth and to understand your intent to fundamentally transform America. Even though you and your administration and the current Congressional leaders don’t think we deserve to know, this is our country. You and they… work for “us” and we deserve to see your full plan.

Hi folks, I’ve been hearing over the years about the “Club of Rome” secret society plan to change and transform the entire world into one order, one body, under one government. Part of me blew it off and the other part does see the “real life” organization that does exist. (Or “organisation” as they spell it in Europe) In theory, to control world population, famine and food supply. To provide a global currency and financial system, which would include worldwide health care in a one world society. Also, (again in theory) to provide a world security, a global army to both protect the one world society and to control them. To control the people.

And in order to deliver and then persuade all the people of the world to go along with and conform to their plan, they had to come up with something that would scare us. Climate Control and Global Warming. The club voted on and agreed that this issue would be the rationale, to make the people of the world get in line. You will see in a minute...

(If you read my “A Conspiracy Theory” post, (invented by me about 9-11-09) you’ll find that while I don’t believe in every single one that’s ever been invented, I do acknowledge that conspiracies are very real, and that theories are thoughts from pieces and possibilities that may or may not apply.) In some of my other posts and some of the ones that I have read, so many, many times the question does come up about Obama’s real plan, and they also note that so far the majority of what he’s done or has allowed, or how he has displayed himself,  just doesn’t make any sense.

Theories from, being the antichrist, to wanting a one world government. I've tried to think clearly and get past them. But one things is for sure, there’s no denying many within his own party are now going, “What the…?!?!? “

Now, with all of that said, I know some of my posts are a long read. This one is long but NOT due to my writing but rather to the quotes and agendas that I’ll copy and paste from the Club of Rome’s briefing entitled “Facing the Connected Challenges of the 21st Century” from their summit meeting in Paris June 2009. (i.e., The G20, folks. Some refer to it as G21) And I must give credit to a post through and another from The STEP Network (Joe Davis), and also the great YouTube vids on this topic Agenda 21. And to who has a good post  "Short and Not So Sweet" and a couple of good YouTube vids.

Please first watch this video that I found and then we’ll get to the quoted agenda;

The video is about 6 minutes long. Not meant to scare ya. Please do watch and if you have to, pause on the quotations, because they kind of go by fast. If you can give yourself 15 minutes, please do watch and read through...

The opening Britsh News lady said "Thousands came to to hear Barack", but in fact, he showed up at a concert where many German concert goers, had no idea that he would be there. Notice how he goes from 9-11 and terrorism RIGHT to Global Warming and Climate Change? (And you guys think that I ramble on...) How about "The Citizen's Army"? It's the same as the Nazi's Gestapo and the Soviet Union's KGB isn't it? A group of people who will turn in anyone who opposes the government and bully them far worse than any Chicago type mob gang...The idea to make America pay "more" into this club for only being 3% of the world population but causing 25% of the CO2 gases, is right inline with his tax laws here in the states.

He is bascially repeating and delivering the Club of Rome's briefing. A pawn delivering the message. It was no doubt a test of him, for them to see. No doubt they had a lot to do with his election because they know a Repbulican President wouldn't sign on.

(At least we know that not all of the club's members aren't willing to sign on to something they can't opt out of. Where are WE going here, Mr President?)

Ok, with that in mind, (I'm betting we all saw many other things we'd like to wager on) but here are the the excerpts I took from the Club of Rome briefing pdf and articles that you can read at AGAIN FOLKS...I don't want to believe in conspiracy theories in general, but these guys are real people, you just saw the video of our President and we're ALL aware of the things he has done since being in office and his past ties, so......

QUOTE; In 1993, it published the The First Global Revolution. According to this book, "It would seem that humans need a common motivation...either a real one or else one invented for the purpose....In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself  "Humans need a "common" motivation"??? Basically a "scare tactic". Sounds to me like they've got a scary message alright. And "changed attitudes and behaivor" sound like both a mean form of kindergarter enforcement as well as total human control.

