Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Muslim Man March on Capitol Hill

So on Sept 25, 2009, our great nation of freedom, free speech, the right to bare arms, (well own them), the right to religious freedom and our beloved liberty, once again demonstrated TO THE WORLD, some of these blessings and laws, by allowing an estimated 50,000 Muslims to march and pray on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. right where a couple of weeks prior held a 9-12 Taxpayer March. And also back in October 1995 there was the Million Man March held there. Hmmm…. I’m seeing a pattern here in our country… Can you say FREEDOM???!!!

Back in Oct of 95' the African American community had every right to go to Washington and show their unity and speak their minds. I’m guessing the majority of them were American citizens. A million strong is nothing to scoff at, and it was peaceful for the most part. I was cheering for them! For America! The 9-12 Taxpayer March attendance was roughly 60,000 people (no one seems to have the actual attendance right), nowhere as large as the Million Man March, but impressive numbers nonetheless. I’m betting the majority if not ALL of the demonstrators were American citizens here too. It too was peaceful and the event actually had zero litter and trash left behind. All three of these events were protected by the citizen’s rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration. Seems like all of the events and their organizers walked away with what they came for… To have, Their voices be heard”.

Many people were not so happy about the Muslim Day of Prayer event. It also was peaceful. The turnout was notable although, (The Million Man March blew the attendance away) and again, all were lawful and protected by the same freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration rights, we are afforded in this great country. I’m “guessing” not all of these demonstrators were American citizens. I truly don’t know. Still, “anyone” who is in our country has the right to speak out and demonstrate peacefully. That’s a pretty awesome liberty. That didn’t just come into law this year, you know. It has been the very basis of our civilization and culture in the United States.

It should NEVER be changed and we should ALL fight to preserve it, forever. I got a dozen emails protesting this prayer event. On one hand, yes they had the right to march, gather and pray. (Imagine the criticism if 60,000 “Christians” organized such an event) So, the day came and went and I don’t think there was anything “wrong” with the actual event. On my OTHER HAND, what I do question, is that as I understand what they were doing, praying for America to see their ways and beliefs. Praying that the Christian and non Christian Infidels see their peaceful way of prayer and convert to an Islamic faith.

I wasn’t thrilled that our own White House pretty much blew off our traditional National Day of Prayer , but had photo ops to welcome this event of Sept 25th. Why do our leaders today, want to appease other cultures but have become embolden to push the American people and our principals aside?

So I do completely see why people were not happy about this event. And the Muslims who attended the march should thank “us”, for the liberties that we and our country stand for and were founded on. America to this date is still one of a few countries of religious freedom. Doesn’t that say something to the rest of the world, as well as our own?

These attendees should take note of the recent violence and thug like policing in the aftermath of Iran’s presidential elections. While you’re trying to save me and freely doing it on this soil, at our capitol, notice that nobody came out and harassed you or killed you. American’s who protested this event, don’t want to become like you and “forced” to believe in what your faith believes in…And one of the biggest reasons is that we WON’T STAND for being harassed and killed in our own streets.

Ok, so we don’t believe in the same God or All Powerful Creator and Ruler. But our faith and our non believers don’t want to kill you because of this fact. Not that anyone in particular at this event wants to kill us, but the difference is that your book of gospel says so! Ours does not. At the risk of sounding disrespectful, if you don’t like how this country is AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU...but yet you have no problem with our transit systems and utilities and banking and law enforcement systems (protection of our citizens), and our technology and hospital systems. Then YOU are hypocrites.

I don’t hate you… I could really care less what religion you believe in. But for the most part, you hate me because I don’t believe what you believe! In example, again… “Some” of your faith perhaps won’t allow someone with a bottle of wine to ride in their taxi cab, but I guarantee you if that same person needed an emergency life saving operation and the surgeon was a Christian, 90% of you would want their life saved and allow that surgeon to operate.

If you are the “peaceful facet” of the Muslim movement and culture, why didn’t anyone at your event “Thank the United States” and denounce calling us Infidels? Why didn’t anyone speak out against the “violent facet” of your religion and culture? Most of the world who “accepts, respects, and or allows” you to practice your faith is WAITING for you to denounce the radical elements within. And not just from one voice, you have many….

AS much as I won’t go and march on Washington to demand that you’re thrown out of this country because I AM an American and I do want peace and love and FREEDOM for ALL MANKIND, I also enjoy the liberties set forth in my country to tell YOU... If you don’t like it here…THEN LEAVE. And frankly, don’t let OUR honorable Red, White and Blue snap you on the bum like a wet towel from we proud Americans, on your way out. Thank you, and You’re welcome.

Wouldn’t that be great if not only did God reveal the One and Only "All Mighty" to the world, which would no doubt upset other religious cultures, But also that the world found out that "The Lord" is a woman too! (Talk about your Burqa's flying off!!...And yes Muslim friends....America really VALUES and RESPECTS our female counter parts!!)... And “She” said unto to them and the world, “Thou shalt KNOCK IT OFF… NOW!” I happen to believe that God is "The Father", but that would be something to see!


“Ok, I’m dating myself, here”… Back in the 60’s and 70’s, there was a white haired, white bearded “GREAT” comedian/actor known as, the “Lovable Lush” named Foster Brooks who appeared on shows like Steve Allen, Johnny Carson (Pre Leno), Dean Martin, Perry Como, and other popular variety type t.v. shows (Very censored and before cable television kids). And part of his act was portraying a very friendly and (as dignified as could be) drunk, with silly claims of being the famous director of the epic film, “The Three Commandments”, and said he was a member “Alcoholics Unanimous”. His act was good, his monologues were intentionally absurd, and his audience never knew what he was going to say next. NOTE; I do NOT promote alcoholism or drug abuse, and advise everyone, if you can avoid this terrible grip and disease, then do it at all cost! Understand folks, back then things really were different and it was a more innocent time then today. And the guy was funny, period.

Now fast forward to 2009….. Did you happen to catch Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi’s comedy routine at the U.N. talent show in New York?? What the hell was that guy talking about?!? I swear to you, I couldn’t stop laughing and had to DVR (record) it, to play it back just to confirm what I was watching. And Foster Brooks was the first thing I thought about or compared it to. I remembered being a kid watching Mr. Brooks with my family and it was so stupid that it was funny. The second thing that I thought about while watching Good old Moammar, was an even more vintage actor of black and white films named Glenn Strange, who played the Frankenstein Monster. “Mo-Mo” (as we like to call him) looked scary as hell, and I couldn’t tell if he was just high or his plastic surgery was too tight. AND HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE A “LEADER” OF A COUNTRY! If I were a Libyan citizen oh I’d follow him alright… with a LARGE mob and torches, and run him out of the village back up to the castle!

Between his whining about his jet lag flying to America (be glad we let you in dude) and his rant about the JFK assassination calling for a full investigation, (uh…about 46 years a little late there Bucky), feeling rejected because nobody wanted him to pitch his tent, like he was attending a boy scout jamboree, and then his OWN “personal” interpreter becoming dizzy trying to keep up with his words and eventually fainting as she understood what he was ranting about, the whole “improve” had us all spinning and going…. Uh…what? What did he say?? Well, I can’t believe even his own country wasn't in shock and awe. UN…BELIEVABLE. Unbelievable… What was it Mike Tyson would say? I’m “flabagasted”. (I’m shaking my head guys) Uh…what???

I really can’t decide who won the talent show…Qaddafi, Ahmadinejad, or sadly…Obama? I really thought I was watching Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. I DON'T KNOW IF “OPEN MIC NIGHT” AT THE CLUB U.N. IS WORKING OUT FOR THEM. Here’s an exclusive photo of Qaddafi’s new pal Hugo Chavez, reading Mo-Mo a bedtime story before he zips up the tent. “Shhhhhhhh…” He’s a lot easier to handle when he’s sleeping!


