Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Back! Hey Gibbs, Read "my" hand...

Hello. Happy New Year... a Better New Year America. I jumped out of the blogging melting pot for a while but I’d like to be a part of the ingredients again. I’ve been paying attention to you folks and the issues, while taking care of things here in “normal world”.

Is it just me, or do others also cringe and want to slap somebody when WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs attempts to do his job? I so wanted to see FOX NEWS Washington Correspondent Major Garrett tell Gibbs to pound sand a while back, but alas Major has more class, education, style, and integrity then Gibbs has, had, or ever will have.

I’ve poked at him throughout my blog (referring to him as a Tom Arnold look alike and leach) and when I saw Gibbs last week with his attempt to mock and joke about Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand, I thought “Oh yeah….I have a blog! And I CAN’T STAND THIS LITTLE GNOME!”

So I’m calling you out little man.

Doesn’t this administration know the theory if you let the dog know that you’re scared he will smell your fear? I’m just scratching my head at this idiot’s statements and smugness, asking myself doesn’t the President read any of the things BEFORE they’re released to the public as “The Official Word from The White House”?

Sarah Palin isn’t even a “politician” any more. She’s not running for anything. It’s not a presidential election year and as though she’s the GOP candidate. Why is this administration so afraid of little old Sarah? For that matter, why are they so thin skinned and Anemia "phobic like" with everyone who opposes or questions them? Rush, Sean, Glenn, Joe the Plumber…Why? (By the way, the definition of Anemia is a perfect description of this current administration…weak, too few red blood cells, lack of iron hemoglobin that transports oxygen around the body…) And “they’re” the ones who are crying about green house gases…choking for air. Figures.... But let’s digress…Hmmm?

What an imbecile (look that one up too…it fits!) to hold up his hand and “think” he’s being funny writing notes on it. Millions of people young and old have at some point, written notes on their hand. It’s a “note”. A “reminder”. It’s not some drone Stepford wife reading a teleprompter, or pre programmed dialogue. I thought it was way cool of Sarah to jot down a few notes on her hand at the tea party. She wasn’t hiding it and all it did was show that she’s smart, human, and funny. There were 3000 hits, notes, comments about Sarah's note on her hand, and only 7 with regard to Obama saying Corps Men. (Just sighing and shaking my head guys) It's laughable...

Gibbs couldn’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin. And he’s certainly no Dana Perino or Tony Snow. Let’s review his achievements and how and why he’s the Press Secretary…Shall we?

His status is “political consultant”/WH Press Secretary. What politician would “listen” to this buffoon? Oh yea…never mind.

He was the communications director for Obama’s presidential race, and has been with Barack since 2004. He was John Kerry’s Press Secretary during his bid for the WH in 2004 (How’d that work out for you fellas?) “Hey Bob, can you say Swift Boats and Damage Control at the same time?” Before that he “specialized” in Senate Campaigns…Oooo! And his mommy used to take him to The Women’s League of Voters where he helped with something called “voter re-identification”?? Huh? He’s just another freakin community organizer for God’s sake! No “real” title or degree or doctrine or military service. Just a volunteer. An organizer. Just like his boss.

It’s like me having one of my teenage buddies being in charge of oh I don’t know… keeping my windshield clean? And call him, my Chief Visual Clearance Administrator.

He also played saxophone in the high school band and was the goalie for the soccer team. Nothing wrong with music and soccer, but he didn’t even “run” up and down the field!! Could you imagine being Robert Gibbs as a kid? Oy-vey

Seems like a very fragile girly boy who never picked up a tool or threw a football, got a black eye, kissed a real girl as a teen, got into any mischievous trouble, never grounded or on restriction, basically a "hall monitor kind of guy"...etc, etc. Remember John Candy playing the Wally World security guard in that Vacation movie??

Not that you have to do any of those things to be a “man”, but apples don’t fall far from the tree and he is definitely a momma’s boy, and in a sense a phony because his “job” and his “jobs” aren’t “real jobs”.

In his bio, they list the names of some notable people in his high school class, (who went on to become “something”) but so what?? Ooo, he sat next to a Lego artist and a mathematician! Ooo!! Doesn’t that make our Bobby so smart?? He's somebody! He's somebody!

It’s like me bragging that I grew up in Michigan and my older sister knew Bob Seger!! Wow!! Aren’t you impressed with Conscious Observer Jeff now??

See mom? I told you I’d be something one day! Now they’re all my friends! Oh wait…I’m not allowed to go out and play. I might get dirty, or catch a cold, or get made fun of again and have my feelings hurt.

Hey Robert Gibbs… Sarah Palin could outshoot, out wrestle, outwit, out spit, out speak, out run, out charm, out class, out smart, out organize, out moralize, out energize, out snow mobile, out fish, out hunt, and out win YOU in anything, in anyway and at any time. This isn’t like the play ground bud, you’re picking on the wrong the girl. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! ..........................Ya lump

What'cha "working" on next son? That Iran's President is a blow hard and always spouting off about their Nuclear ambitions...But that we have nothing to worry about with your shit eatin grin?

Yep...I'm back!