QUOTE; The Limits to Growth. (Their book) According to the club's publications, the common enemy of humanity is man, so democracy may not be well suited to the tasks ahead. However, the threat of pollution, global warming, water shortages, and famine can be used to fulfill humanity's need for a common adversary Folks, can you say fabrication and propaganda? I always thought that democracy was exactly what has helped to save, advance,  and shape the world. I know, and I remember for years growing up, that America has done her "fare share" of helping third world countries in need... for the better...for humanitarian purpose. Not control.

QUOTE; The Club is convening five small, high-level meetings of international experts over a three year

period, each on one of the clusters of interconnected issues: Climate, Environment and
Resources; Economic Restructuring, Finance and Globalisation; International Development;
Social Transformation; and Peace and Security. Hmmm...Maybe B.O. "was" born to be in this place at this time, (as U.S. Presidential terms DO run for four years)....An interesting thought back to the antichrist mumbo stuff. (I'm just trying to decipher folks) I DON'T want to believe, but I am thinking...And I'm praying.
Here's a theory from me, maybe "we" being the blessed American's that we are, really are the "anti"-antichrist? Maybe America IS the one to save the world... I don't mean to blasphemy Lord. If I am, and if You read blogs, please forgive me. But maybe we haven't been wrong all of these years....Maybe "we really are" the good guys....

QUOTE; In October 2009, we will focus at our Annual General Assembly in Amsterdam on “Environment, Energy and Economic Recovery” focused on the key issues for the Copenhagen Climate Conference. In February 2010 we will tackle Cluster Three, on International Development. In April 2010 we will focus on Cluster Four, Social Transformation and in July 2010, on Peace and Security. The Programme will conclude with a major event in November 2010. What major event? A fair? Carnival? A melt down? A nuke for Iran? What's this major event? WHERE'S MY CIA??? Um....I still don't like this "Social Transformation stuff". Can I get an Amen? Or a Hey wait a minute!?

QUOTE; Substantial flows of finance will be needed to support the move towards a path of equitable and

sustainable world development. These flows must be guided by analysis and policies which
correctly evaluate risk and reflect real costs, including environmental, social and human costs,
and the real costs of energy and resources. They must cease to pass on the costs to future
generations. Risks??? I thought you guys had a plan..."The Plan"??? What do you mean "risks"?? Like there might be some corruption in your organization and the plan will fail....after the world has drank your Kool-Aide and given in??? And uh, I don't care for the terms "social" and "human" costs".
Maybe this Brit guy Lord Monckton has something for us to listen to America. (It was a good show on Beck with he and John Bolton. If you caught it)  I'm still sceptical too folks, but... Unless this Club of Rome is a fake (and it don't look like it kids) I think we need to pay some attention. (Folks, maybe this why or part of why our current administration is spending us into the ground... "future generations obsorbing the cost"... Maybe Obama is deliberate in forcing America to join this club.)

QUOTE; In this perspective, the clear need to reform the financial and economic systems is a remarkable

opportunity to establish the foundations of a new world economy: it would be tragic if this
opportunity should again be lost under the pressures of special interests to revert to the previous
system which has so badly failed. What were they saying in the White House?? A tragedy is a terrible thing to waste??

QUOTE; And, the financial and economic crisis has created a new and unexpected opportunity to reconsider the fundamental purposes of growth, development and globalisation and to reorient human progress onto a more stable and secure path. And unexpected "opportunity"? You pricks! (Sorry ladies). "Reorient"?? Here's something weird folks...I just saw something on the History Channel today about the "Fourth Reich" and how the criminals of the Nazi party were able to flee Germany via the Catholic Church and through Italy, in an effort to rebuild the Nazi party at a later date. I don't know about you folks, but these quotes from their web site sicken me.