And how impressive was our own leader at the U.N.? Eh? How about that Barry… eh? I have to tell you, (not surprised in the least) once again I felt a bit insulted by the guy that I’m supposed to respect and look to. For the first time since I’ve been watching and listening to him speak…strike that please….I meant “reading from a teleprompter”, during his campaign and since he’s been in office, I felt like ok, now he is speaking with some level of respect but it wasn’t to me and my fellow American’s… it was to “The World” and it’s leaders. FINALLY, speaking in “some” capacity as a dignitary, rather than talking down to “the little people”. And I’m not the only one who picked up on that. His arrogance continues to be and is “obvious and blatant” and I’m sorry… but I THINK IT SUCKS. He told the U.N. and the world, “Look at what I’ve accomplished in the last nine months! You can now JUDGE America by these past nine months.” Um…. I know you thought there were 57 states, and your numbers keep changing on how many will be taxed or not, and with all of the recent shopping sprees in Washington, there seems to be a problem with your math skills B. O. Someone should inform you that America has been around for well over 200 years. NINE MONTHS”, is just about how long it takes for a new lil’ baby to come out of the womb.

HOWEVER… In fairness folks I will say, after he LIED to the U.N. saying that he closed Guantanamo Bay, I did feel a little bit bad for him (or I wanted to call him and say let’s fire your inept speech writers before you put your other foot in your mouth)… because just a few days later the White House announced they were going to hold off on closing the detainment camp, WHICH IT SHOULD REMAIN OPEN AND CONTINUE TO DETAIN THE KILLING PRISONERS OF WAR THAT ARE IN THERE… AND OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND OTHER COUNTRIES. I don’t know what felt worse for me. That I was embarrassed again or that I was insulted again. OR BOTH. (A little side bar here) And speaking of campaigns, and putting feet in mouths, and INSULTS… Ya know folks? What I’ve learned? You can put lipstick on a Bulldog, but if it still snarls, has an under bite, and has a poopy attitude… It's STILL Bulldog. And, you can put lipstick on a Mad Magazine…But it’s STILL Alfred E. Newman. What was Alfred’s famous caption? Oh yea….”What ? Me worry?” I think we ALL have a lot to worry about these days America.


O’REILLY… Ah yes, Bill O’Reilly. I do watch and most of the time I think his show is pretty good. It took me some time to get past remembering that he came from shows like Inside Addition, A Current Affair, and I could swear he was a lame news anchor man out here in California (Yes Bill, I wish to Opine and will try not to Bloviate”). But I have grown to tune in regularly and I usually agree with much of what he has to say, and Bold Fresh and Culture Warrior are circulating around our family, so yes we are fans and “paying” to hear what you have to say.

But I have tell you Mr. O, we all know at times you talk over your guests and don’t allow them to finish. And on your Sept 25th show, you had (what seemed to be) a very nice, educated, civil and passionate woman guest named Edina Lekovic from The Muslims Public Affairs Council, that you STOMPED all over her answers and conversation. It was rude and unprofessional and certainly not fair and balanced. You even got her name wrong. I COMPLETELY AGREED with you telling her we want to HEAR the Muslim community denounce the radical acts of violence, and you can read my blog about the Muslim Man March where I also asked, “Why they didn’t stand up and speak out against the violence when they were praying in Washington, when they had our attention?”

At the very end of the interview, Ms. Lekovic said “Help me do it Mr. O’Reilly”, but you were talking over her and went right to a Laura Ingram story and outro to a commercial. Why have these guests on that you think the viewers want to hear from, when you talk all over them? Kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think? And several shows on Fox News do the same thing. Basing most of your channel’s shows around “conservatism and family values”, it’s confusing. We weren’t allowed to talk over each other at the dinner table, trying to set an example of family values and “order” in our homes, so why do you guys do it on t.v.? It was a good show Bill. And during this interview you compared the violence of “some” Muslim’s to the despicable behavior and the protecting of “some” vile Catholic Priests within the Catholic churches over the years as “One bad apple spoiling the apple cart”. I see your point, and I know NOT ALL Muslim’s are terrorists, and NOT ALL Catholics are pedophiles and perverts. However, I think one of the differences between your comparison, is that abusing children sexually AND protecting the criminals who do it in the church are NOT the Catholic “people” of faith. Such heinous acts were done by higher authorities of the church, like Priests and Bishops involved. People in positions that we trusted not only our kids to be around, but also trusted our religious faith and how the churches are ran, respectively.

The people of Muslim faith that are radical and violent are not usually limited to their elders and appointed leaders. It’s usually the actual “people” of that faith, with the leaders condoning the violence. I’d bet the Catholic “people” would favor a massive cleanup of their appointed members of the cloth and keep the real men of faith in their positions. And none of the Catholic “people” hid these acts, or ignored them. They did speak out. The “bad” Muslim’s seem to get their motivation of violence from the Karan more so than direct orders from their leaders. I agree, BOTH bodies of people should denounce and stand against both of these criminal issues. You brought it up Bill O’Reilly, not me. Overall, the whole show on Sept 25th was good, but let your guests finish what they’re saying. You and Heraldo should have a three round exhibition ultimate fighting match. It’d be hard to bet on that one, but would be entertaining!


Glenn Beck… I really dig Glenn Beck. He’s got a lot of courage whether you agree with him or not, it takes some real mustard to speak out like he does. The White House and the liberal left fear his exercising the First Amendment Right of our Constitution, The Freedom of Speech. And I don’t mind some of the props and semi theatrics at all. It’s a “show” not a news cast. He’s entertaining and has great wit. A lot of viewer fans were looking forward to his show on Sept 25 with a bunch of concerned American mothers, of all colors, and all creeds to talk about where the country is heading and concerns about their children and their futures. 11 minutes into the show, it was interrupted by a press conference staring…You guessed it! Barack Obama. The press conference was him talking about the progress at the G-20 summit held in Pittsburg at roughly 5:15 pm eastern time, on a Friday night. He was already on t.v. earlier in the day announcing the letter from Iran to the U.N. Security Council, about having another Nuclear Power Plant up and running.

5:15 pm, on a Friday night. Hmmm… The White House press secretary must have thought it was REALLY important to get the President on t.v. again at this exact time, to tell us what we could have read and heard about either later or over the weekend. I switched channels from Beck, and the ONLY other station that was interrupted was Wolf Blitzer on CNN. And I scrolled down from 205 all the way to channel 2 folks. NOBODY ELSE STOPPED THEIR PROGRAMING. Hey uh… Press Secretary Robert (Don’t call me Tom Arnold) Gibbs, if this was so important for the American people to hear, why didn’t the President and the White House wait until say…7 pm, when more people might have been home by then? This President cannot get enough of himself on t.v. folks. Pretty soon there will be a 24 hour a day channel of ALL OBAMA. Jeeeze! Enough already! There was no legitimate reason for the President to hold a press conference at this time of day EXCEPT to squelch the Glenn Beck show on Fox News. Yea Wolf Blitzer was interrupted too, but as far as Wolfy goes, well… he got spanked pretty hard on Jeopardy last week, where Alex Trebek actually "gave" Wolf money at the end of the game so there was "something" to give to the charity that Blitzer was playing for! I doubt this hurt his ratings any further.

It was so obvious, when they broke into Glenn’s show. At first I thought, uh-oh, some bad news coming here, I better listen. But then I saw B.O. (Lights, Camera, Action!) and I just went, you’ve got to be kidding me. The White House staff and their media plans are a joke. The direction of the administration is bad enough and certainly no joke, but this is like HOLLYWOOD MEETS THE GOVERNMENT. It’s shameful and indignant. What did the First Lady say? For the first time in her adult life, she was proud of America? Well, for the first time in my adult life, I’m appalled by the American leaders. Get the hell off my television unless you’ve got something urgent to tell us! Maybe oh I don’t knowSOME TRUTH?? Glenn Beck came back on somewhere near the last ten minutes of his show. I thought instead of being upset, I bet Glenn is laughing his butt off at this, because he can take a jab, tell it like it is, and roll with it. OUR WHITE HOUSE… FOLKS… has turned into a school yard playground mentality. While I don’t agree with Beck on his comment about America being better off without John McCain in office, I see his point made, but arguably disagree. Because of one pure fact that John would have our enemies of the world talking a much more water downed version of their “smack”. But you STILL ROCK GLENN BECK! And I pray that you keep going and uncover the corrupt and the danger, and I’m thankful for your patriotism.


LARRY KING… Oy vey… You know… I used to respect Larry King as a television icon of sorts. He “was” a pioneer, and did have it going on twenty years ago, in between his multiple marriages. In trying to keep my mind open I do watch some CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets. So I tuned into see who’s on Larry last week and nobody told me that my grandmother has taken his place!! Gosh Larry, it might time to go home my old chum. All I saw was an image of an old woman skin and bones, in suspenders “attempting” to conduct an interview. And who was he interviewing? Moammar Qaddafi ‘s new pal, Hugo Chavez. The interview was surreal at best. The set looked like something out of a “B-movie” that never even made it to the theaters, but went right to DVD. (I guess low ratings means low budget) Larry couldn’t remember who the heck he was talking to most of the time. When he would cut to commercial he had to pause and look at his notes to say “We’ll be right back with…” and then get the name right. Interviewing Hugo Chavez… As though even the liberals want to know what “he” thinks. ( Well I guess there is Sean Penn and Courtney "ughch-yuk-gag" Love....Sorry folks I almost threw up) The premise of the show was like, ooo we have this brilliant and respected dignitary on tonight. He’s a martyr people, and a dictator and very much a low keyed, part of the Axis of Evil. He called our President Bush the devil, but yet he’s ruled over Venezuela for 11 years and will continue remain in power.

He wants the world to read the book “Hegemony or Survival”, a book about America’s quest for global domination, including wanting to take over Heaven with our military satellites and run the earth into a vast wasteland and our ultimate desire to destroy mankind itself. Yea…that’s what we want, Hugh. You can’t have it both ways Sir. If we’re an Imperialistic power that wants to rule the world, what good would it do us if we ruined the lands and killed off the human race?? Against your argument, yes we did support Israel to fight against Lebanon NOT against the Lebanese “people” but against the thugs of Hamas who took over that country and relentlessly attacked Israel AND the Lebanese PEOPLE. How can you have the “good” humanitarian achievements in Venezuela like you have created, but still be a part of a very corrupt and underlying political self serving agenda? It’s like giving a child some candy, and then spanking them because they eat it. The historical actions of humanity, good will and providers of freedom and peace for many nations BY The United States, speaks much louder than a fictional book writer’s ideals.

By the way, back on Sept 9th Larry had on Barney Frank, John King and Ben Stein discussing the “Public Option” in the health care proposal. At the very end of the interview Larry asks Ben what he thinks the President will get out of the bill, and Ben answers “If the Public Option goes through it will “kill” insurance companies. A government run health care system doesn’t need to make profit” (but if it isn’t making a profit where will the money come from to fund it, us taxpayers, right Ben?) And private insurance companies that need to make profits to stay in business then this option will KILL insurance companies.” And Barney Frank was shouting behind Ben Stein, “That’s the money saver! That’s the money saver! That’s the money saver right there!” There are a lot of American families that rely on their jobs in the insurance industry, and the many ties to other investors and the economy at large folks. Our government wants to take control of health care and put all of you out of work. Something to REALLY think about. See Larry, and the liberal left? I pay attention. I consciously observe. God bless your lifetime of work Larry King. I think CNN has been lucky to have had you this long.

EDITOR’S NOTE; (Barney Frank is Chairman of The House Financial Services Committee, THAT and the statement he made on Larry King, right there is a political and ethical conflict of interest. I didn’t realize the H.F.S.C. was in business to put American industries out of business or take them over. And maybe this doesn’t matter, but he is also a strong advocate for gay marriage equal rights. I think “that issue” does matter. But that’s for another blog posting. In 1990 Barney Frank was investigated by the House Ethics Committee when a male prostitute that Frank let move in with him, told the committee that Frank paid him for sex, (which Frank admitted to) and further allocations that Barney Frank knew the male prostitute was using Frank’s home for homosexual transactions. AND that Barney Frank hired him as an aide, and wrote letters on “Congressional Stationary” appealing to the Virginia state probation officials to excuse the male prostitute’s 33 parking tickets. How nice. The Committee blew off charges that Frank “knew” about the illegal house of prostitution, but they did vote to reprimand him 408 votes to 18 opposed, for using his official stationary and asking for the parking tickets to be dismissed. Well that was a nice little slap on the wrist, how gentle. AND FRANK IS STILL IN OFFICE! Oh…he fired his male prostitute “aide” 2 years later. If this isn’t corruption folks, I don’t know what the hell is! Barney Frank is a crook and a creep.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'd take a bullet for the President

I recently told a friend that I'd take a bullet for the President. I would because that's how I was raised to respect and care about and protect our President. Even if you don't agree with them, this is your country, your President, it would be your (mine at least) patriotic duty should it ever come to that. I pray for this Presidents saftey like I have for all 10 of the Presidents in my lifetime. Including this one today. (Read the "About Me blog", to understand this notion, please.)

I would hope I wouldn't die from it, because that would really burn my biscuits. Why? Because I don't believe in this current President, I didn't vote for him, I don't think he has a clue to what he's doing (for being a self proclaimed "Community organizer" he hasn't organized squat in his current position) and frankly, I seriously question many parts of his past, his current actions, his walk on water ego, his wife's comments and obvious like minded attitude about this country, and in my opinion (which we're all still entitled to... for now), he doesn't have the experience or statesmen like dignity that the "Presidents of the United States of America" should and have demonstrated throughout our great history.

Not only would I risk my life to save this President because I was raised to love my country and our leader, but to show and prove to lefties that might think I'm a right wing nut job, that I am open minded and care more about the US than which side of the fence I live on. But also to prove to anyone who might think or "accuse or assume" that I'm racist, that I don't care if the President is black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown, blind, male, female, young, old, tough, soft, in a wheel chair, smokes, doesn't smoke, single, married (and being faithful is part of being married). I don't care! All of you out there crying about prejudice, or across party lines, GET OVER IT! If the person elected to be President tries doing a good job, in the best interest of the country, listens to "WE the PEOPLE", and tries to set examples for young people and for history to follow, and has realistic views on the world and who is a President that looks for who is like minded and valuable allies, and NEVER EVER takes his/her eye off of our enemies, then I'll support them.

I'm sorry, but we're getting none of this with this current President and administration. If you stay tuned, you'll read more about my "Down the middle" approach to politics and issues and life. I'm not one sided all of the time. I'm not ignorant either. You'll figure out I'm a conservative and did vote Republican, but it doesn't mean I always "blindly" agree with my party, and you'll find that I don't like taking crap from the left when it's obvious, well.....crap. And there's a LOT of crap from the Democratic party, as well there has been a lot of crap from the right.

I'll also post anything and everything on issues and topics and news events that are happening and that saturate all forms of media. Hopefully, we'll have some laughs too!

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!

Soylent Green was a movie from 1973 which stared (among other greats) Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson. In a nut shell; The movie takes place in the year 2022. Hmmm…only 13 years away. Heston plays “Thorn”, a cop trying to solve the murder of a wealthy business man who is one of the CEO’s for the Soylent Corporation, and uncover the truth behind it. Robinson plays “Roth”, an old police researcher who works with Thorn on the case. In the year 2022, America and New York in particular, is over populated, unemployment is ramped and there is a food shortage. There is no lower, middle and upper class. The country is separated socially and economically. In the future, recorded documents, records and books about how America use to be are scarcely available because the government had nearly everything destroyed due to the changing times and not wanting the citizens to know that there used be plenty of food, and beautiful landscapes, and jobs. The government creates a rationed food source for the the poor and lower class, that's a waffer called Soylent Green. It's the only food available for the populations, while the rich and upper class have plenty of regular, "good" food.