QUOTE; The needs and aspirations of a growing world population are putting added demands on resources and the environment which are already under great stress. Imediate efforts will be needed if the present trends in population increase and rising living standards are not to have devastating and irreversible impacts on the ecosystems and environment of the planet and on the poor and vulnerable. "The needs and aspirations"??? Whos??? Catch the words "immediate" and "population increase" folks. And no...these idiots along with our government don't care about the poor and vulnerable.

QUOTE; The financial crisis and the consequent economic slowdown provide an exceptional opportunity to restructure economic and financial systems so as to achieve new patterns of environmentally sound and equitable progress.

QUOTE; Focusing R&D on the needs of developing countries and the poor. As some 90% of world R&D is carried out in developed countries, scientists in the developing countries find it hard to focus their research on issues which may be of vital importance at home but which are not of interest to the international scientific community. Special efforts are needed to encourage developing country scientists to make their careers by focusing their efforts on the core problems of development. "Of vital importance "at home" but not of interest to the international scientific community"??? Are you f-ing nuts??? (Sorry again) Do you have no shame or repsect for CULTURES???
We have been trying to bring these countries along. We can't force them, but we can try to help and undertsand them AND RESPECT THEIR CULTURES. Don't sell me that your club is going to actually take time for third world countries that have NO value to your organization. You'll leave them blind, battered, and left to fen for themselves and to die.... And then you'll take their land.

QUOTE; It is of course true, as underlined by the G20, that global problems demand global solutions, and

that international cooperation and effective national policies are key to addressing critical global issues. However, the fundamental changes required can only come about through the efforts and behaviour of communities and individuals at the local level. In many regions of the world, the underlying capacities to build new sustainable societies and economies are critically weak or nonexistent. Foreign experts and investments and international projects are valuable, but they cannot create the basis of successful economies in the absence of the endogenous human, institutional, political and physical capacities required  Well which is it?? These third world countries can't develope and evolve and "protect-preserve" their cultures? OR...that the Western Civilization is holding them back??? "Experts and investments are valuable"??? WE DO HELP THOSE IN NEED!!! America has long...LONG helped countries to thrive and grow in every way shape and form, AND we have left their culture in tact. Preserved in the fullest respect. What "plans" does this group have for them?? This whole thing sounds like an AMWAY convention for GOD'S sake!!

THE LAST QUOTE; (Because my little brain is going to explode folks and you probably need to get back to work, post your blogs, or tuck the little ones in...But there is plenty more of this on their web site) The financial, economic and climate crises are already having significant impacts on behaviour and attitudes in many countries, particularly in regard to personal consumption and the acceptance of the huge inequalities in wealth and income as being normal. If this evolution in values becomes permanent – which is by no means sure – it will help greatly to reorient social and economic progress onto a new path. First, the era in which Western ideas and policies could dominate the thinking of the international community are coming to an end. The challenge we face, and on which UNESCO is heavily engaged is, how can we build consensus and support and agree on concerted action in a pluralist and multicultural world? Of course it has impacts. But look how far the third world's and the world by and large have come, you fools. This "organi"s"ation" wants to control and have everything folks. Everything. AND AGAIN WITH THE CLIMATE CRISIS!!! We get it ok?? And we are and have been working on it! When they write about the "inequalities" in wealth, they're blantanly saying that THEY want the wealth and screw the little ones. We don't need "reorientation".

EDITOR'S NOTE; Sorry that red text isn't lined up. I'm not sure why that is. It looks right while editing but not on the live page.

America is and always (should) will be, a nation of humanitarian mindfuls, with very much respect to those of different cultures, and colors. (You picking up on all of this my fellow Americans who think I'm a racists? It's not about me, or white America, this world order wants to control ALL of us!) Exactly what we've fought against. Against exactly what our Constitution is all about. LEAVE the "multicultural world" alone... Club of Rome. The world likes having "our own history" and life styles. America is a helping nation. We wouldn't put our own families in harms way to defend, fight, and create democracy in the world FOR DECADES if we were the bad guys, for all of these years. And speaking of bad guys... Hey G21...You'll never change the Islamic radicals to learn  how to like our freedom and "us"... PERIOD. Fools. Near Damned Nazis. Yep, I said it.