Robinson’s character “Roth”, and other researchers are called “Books”. The “Books” gather evidence to prove what the Soylent Corporation is up to, to present it to the Council of Nations. (Hmmm…I don’t like the sound of that. Can you say, One World Government?) Roth can’t believe the evidence he’s found and decides to give up and admit himself to a government run clinic that assists people in suicide. The clinic basically makes you comfortable and gives you a poison cocktail. The government calls the process, “Going home”. They let the patients watch panoramic screens of how the Earth once was. The much younger Thorn gets in to see Roth and also sees the scenes of how it used to be. It breaks his heart because he never believed the Earth and America were ever anything but how they were in his own lifetime. Before Roth dies, he pleads with Thorn to keep going and make the truth be known. Thorn sneaks down to the basement of the clinic to see them loading the dead bodies into trucks, so he jumps on one and it takes him to an armed guarded disposal plant. He sees how Soylent Green is made. He makes his way back to the other “Books” at the “Supreme Exchange” which is a library of the old books that are left. After he battles it out in a gunfight with the bad guys (the ones who murdered the CEO, and are trying to cover up everything) police back up arrives and Thorn yells out, “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!”

Sorry if I ruined the movie ending for ya. But more importantly, (and I’m not usually a conspiracy kind of guy), I’m just looking at the direction of how things are going today. With the government pushing for public health care which includes an option for our seniors to consider assisted “end of life alternatives, and hearing B.O. and the White House saying “Instead of racking up costly medical bills for treatment and bogging down our health care system, and costing the tax payers a lot of money, you could… take a pill.” Along with the economy going down the toilet, with that, and the threat of forced health care that would force more companies out of business, contributing to higher unemployment and unrest and depression in our country, my head is spinning. And with all of these “Czars” the President is appointing to oversee various elements of our society and government, like the “Green Czar” Van Jones (Look him up. Obviously the President didn’t…or maybe he did. Hmmm…), who B.O. himself appointed, (but Jones has since resigned), thank God. Sing along... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE BUS! HEY! THEY"RE GONNA GET YOU TOO... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE BUS! Just a quick note here, please DO look him up. I understand he’s devised what sounds like some good plans and ideas for the environment, but let's look beyond folks.

In 1992 Van Jones participated in a Rodney King verdict protest in San Francisco, which led to several civil riots, where A LOT of innocent people got hurt and many innocent businesses were destroyed and robbed. (Remember old Rodney? The L.A. police brutalized him after a crazy car chase when he was totally high and out of control on several drugs. And he’s the same guy that has been arrested over and over again, since. Yea, that Rodney. "Can't we all just get along??) WELL SURE WE CAN... DON'T BREAK THE LAW AND RUN FROM THE POLICE!! So Jones was arrested in the protest but charges were later dropped. And here’s HIS quote about it. “The incident deepened my disaffection for the system and accelerated my political radicalization.” And he said that he was a rowdy nationalist before the King verdict, and after the verdict in August of 1992 he announced that he was a communist. Then he got involved with a group called STORM (Look them up) who are dedicated and committed to revolutionary Marxism and Third World Communism. Van Jones founded an organization called “Green for All” in 2008. It is supposed to help create about a half a million jobs in the environmental or “Green Collar” job market. He’s had some notable awards and recognitions mostly on environment, community clean up, and civil rights.

These are all “good” facts about him, but what of the underlying facts of his past and where his heart really is? I don’t know people… I don’t know. But I’m watching and concerned for where all these pieces of the Democratic Party and President B. O. tie in together. FYI folks, Under the guise of “The Apollo Group” (Look them up), Van Jones and a guy named Jeff Jones (no relation) pretty much wrote and helped to write the recent Stimulus Package that was rushed through Congress. And note this! Jeff Jones helped co found the radical terroristic group with Bill Ayers, The Weather Underground. PLEASE LOOK THEM UP TOO!

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!! We’ve got to stop them somehow!!!

Missile Defense is our only Defense America

Ok hold on… (For some of us “laymen people”, including me) who don’t always understand politics and government plans, and how things piece together, who is involved, what it will cost or where the money will come from, the how it will benefit American’s and whoever else is involved with it, how it will work, if it will work, and the why do we need it’s…. Can someone PLEASE explain in plain English (that is our nation’s language, NOT Spanish I’m proud to still say) explain the logic and reason for what just came out of the White House regarding our national security?

Sept 17, 2009 Exactly 70 years TO THE DATE... of the Russian invasion of Poland...ON THE EXACT DATE PEOPLE. "OUR" White House, releases the announcement below... EDITOR'S NOTE; Before we get going here and you read on... In light of all of the claims FROM THE FAR LEFT and the fallen "free press agencies" here in America that are "claiming" and crying about racism from the American people and conservative media towards our current President, let me ask this, please; Does what happened today, also mean that the President and current administration are EQUALLY prejudice against Polish people?? Well I sure as hell hope not. I hope that asking if "THEY hate the Polish people?" is as ABSURD as those who say that the "right" and "myself in particular" is just as ridiculous as saying that we are prejudice just because the current President is black. AND NOTE, he is NOT black...Obama is Mulatto!! How insensitive on this day... How appaling...on "this very day". HOW UN-FREAKIN AMERICAN to make the following announcement...ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY... C’mon folks, you MUST ask yourself and "THIS" administration, about this action. It’s simple…The only answers are, A. It’s insensitive, B. It’s racist, or C. It’s just stupid. Yes…I said it is stupid!!

Sept 17, 2009, B.O. and the White House announced on this day, the decision to stop plans for a missile defense system that was to be set up in co-operation with the Polish Government (and it’s military in particular), to be hosted in Poland and involving other countries in that part of the world. From what I read, this proposal has been in the making for the last few years (not a couple of months ago) with for starters, roughly $47 million dollars requested by the Bush administration to Congress, and I’m certain more funds will be required as it comes together and the ensuing costs for maintaining the system, including having “boots on the ground” in Poland and Czeck Republic. (A lot of which, Poland agreed to be responsible for sharing the cost). And this plan was in alliance and approved by NATO and has involved four specific co-operative groups that have been (well they were) analyzing and reviewing this proposal 9 ways to Sunday. Performing “DUE DILLIGENCEas any venture should produce. And a lot of people and government agencies from the U.S. and other countries have invested the time and money and leg work and man hours BEFORE any of the requested $47 million has both been approved and allocated by Congress. And now B.O. and the White House have decided to scrap the whole thing?? And note; Supposedly” over the past few years Congress has “approved” several billion dollars for such programs for defense. Well where’s all of that money? Oh, oh, I remember, it probably was slipped into a stimulus plan.

Again folks… I’m certainly no political analyst, or military expert, or budgetary financial guru… by any stretch of the imagination. But with all of these guidelines and measures that were taken to survey the idea, technically design the program, assess the overall purpose of defense against a probable and immanent military threat and job cost the whole damn thing out, wouldn’t you agree that ALL the homework has been done? If so, and the research and data analysis has come back saying “YES THIS IS SOUND DEFENSIVE PLAN AGAINST THOSE WHO WANT TO KILL US AND OUR ALLIES AND FRIENDS”, then why on earth would someone just pull the plug for GOD’S SAKE??!! With all due respect to the President, you’ve only been the President a little over 9 months. You’ve raced things down our throats, pushing changes and bills and reforms through faster than any before you, and you cannot deny some of the fallout and backlash your actions are receiving. Why not SLOW DOWN, get comfortable in the chair. Take things in before pulling your hair trigger…on everything. Especially OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!

From what I understand so far on this issue, B.O. and the White House “say” and are convinced that there’s a more affordable and flexible plan that will suit all of our needs (meaning all countries involved) and still have the same protection and results. Hey…I’m all ears, let’s hear it. By the way, and now NATO is urging Russia and the U.S. to combine our missile defense systems… Uh….I don’t think so guys. The Defense Secretary Robert Gates (who was also in the Bush administration and an advocate for the proposal with Poland) and along with the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Cartwright, now say current research and technologies (and the times) indicate that a missile defense program that is mobile and operates from battle ships would have the flexibility and cost effectiveness that would still provide protection. And that protection is now primarily against Iran.