B.O. You better not be heading us down this path. We won't allow it and it will have nothing to do with your political career or popularity. It will be about our freedom...Your's and mine. You must care about (like we all do about ours) about your kids freedom and their childrens freedoms?? Please get it together and act like an American President. You do have the chance to make a change. So, what are you going to do with it? Throw us a bone...How bout addressing your generals on the battle field and being quicker in your process?


Riscind *("To remove the validty or authority of something") the all ready in place, stimulus item that applies to the new "The National Coordinator of Health Information Technology" (Completely already budgeted and approved with very nice facilities, by Nancy Pelosi) which NOW allows the governments review of our electronic medical records at doctor's office and hospital visits and that allow the government to "Guide medical Decisions at the time and place of care".  Under yours and Pelosi's approval.

BUTT THE HELL OUT! Let my doctor treat me as he or she has been trained, for what's best "for me". Not for you or for the Club of Rome.

This is very real stuff to consider folks! Don't be fooled and don't stop your voices. One more item... to "add" to this President's hidden agenda and or wanting to "control us", for himself or some greater cause, here is a "requirement" of his "Making Homes Affordable" and the "acting" like they're demanding mortgage lenders to modify loans programs to save our homes. I'm here to save the day America...Like me...I'm Barack! (Uh...I thought you were aginst racial profiling and "for" bridging the racial gaps, and not be discriminating...and want to "help" the economy. What difference should it make who is applying for a loan modification? Besides, secretly, goverment backed investors along with some private ones, are already buying up all of the foreclosures) PLEASE READ THE HIGHLIGHT FOLKS.

Read the last part! Why does the government need this type of information?? Read my blog on Racism. Why do they need this info, and will mandate that the lenders supply it, if we the consumer declines to? It's as bad as an Acorn application.'s cut off, but it reads, that the lender is required by law to report your ethnicity based on either your "surname" or by actually seeing you in person..... WHY???? Where's YOUR birth certificate dude? WHERE WE GOING HERE MR. PRESIDENT?

Since I was kid I've wanted world peace. Really folks. In the back of my young mind I'd think what if we ever had to defend the planet against aliens? Would the world come together? (I know...I was a kid ok?) I want it peace today and pray about it. (Please read my "War or Peace" posting) Sadly, it's not going to happen in this day and age. It is survial of the fitest. And America has been standing tall and strong because of our hearts and principals. Many nations have followed.

We've never been one to withold technology, medicine, or money from a country in need. Some may think there are some valid points in all of this, and there probably is. But I don't think we can "force" change on countries. It's not a natural progression or evolution. And what of the risks?? No matter where you go or what alliance you form, "man" will always find a way to be greedy or power hungry.

I say we stay the course of independence, never give up our right to defend ourselves, continue to work on global "friendships", stay focused on humanitarian  needs, teach our constituion to others, and all do our part to be better humans. They say to keep your enemies close...This isn't worth it. America isn't Charlie Brown being fooled that Lucy won't pull the football out again when we run to kick it. If we signed on to this, that's what would happen to us folks.

Can you even fathom the harships and bitterness and absolute change of life that would ensue among our people. America doesn't need this Club of Rome...they need us. And that frustrates them that we haven't signed on for all of these years. Sorry...there's too much division and indifferent cultures to bring every country into one club. The U.N is proof of that, and a lot of nothing gets done.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

G.O.P! G.O.P! G.O.P!

Extra Extra...Read all about it!! (West Coast 8:15 pm) Although my computer once again, "mysteriously" doesn't seem to want to play with me and get this posted. Hmmmm....? Maybe I'm stuck in neutral....