I’m all for that too! I’m certain a floating defense system will also cost in the millions, perhaps billions of U.S. dollars. But keep in mind that Poland was going to share in the cost of the land base proposal. They’re not going to help pay for one of our ships. AND CAN’T A SHIP BE SANK?!?! Why not have both in place B.O.? Can’t be too safe with all the enemies out there that want us annihilated. Some critics are saying B.O. snubbed Europe on this one. But I thought that we all thought he wants America to turn into a European Socialist type of country. Come on people, we can’t have it both ways. And I for one, still think that he does. I just don’t think he knows what the hell he’s doing, period. AT ALL! I’m sorry followers, but he’s NOT qualified for the job. Some say he caved into the new Russian President. Maybe. But then B.O.’s press secretary (Tom Arnold look alike) Robert Gibbs, (I really can’t stand that guy), says “Now Russia will have some new things to consider over the next few weeks.” As though we put the ball back in their court. Maybe, but I doubt it. AND WE GOT NOTHING IN RETURN FROM THEM!! You see, Russia hated the idea to begin with because it would put an American military system in a country that “used” to be ruled under the Soviet Union. That’s in part why they haven’t been helpful to us and the world, with Iran.

Let’s put it all together… Let’s not forget that Poland is one of the few countries that have helped us in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that Russia invaded Poland a long time ago, but also not so long ago went into Georgia and brutalized and intimated those people (who stood up to them), and cut off oil supplies to them and The Czeck Republic and others who were freed from the Soviet Union, back when Ronald Regan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall. Let’s not forget that Russia fell because they had oil and charged ridiculous prices for it but didn’t have grain and the ability to feed its own people. The U.S. and our allies boycotted buying oil from them and so (sort of like America is doing today) they just kept printing money “PRETENDING” that their economy was just fine, when really their inflation soared and it ultimately collapsed their financial system and the leader was forced to opt out of the strong hold on countries that didn’t want to be a part of the Soviet Union.

Some in the White House are now saying dropping the missile defense proposal in Poland will make Russia helps us with Iran and North Korea (Don’t forget China’s million man army and their hatred towards us AND ALL THE MONEY THAT WE OWE THEM), and they might even help us in Afghanistan. Oh Boy! It’s ALL BULL PEOPLE! Wake up to what’s going on and what this President is doing! Russia HATES Afghanistan. The war that took place between the two of them is like their Viet Nam. We’re trying to “work with” and in, Afghanistan to get the Taliban. President Bush hoped to maintain friends with them… B.O. (remember on his campaign trail?) said he would “attack” Pakistan if he needs to! Let’s not forget that Russia has been propping up Iran and North Korea and being a blatant instigator to the building tensions and show of disrespect towards the United States. Russia hates us. They hate everyone pretty much. (Not the Russian people, the Russian government). Don’t think for one minute that they aren’t supplying and funding terrorist factions (even though they hate each other too), and would love NOTHING BETTER than to lure America into something we couldn’t get out of. And we don't have the money or manpower to scarifice fighting multiple wars. We DON'T WANT our soldiers dying on every front, or ANY FRONTS! But WE DO have the money and co-operation of our allies to have a defense system in place that will keep them in check and rock their world if we need to use it.

So let’s have both defense systems President B.O. The one on the battle ship can guard Israel and Egypt and Arab nations (although the Arabs don’t like us, but they’re kind of defenseless against Iran), and we could use it in defense against North Korea if needed. And let’s have the system in Poland to protect the European nations, and be able to monitor and defend against Russia and China, and PROTECT OUR EASTERN SEABOARD and ALASKA. FYI my fellow Americans, we have a couple of anti missile defense systems in place in California and Hawaii. The Pacific and Pacific Northwest are “fairly” protected. Check out a map of the world to understand the vulnerability of Alaska, Canada and our East Coast. That was a large part of why President Bush had these four groups conduct their due diligence to begin with. Apparently, all for nothing. With the stroke of pen, we just exposed ourselves and our allies to potential and realistic threats. Not to mention reneged on a deal we made with Poland, and on our word as a country. We thought you said you were a “citizen of the world” B.O.? Sorry followers. I’m not picking on him, I’m watching out for my ass…and yours….and your children’s. THEY ARE COMING FOLKS…I pray for my children and grandchildren that the President and Mr. Gates are right on this one.

WAR OR PEACE (keeping an eye our enemies)

Not “WAR and PEACE” The epic novel published back in 1869, by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Such a reading is way bigger than my intellect. Although, I did briefly research the book to find that it is set in 1805 through 1813 and was based on 5 “aristocratic families” and their lives, during the period and leading up to, and after the Napoleon French invasion of Russia. The novel is wide in scope of the events of the era, but mostly focuses on the 5 families. I humbly admit way too much for MY pea brain.

Also not “WAR & PEACE”, a foundation which began in 1982 as an anti-nuclear, end to militarism, end to war, and the end to “the causes of war”. (Hold onto that for later) The concept is a noble cause, and the world of course would be a safer place (not necessarily better) without wars. Unfortunately, this is 2009 and we’re already very much in it and have proven (with the exception of some criticism and lingering doubts about the Viet Nam war), that America and her allies have helped to liberate democracy and freedom across the globe. I don’t like nukes. I have prayed for peace for years now, even when we weren’t in a war, and would love to be “war free” and not have enemies, and not “Be an enemy” to any nation. And I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s guys… You know, Peace, Love, No War, etc, etc. It breaks my heart and scares me that we have wars.

This foundation, God Bless them for trying, I think is a bit out of touch with the reality of today. Their mailing address is The United Nations in New York or you can write to them at The same as their web site. I think it’s fair of me to note, “Their world news update page" is from April 2008. Which is a Youtube video about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas the world known terrorist group. Apparently they think he’s a world treasure. Maybe they don’t have any new news to report? I don’t know. I have no angst with them. The U.N., yes. But not this organization. Someone has to keep chanting about peace in this world. And I truly pray their message is heard.

But I digress….This post is about a choice that America, our government, and our allies can make. “WAR OR PEACE”.

I doubt that any Americans and our global friends ever want to “make war”. I don’t doubt that we all want peace. The real problem is that several countries and some with theocracy rooted politics want to kill us. They don’t believe we have the right to exist. They don’t believe in the democracy and freedom that we have and value, and have fought for to be independent. My, freedom. YOUR, freedom. Your freedom to disagree with me. Or your government, or your religious beliefs, and doubts. Like in our forefather’s pledge; “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice, for ALL”.

If you look up the word theocracy it means “a community governed by God or priests”. Some people say, Well we have God in our pledge, in God Bless America, in our courts, our federal buildings, and on our currency, so that makes us a theocratic government too.

Oh contraire… Mon~ a mi! NOBODY IS SAYING GOD DRIVES THIS COUNTRY. We just ask for Him to bless us. He doesn't need to “APPROVE” what we do….HE’S GOD. HE KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG. This country was founded on the principals of not only freedom and independence, but also to be a good people, to love thy neighbor and get along with them. To protect our young and our old. To share our crops, and help the needy and the sick. To educate our young, obey the laws, and to fight for these principals. God is in there being a reminder, a blanket over the U.S., to be humble. To have a higher authority than just mere mortals. To be accountable to. To be decent human beings.

The theocracy nations that I speak of believe in the same God that they believe in, then they kill us. It happens every day in these countries to their own people. Case in point, Allah verses God. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, The Taliban and more, are all theocratic groups. NOTE: None of them have a pledge that ends with the words, “And Liberty and Justice for All”. NONE OF THEM.

that if “we don’t believe”
Nowhere in our Bible (which isn’t just America’s Bible), does it say to “kill the non believers or Infidels”. Yes, it does talk about treason and killings and war. But not to simply, Kill the “non believers”. Please mind your surroundings folks. You don’t have to believe in The Bible, or in God for the matter, living here in America. You are a free people to believe what you will. I happen to believe that God will judge the non believers and the believers. And that’s my right as an American. It doesn’t mean I hope you go to hell, and I already know that I’m going to Heaven. I’m CERTAINLY not on any “A list of God’s". Try asking someone that is from the Middle East, or China, North Korea, or Venezuela, a lot of places. Ask them if they have the freedoms of choice that you have. Go try living in some other countries and compare, and make your own conclusion. Your own conscious observation. And please, please NOTEIt’s “ok” if you don’t want to have God in the things and symbols that I’ve mentioned, but remember that it’s ALSO ok if I want them! That’s one of the beauties of America.

In today’s world, I’m sorry but abundant and ever lasting peace will never be a reality. What troubles me is that some people think and say that we want to make war. I don’t believe that for one minute. Nobody has ever run for office and said from the campaign trail that they want to blow up countries and people. Iraq had an evil, evil tyrant. ASK THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY. Sadam WAS trafficking destructive weapons and used mustard gas on his own people. “That’s” a weapon of mass destruction folks! He was absolutely helping to promote the hatred towards us, and provide the means and safe havens for the Taliban. I’m not happy about the Iraq War, but the world and that region is better off since we kicked that regime’s un-royal butt.


The First World War was going on abroad for three years, and President Woodrow Wilson stayed neutral until Germany threatened our commercial shipping. We were forced into that war to defend ourselves and our allies. (By the way, France and Great Britain never did pay us back $$ for saving them). As for World War II, well… In 1928 there was The Paris Peace Pact which included the U.S., because everyone involved in World War 1 was blown away by how fierce and deadly and costly "that war was". Nobody wanted to go “there” again.

All of the big guns participated EXCEPT Russia. The rules of that treaty RENOUNCED using war and pledged to settle their differences through peaceful accord, with the only exception being, for DEFENSE. Even Germany back then, agreed it was in effort to make the world safe for DEMOCRACY, and they adopted a democratic constitution, similar to ours. Along the way 5 years later, in 1933 came a guy named Hitler. He stripped away the peace agreements and the Versailles Treaty (Pre- Hitler… Look it up), he rebuilt the German air force and military and then hooked up with a nice Italian guy (a Fascist, against Democracy and Communism) named Mussolini. Between the two of them and Japan, they formed what they called “The Rome, Berlin, Tokyo Axis”. By 1939 Hitler took over Czechoslovakia and all the territory surrounding her, including Poland. By 1940 he had Belgium and Holland, while the British and French armies were doing their best to help these two sovereign nations. The French were forced to ask for Armistice, (a break in fighting with the Germans) and finally had to surrender its land when Italy (Mussolini) declared war on them. Britain stood alone against the Nazi killing machine. Yugoslavia… Greece… one by one they fell to Hitler’s aggression.

If you read your history, eventually The Balkans and North Africa felt the wrath of the Nazi’s and succumbed. This guy Hitler was OUT OF CONTROL pursuing WORLD DOMINATION. But America still kept out and just “observed”. 1941, the U.S. Congress passed a bill to aid our allies to lend/loan 7 billion dollars to help fight and stop Hitler and Mussolini and the other countries that Hitler forced into joining with them. (7 BILLION Way back then, WOW AMERICA!) Hitler invaded Russia. Japan was busy trying to take over China and Indochina. America, still out of it to this point, imposed oil embargos in particular to Japan, and urged them to leave these two countries alone. This pissed off Japan and THEY ATTACKED AMERICA in HAWAII on Dec 7th 1941. I know you don’t need a history lesson. Let alone from me. We were forced into defending our country and our allies.DEFEND” FOLKS. We were not the aggressor And we did defend ourselves! We reacted with our military strength. Our technology and our resources. Our patriotism throughout the country. Our will to survive and to preserve freedom here and abroad. FREEDOM AGAINST REGRESSION. (PLEASE look it up, it’s a valuable word)..

I’m not trying to justify the Atomic bomb at all. HOWEVER, when it comes to my country (which DOES STRONGLY desire peace and civility, and has gone out her way to avoid conflict and mass casualties) “They” asked for it, and we delivered, and changed history for ever and for the better. We’d ALL be speaking German and raising our hand to “Hile”, Instead of over our hearts to the Red White and Blue, if we didn’t defend ourselves and drop the bomb and press on to defeat Hitler. Me, you, our fathers, our white people our black people, (well as a matter of fact, there wouldn’t be any black people today because the Nazi’s thought that “they” were a superior race. And this was way after President Lincoln abolished slavery folks). We were then, and we ARE “a people” today, in one nation. Let us NOT forget, fellow Americans. Our war shouldn’t be between each other. We’ve been through too much to go back now…to regress. We’ve got much bigger problems folks.

And I’m not forgetting the Korean War at all. Thanks to those too, who served. But again, that’s why there is a South Korea and a North, today. We helped liberate a South Korean people and to this day, still protect them. AND THEY’RE GRATEFUL.

These times we live in, today in 2009 are even more dangerous and complicated. No war… is good. But without a strong presence and defense systems, and our steadfast “respect” for life and democracy, well…freedom comes with a price. Defense guides our freedom in the world we now live in. America goes out her way to NOT be the offense. History is proof. I’m not just making this up. Do you enjoy your lives and the freedoms that you, your parents, your children, and your grandchildren are afforded in the great U.S. of A??? Will YOU recognize the very real and Imminent Threat from enemies and theocratic nations that want nothing more than to kill your families because we don’t follow them, or their life styles and their beliefs? If so, then what’s your choice American’s? (How wonderful to have “choices” here in America!

God has blessed the United States. YOU NEED TO THANK HIM… NOW! Thank you, Lord.) A nice smile won’t cut it, folks. Removing missile defense systems won’t cut it. An international proclamation from “our leader”, to want to talk to adversary leaders… won’t cut it. In 2009, a gesture of a peace sign with our hand… Won’t cut it. I wish it would. So I ask you my fellow American’s… what’s YOUR choice?

Even though spending the money on our defense systems, supporting our military, and catching some flak from others, perhaps doesn’t sit well with certain people and countries, and it certainly doesn’t “guarantee” peace… I’ll ask again, ALL OF YOU (be honest); What would you rather have? WAR OR PEACE? If America and our President, does NOT choose to preserve us, to protect us, and defend us… then war is absolute. If we defend ourselves, at least we have some hope… for peace.


Editor's Note; The about me section is limted to how many characters. So I put it here, if you're interested. (Conscious Observer isn't "about me", although it does comes from a person. So of course it's about me, but it's about the observations that is what's relevant.) I hope to grow and become better in my writing. My style and approach isn't that of contemporary influence like the Medved's, Prager's, Beck's, Hannity's, and Limbaugh's, (who I listen to frequently) These are more thoughts in observation that take place between regular folks, just talking. Non celebrity, non elite, non Harvard or Yale, but still regular people that help make up this great nation, it's communities and it's "backbone". Maybe try to read it like a book, instead of a blog. A blook? Bloog? A bok?

I grew up in and around the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Raised by our mom and oldest sister in a family of six. I’m blessed to have both mom and dad and step mom and step dad all still with us and a huge extended wonderful family. Residing in California, after having two long marriages (not that they were too long, but roughly about 25 years in total), I have two great native Californian daughters, two cool step sons, and three grandkids.

I haven’t any formal training or educational background aside from some architectural design classes and a couple of certifications. Some may say I’m certifiable. Hmmm…. Anyway, I’ve earned my living in construction, sales and marketing, and being raised to work hard with dignity and ethical consciousness. I write and play music for fun and for the soul. I love God, my family, and my country. And that’s mostly why I began Conscious Observer. I believe in what’s right, (even if it’s not on my side of the political fence, or spoken in every church). Right is right. Wrong is wrong.