Extra Extra!!! The GOP SAH LLAAMMMBS DEMS in Virginia, New Jersey, and new New York City Mayor,!!!!!! Plus..... A simple conservative giving them a run for their money!

From Tea Parties (let's throw some crumpets in there too!), to 9-12 projects, Talk Radio, FOX NEWS, (say it again) FOX NEWS, to Town Hall Meetings, Free our Health Care signatures, and Praying to THE ONE AND ONLY GOD ALL MIGHTY, to the the absolute disgust with the Obama Administration and "The House of Ill Repute 111th Congress", by ALL of the people who have woke up... The "Right Side" is very much alive and kicking. And demonstrated as such, TONIGHT!

And I'd like to personally offer to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the New New Jersey Gov Elect Christie and his family! I wish we had someone like you out here in CA... Governor Christie.

Readers, Thank God for those who know what's right... and what's wrong in America. And to those opposed, please look up "Ill Repute". Look it up... And then you can make your own assessment. That's if you can do so, honestly with yourself.

It ain't over yet folks. There's still a lot of work to do. But we're not only showing "those in power", (Hey Baracky..How much did it cost us tax payers for you to go and campaign for your pals in N.Y and Virginia??) Never mind dude.... You wouldn't know transparency if you walked through it and it still cut you.

But we're firing up the engine and taking back what this country was founded on! I can't wait to hear the back peddling and excuses from Bobby Gibbs and the "stunned" administration. You watch folks... Obama will try to "amaze" us with something else or some other diversion here, pretty quick...Watch for it...

Thank you to those who managed to come out of the Kool-Aid comma....Thank you. (These are the droids you're looking for)'re on notice and....YOU'RE NEXT.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

VIVA AMERICA-Tribute to our Military

This is my YouTube video (slide show) "Viva America!". The third version of the video which is a tribute to our very brave men and women in uniform. I..."WE" can't ever thank them enough for their protection and their very love for our country. I wrote the song back in 1985 when one day it just hit me how much we have in our country, and how we not only take things for granted, but the mere fact...that we CAN take things for granted (even though we shouldn't)...BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA!!

WE ARE THE GREATEST nation on the planet. Either get use to it, and praise it PROUDLY...defend it with fury, show some respect to her and us... "WE THE PEOPLE" and our Mighty Military, and do your job THAT WE PAY YOU FOR ......Barack...


You don't get "this" photo op. It isn't about you this time...This is about the very people who protect you and your family and your freedom and your constitution. And mine too! Either you're an American citizen AND PRESIDENT who loves your country... or you're not!. Your photo op is on the the second version entitled "Viva America! Pre-Election", which features YOU refusing to place your hand over your heart during the pledge of allegiance to our flag). It's no wonder why you've left the guys hanging in Afghanistan.

Sorry...but YOU had your chance to show them the respect they DESERVE during your campaign, but you blew them off on your visit to Iraq and instead...went for the photo op at "the wounded's" hospital...remember?? You bet you remember! WE...remember and so do our armed forces.

George Bush showed them all "the respect" they deserve and displayed bigger balls GUTS, then you or any other President has ever had, when he landed on the carrier in the Gulf, in a fighter jet! Did it cost the tax payers? Hell yes! But that was a REAL stimulus and you can't buy that kind of moral support for the troops. And YOU don't get it B.O. (Sit down Mr. Clinton...Your idea of balls are completely different. Not to mention what happened in Somalia on your watch and the subsequent letting Bin Laden walk, when you had the chance. Thanks for the $$$ surplus here at home, really...But I'm surprised that you managed to do that, while taking advantage of interns)

If anyone is interested, like I said above, (not that it's "some great song" folks) but I wrote this about 24 years ago, but back then it referenced the Soviet Union rather than Iran in the last verse. Nothing else has changed in it except now (my "older" vocals), and the newer recording, that we were trying to get out before the 2008 elections. Other than that, I loved my country then, I love my country now, and I'll love my country from Heaven if it is God's will.