I was a little boy age 5, when President John Kennedy was murdered. It scared the hell out of me, my mom (holding my little hand) with my Aunt Min, both cried walking out of the bank that morning. I remember even as a kid, the sadness across the country. I remember being afraid and very confused how this could happen in America. That was my first sense of patriotism but didn’t know it, but that’s where it was rooted in me. Time healed and life went on. As a young man in my 20’s I paid “some” attention to some of the political landscape here and around the world, but nothing jolted me until I saw Anwar Sadat gunned down on t.v. during a parade. He was Egypt’s 3rd President and signed the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, right here in the U.S. in Washington D.C. in 1979. For some reason and I didn’t know “what” yet, those two men gave “me” some type of hope for peace in the world. Arabs and Islamist weren’t thrilled with the concept and everyone should "REALIZE" this hatred for the Western Civilization and their absolute INTENT to kill all of us, has been festering for many, many years. And, but somehow those two men made an impression on this young American man, so long ago.

It wasn’t until Sept 11, 2001 that I really opened my eyes to the world and to politics, and even to God. All were on my mind, and trying to figure out what to do with them in my heart. But that day changed my life forever, and for the better. (Until then, I was semi watching CNN in particular, on that day of Sept 11th 2001, Arron Brown. And I can still see the "SMERK" on his face while he was reporting the attacks on OUR COUNTRY. THAT'S WHEN I SWITCHED MY CABLE NEWS CHANNEL TO FOX.)It made me aware of how great this country is, and how turmoiled and scary, parts of the Middle East really are. We should never forget 9-11-01, ever. They're coming. No matter who is in office or what type of tokens or flowers or negotiations we try. We should never let our guard down, and should stand strong for our beliefs and liberties and what we’ve done for other countries around the world. I believe the world would be a lot scarier if it weren’t for the U.S. We don’t always have the perfect people in office, but we should never change the principles our founding fathers used to shape our country. We are free to think and believe what we will…I say to those who don’t “remember that” and want to change our very foundation, “Try living somewhere else then. You’ll see real fast what this country is made of, and maybe come home and show some respect.” I don’t care what color a man or woman President is. I don’t. But I want and expect them to do what’s right, and to work for WE THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.


Knowing we’re all busy and have little time if any to read blogs, so I’ll just use their initials, ok? Sorry... I tried to find a better picture of B.O.'s Greek stage at Mile High Stadium in Colorado, but the internet didn't seem to provide one with him in it "live, and during" his speech. This one is of him and some dudes checking it out before the "gig". Gosh he's cool and suave.

The other picture speaks for itself folks.... Please NEVER forget 9/11

G.B. was… re-elected.

B.O. uh…….

Editors note; Let’s get this part straight and out in the open people. Sorry to all but…. I’m tired of this race nonsense. It’s only a race to “nobody will win”, period. We’re supposed to be “a people”. ALL OF US.

G.B. is Caucasian. (Look it up)

B.O. is Mulatto. (Look it up)

G.B. was re-elected because the country felt safer with him at the helm after serving his first term and since 9-11-01, and he displayed our military might and historically steadfast American policy on foreign affairs, a no tolerance of terrorism or military threat to our nation and our allies, and he rejected “negotiations or talks” with known enemies and the axis of evil of the world.

B.O. uh….. Oh I know I know!… He bowed to the Saudi Prince. A first EVER, for an American leader. (Not that Mr. Clinton having Yasser Arafat in “OUR” WHITE HOUSE wasn’t a hoot)) Oh, and B.O. wants to have a beer with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, (that’s funny in itself, an “Iranian President”… Who happens to have said he wants wipe Isreal off the map. Who thinks of us as “INFEDELS”! (Who to me, looks like a bad stunt double for Ringo Starr with beady eyes, sorry Ringo. I love The Beatles). Oh, oh! And he was very charismatic and “cool” to give a book to Hugo Chavez. How charming….(Do any of you “followers” know anything about Hugo Chavez?) Look him up.

G.B. in his second term, didn’t necessarily “like” Nancy Pelosi, but showed class and dignified restraint from kicking her, um… er, uh, I mean uh… from calling her out and using his veto, when he had the legal and authorized power to do so. (Some of which I didn’t agree with, and some of which I respected his decisions for being in the “best interest” of the country.) Talk about your by-partisan. G.B. rocked! HE CARED ABOUT US.

B.O. I don’t think he likes Joan, oops… I mean Nancy, very much either. Sorry Ms. Rivers. (I can’t tell em’ apart sometimes) Not that he’d like to pop a cap in her a - -, What?!?! I’m just trying to keep it real dawg. (And no, I don’t think he’s the violent or macho type at all, really. Might ruin his manicure or sprain his wrist, like when he tried bowling) But it does “appear that” with all due respect B.O., Nance (thinking she’s the queen or the Wiz or some damn thing) pretty much spoon feeds him his veggies, and Kennedy’s, and reforms, etc, etc. I’ve got a sneaky hunch that he can’t stand her, really. But he’s stuck for now.

Editors note; Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that bedroom wall… (Or maybe not. Since he’s an avid Quai Chang like, fly killer) “Why don’t you just fire her pasty plastic ass Barry? Oh baby, I can’t just fire her….now. We’ll throw her old wrinkly booty under the bus later, with everyone else.” (Hey!... This is my blog and I can write what I want. This is still America for now. Cry to the hand.)

G.B. prayed to God, for strength, courage and wisdom as our nation’s leader and as an individual human being. And his eyes (to me anyways)… always looked humbled and at peace when he would ask that “God Bless America.” It wasn’t “only him” trying to steer us in the right direction. He relied on God, and I believe G.B. truly prayed about and for our safety, and prosperity and leadership in example for us “We the People”, as well as in the eyes and hopes of the rest of the world.

B.O. had Jeramiah Wright (not a reverent person in the least, in my opinion, not with his hatred towards me and my fellow “white” Americans) as his “Spiritual Mentor” (but he doesn’t recall Mr. Wright ever sounding racists or radical in his twenty years of attending and listening, and contributing tithing’s to Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago). And he refused to put his hand over his heart unlike a lot of American’s do, during the pledge, on his campaign trail. Not to mention he refused to wear the flag button on his lapel during his campaign UNTIL his PR people told him he better if he wants to keep going. And I can just hear his speech writers whispering into his ear piece at the end of an address, “Uh, B.O. …Here’s where you mention God... sir…” B. O.; “And uh, uh... GOD BLESS AMERICA!” And then B.O. off mic; “There. I ordered him to bless it. What the hell does that mean, anyway? Beat it Biden, let’s eat! Where’s my Latte? Hey Michelle, did you hear me talking down to those fools, again?”

G.B. sure seems like a humble man, to me. Yes, he was our President and was very powerful in that position which he was elected to, by the people. (Don’t even start with me, on the 2004 Florida voting and the company who invented the internet Algore. Cause if you want to go there, we’ve got LOT’S to talk about Acorn) and he was humble and treated the office with dignity, and grace, with a patriotic respect. He wasn’t about being “cool or hip”. I’m sure in his heart he wanted to be liked, but he wasn’t in it for his personal popularity. The Republican machine perhaps was, but I don’t think he was. He truly wanted to and did lead our country. He was all three loved feared and hated across the world, but he also was and WE WERE respected, by and large. I can’t even say Nuclear let alone spell it sometimes. So what? G.B. always came across as humble. And yes… he had to be the leader too. And I personally miss him as our leader.

B.O. “wants” to be slick and polished…and he is! (I guess….) Define it. He’s one refined man and elegant and cool and hip. No doubt. (I guess). I’ve been an American for fifty years. I don’t need slick, or cool, or charismatic. Sadam Hussein was charismatic as was Fidel Castro, as was the little guy from North Korea (The guy with part of the same name as all of the leaders in that region… Is it Mr. Kim or Mr. Ill??) Who cares? (But they all forced their people to say they were divine and charismatic) B.O. seems to have a teleprompter at his side 24/7 and couldn’t make a move without one. We’ve heard it… we’ve watched him stumble on his words without one. I heard him give his acceptance speech in Colorado with giant Hollywood pillars (thank you Sarah) and we’ve heard him speak at the Lincoln Memorial with WAY TOO MUCH reverb on his mic, so that he comes off as a god or something. (Not my God) We’ve watched him “strut” up to the podium; and trot up the stairs and down the stairs on Air Force One. I don’t see any glimpse of a humble man or “frankly” any dignified statesman like mannerisms in him. REMEMBER TOO! In his words, “Guys like me make more than 250k”, and “guys like me being the President have the best health care money can buy”. That’s a put down to every American, white, black, blue, green, every one of us. There is no humble in B.O. He wants to be popular and wants people to “dig him”. America “requires” a leader with worldly class, authoritive poise, and dignity, Mr. B.O.

John McCain promised and kept his word on campaign financing and its limits.

B.O. didn’t.

G.B. we rarely heard him as our President addressing us as a nation, infer to his message and speeches with “I, me, or my”, plan.

B.O. ALWAYS, infers to his plan, and his goal, and his intent. "I…Me…My"…Unless you’ve completely given up all of your own free thinking, your liberty (God Bless the USA), and knowing that you have a democracy in THIS country that you live in and pay for, then take note and stand against this simple observation and fact. What was the Beatles (George Harrison in particular), song lyric? … “Now the frightened are leaving it, everyone’s weaving it, flowing more freely than wine… All through the day…I, me, mine” This difference about B.O. as our President really chaps my hide. There’s no “I” in team. And he ain’t on my team apparently. I could’ve sworn the President is supposed to work for me. For US! (A quote from … The name “Barack” means “one who is blessed.” And when Barack was young his family and friends called this blessed young boy “Barry” for short.) WHAT THE ?!@?#?$+&^%?? Wha aat? Come again? Oh...did they? Well who's "they"??

G.B. was the Governor of Texas for 5 years. His father was our 41st President. His grandfather was a US Senator and his brother was Governor of Florida. One of the people of religious stature who was close to him and the Bush family was Reverend Billy Graham (A friend to all. With no racial, creed, political, or color barriers)

B.O. was a community organizer in Chicago’s Roseland community and the Altgeld Gardens housing development (Look them both up). He attended Harvard Law School for roughly 3-1/2 years and went to work with a firm focused on civil rights. He was a US Senator for just about three years, before running for President. Oh yea, he was the Key Note speaker at one of John Kerry's rallies. (Can you say "Swift Boats"?) One of the people of religious stature who was close to him and his family was Jeremiah Wright (Not quite so friendly to “all”)

G.B. never did a prime time live broadcast/Infomercial with ABC television, from OUR WHITE HOUSE, reducing the dignity and prestige of that institution.

B.O. did. Is it just me, or do you get the sense that he really loves himself and loves being on t.v., talking, thinking he’s funny and charming (while he’s supposed to be the President and dignified), on his web site, his commercials, and having little kids sing a song about him? He always seems to have that cat who got the canary grin on his face, and when he talks (luckily his people broke him of saying y’know, y’know) he looks and acts as though he’s above all of us. Like we’re ALL stupid and he has all the right answers for us. And even further than smug, he also comes off as “I’m gonna y’know, make this happen and there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop me.” Not a direct quote, but a close comparison of such arrogance.

G.B. mom, Former First Lady Barbara, is white.

B.O. never mind….his mom Ann, is/was respectfully, white too. God rest her soul.

Both mothers had very unique sons, respectfully. Or else we wouldn’t be talking about them today. God Bless OUR beautiful America. I hope you all stay tuned.

Silver and Gold and Seedy Things Old

Hey how bout’ that G Gordon Liddy selling us gold on t.v. huh?! Or at least, telling us to buy gold from Rosland Capital or some brokerage. He’s the bald guy with the big mustache. Yea, yea, that’s him! When he drops the gold coins from one hand to another, it makes a sound that reminds me of the chains he had on him when he served 4 years in prison for the conspiracy, break in, and illegal wire tapping of the D.N.C’s headquarters in the Watergate building in 1972. And then helped to cover it up, which ultimately lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. And he’s going to advise “me” on what to do?? Yes gold is a great investment, especially in today’s economic mudslide. But I wouldn’t buy gold from any company that hires him as their “spokeshole”. (Even if I had the money to buy gold) (AND THEY’RE A SPONSOR ON FOX NEWS) Which I watch and like, a lot. But then again, I hear they're going to have Don Imus join the channel... The old DJ who lives in Howeird Stern's shadow (who I admit that I once listened to when he first hit the west coast, but now a days find him boring, same old crap, disgusting, and well.. just old)
Oh well, what are ya gonna do, right? Back to G Gordon...

Many or most, younger people don’t know him or associate him with the Watergate/Nixon scandal. He’s a convicted criminal that was sentence to 20 years in 1973, but in 1977 then new President Jimmy Carter, commuted his sentence to only 8 years, making him eligible for parole and he got out after only serving 4 years total. Is Jimmy Carter a racist? Hmmm…another story. After getting out of the military he served on the F.B.I. under Hoover for about 5 years. Then he joined a law firm who unsuccessfully tried Timothy Leary (The LSD dude from the 1960’s, Look him up if you want to, I wouldn’t bother), and as an assistant D.A. he fired a hand gun in a court room. Then in the early 70’s during President Nixon’s re-election campaign, he was working for the “Nixon Plumber’s Unit” (a task force set up by Nixon, to fix damaging press leaks...How clever "Dick") and ultimately his questionable doings caught up with him at Watergate. "I'm not a crook, Tricky Dicky Nixon!" Uh...Yes you WERE DICK!

Later in years he tried his hand in show biz and worked with the same Timothy Leary and Al Franken of sorts, on comedy shticks and radio. Just before that he started a “counter surveillance agency” that failed. Eventually he made it into the movies here and there. Geesh! Makes me wonder if Rob Blagojevich (Look him up if you already forgot) doesn’t idolize this guy. Oh yea, Liddy said he grew up listening to inspiring speeches by Hitler, but later on denounced him and the Nazi regime as an adult. Nice. There are many ties to corruption and creepy people, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Today he may oppose some of the same things that I oppose against this current administration, but I’d rather pan for gold in the gutter, than to trust anything this guy had to say. Hey, just something on t.v. that's been bugging me.

Respect the dead DAMN IT!

How do cemeteries get away with moving bodies and reselling plots without the families knowing?? How can that be? It’s crazy and when I hear about it, I can’t help think well don’t families notice?? Are there property management “sub-lease” options in the fine print?? Or do they honestly think they can “trick” families to believe that Grandma and Gramps weren’t buried on the east bluff, but rather laid to rest beneath the Willow tree at the west end of the park? “Oh you must have the older map. Here’s the new one with all of the renovations we’ve done and attractions we’ve added since you buried them.” Or do families eventually stop going to visit their loved one’s grave sites or “whole entire families” finally die off??

And then what, do these cemeteries have a “family tree of the deceased” tracking system? That’s a LOT of data to track! No wonder it’s so damned expensive to be buried! They have to make payroll for enormous staffs making flow charts and researching global obituaries DAILY, and outsourcing various details for this Secret Cemetery Network”. And then what… (again)? Are they all part of some “underground” network that runs gambling pools, like sports boards in Vegas? “Hey Stosh, how do the odds look that anyone is left in the Mutz family, that might show up to visit their great, great Uncle Leo 30 years later? 40 to 1 they’re all dead?!! Great! Ok let’s dig em’ up! Make room people! Move, move, move! The Jones’s are dying to pay us to get in this knoll.”

I understand if we hear about it but have no family or friends buried in that particular cemetery and just scratch our heads, but how come we never hear on the news, “Dateline Minnesota: The Winter family found out their loved ones are NOT where they left them!” HOW DO FAMILIES NOT KNOW?? I don’t get it!! But here’s a hand slapper for the perpetrators, “Look...You dig up someone’s loved one to make profit for a new dearly departed, well then the family gets to bury you…alive… and keep digging you up and re-burying you as many times as they like, until they’re done and YOU apologize.” A simple deterrent. (I’m sorry to those families who may have experienced this type of shameful display of greed)