Friday, October 30, 2009


           I understand how it affects every one of us, and it’s either about to radically change… (and potentially, likely), change our country. I know I am against what I’ve heard so far, and DO NOT agree with a few Senators meeting in a locked room to write a bill, a SIGNIFICANT BILL OF RIGHTS FOLKS…”A…LAW”. You think there are too many laws or unfavorable ones “now” guys? Please think about this…

           I will post on this very important issue. I know I dispute “my” government controlling (what we do with our bodies and our needs or use of medical care), all for and about a price tag, and what “they” can benefit from. And I would also like to study our health care history a bit more before posting on it.

           I know of the Democratic Party “historically” wanting to change our nation’s health care, throughout the past 3 almost 4 decades. Wow...Think about that for a tic… For some of the last 35 years, the Democratic Party, has been “wanting”, and devising that reform.

All the while, our nation has both led and followed the greatest science and new medicine evolutions of our time. I think every Dems or Repubs, or Indies, have grown to appreciate the health care that is in our system when it comes to emergency room visits, and their personal or internal doctor visits. But from Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, The Clintons and now Obama’s, it’s looking like old Teddy may have his way after all. Well let's have a drink then... (Uh...It's ok Ted...I'll catch a cab, thanks.)

           I will say at least, from what I “do understand”, I am in favor of dialing in the current system and propping up Medicare, and I understand that millions of Americans do not have health insurance, which has always baffled me. But I do not agree with our government penalizing us for “not” having it. I do not agree to force private insurance companies out of business via public options or single pay plans, when the obvious, ridiculously “simple” solution would be to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. That baffles me as well. I have a sort of understanding about insurance regulations from state to state, but think they should be allowed to offer coverage anywhere in America.

           Perhaps it falls in line with the current administration’s plan to break up giant conglomerations in every industry, to begin their redistribution of wealth agenda? Which I don’t agree with at all. This is still America (for now), and if Company “X” has a bigger better product or service, and it’s what the public/consumers want, then “we” should be allowed to buy it, period. Not to take advantage of American’s by price gouging, as with some of the phone companies and telecoms a few years ago. Again… I agree there should be some laws and standards regulation to protect us the consumer. But NO company should be held back from success by any government. That’s “socialism” folks. So is government health care. PLEASE take a moment to read the comments below.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


HAS THE EXPERIMENT WITH DEMOCRACY FAILED? “Someone recently suggested to me that the experiment of democracy in America has failed. The premise was that if that were not the case, why would so many be willing to accept a new experiment with socialism? I’m not confident that the argument has much validity, but if it does I ask whose fault it is. It’s probably yours and mine.” From the posted blog commentary on …

(I think this man should run for office in some capacity) Please do check out his blog.
Here is my response comment below;

In a big nutshell David, everything you write is truth in action. We did bring this on ourselves. Between the massive moral decline, the bleeding heart groups, our youth keeping an eye on European fashion, culture, music, and video games, the internet, reality shows, super sized everything, American parents “giving” them hot cars and clothes, and being allowed to challenge and disrespect elders and those of authority, and everybody suing each other, welfare generations “thriving” (adding further disrespect and moral absence), our open armed border and immigration “generosity”, our international trade policies, our societies by and large “lack of hard work ethics and integrity”, (our American workforce thinking the company owes them something rather than being proud of their job and employer…and it’s product) our politicians that have become more and more self absorbed with corrupt greasing the palm mentality, our government barely and rarely doing anything about our own homeless population, rampant crime in gang crimes hate crimes white collar crimes and the acceptance of moral crimes, the baby boomers I, Me, Mine selfish “I deserve something for nothing” attitude, and the undeniable LACK of patriotism in large numbers of our citizens…well…

We overshot the whole Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy model and have forgotten what it all stands for and how hard we’ve worked to shape it. And have recklessly taken it all for granted right up to where we are now. We have eaten all the cake…and now want more. But the oven is broke, the baker had to close up shop… and the hordes now hoard the crumbs they’ve found that fell off the plate. The lack of patriotism is “key” in much if not all, of this failure.

It is a contemporary America now, and by over shooting the founding principles and becoming NOT “principled enough” any longer, we’ve become too greedy and selfish…and lazy. The old barn building community days are long gone. The banding together for the greater good is unspoken. The united prayer to do good, and be good, and give thanks humbly, is all stupid and pointless to today’s America. I’m busy, I have places to go, no time for you, let alone to watch where our country is headed, or who is eager to let us (or help us) fall.

And to those who think being a patriot is only about war and military, think again. Supporting your troops is part of it, but it’s about the love for your country, for your freedom, your liberties, and democracy. Not just love for yourself. Without “you” there wouldn’t be a “me”, and vice versa.

And America is losing its love for "her", and the respect and admiration from other countries around the world. YA' BETTER THINK ABOUT YOUR LIBERTIES AND DEMOCRACY FOLKS! You may say you want "change" but what are you willing to give up...for it??

I join with and CHEER for those who are smart enough, and brave enough to try to stay in bounds with zero time outs remaining, the clock runnning down in this our fourth quarter, with the slight chance of crossing the goal line and going ahead to win the game. To win our country back with hard team work, determination, and with prayer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

I’m glad the video of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn is beginning to drift and fade from our screens. Not the story within. But just continuously seeing here at the podium giving her “motivational speech” to students at a Maryland school I couldn’t help think not only is her message and note of favorite political philosophers Chairman Mao (and Mother Teresa in the same breath) just absurd, but she looked like either she forgot her poly-grip or she just finished a bong hit and had cotton mouth going on there. After the third time I saw the video, I couldn’t tell which was more stunning or distracting, “The two people she turns to most” or all of the schmacking she was doing with her mouth.

If it was from the pot, then ok. That would explain the schmacking and the ridiculous proclamation. Hell…Now that they have all their buddies in there, they’re probably all up in the White House coping a buzz, having a beer fest, nibbling away at the Veal doggie birthday cake from having the munchies, like one big commune of modern day hippies turned capitalist (for their own gain…but come off as anti capitalism socialist), and going,

“No man…Dude, this is far out. Dig this…Let’s go around the world apologizing and bring flowers and iPods and books, and let’s protest the war, and the “real” news station, we’ll teach the “truth” about religion and God and get rid of that nonsense, and we’ll control health care and make it apply to our commune manifesto, and we’ll teach the kids about sex, and since we can’t legally get em’ high yet… (yet) we’ll get in their heads by teaching them the new cultural songs of our heroes like Barack Hussein Obama mmm, mmm, mmm, Oh! Oh! Dude… that sounds like Campbell’s Soup! Mmm, mmm good…Anyone got any soup, man? And we’ll teach them about Mao and Marxism and free love and how they won’t have to be “punished with a baby for making mistakes”, and we’ll just jet around like a nonstop party. Oh Dude, here’s the really cool part, we can just print out money whenever we want it because we control it all now.

And we’ll tell the people DO AS WE SAY NOT AS WE DO, and to just follow us and we’ll give you money, and give you the country… as long as you “believe in us and only us”. Far out…man…..”They’re” buying it! Hey bud, don’t bogart… pass that around.”

But if it wasn’t because she smoked out, (and she probably didn’t) then let the truth and agenda of this administration be told. For one thing lady… don’t go around to our school kids and preach your misguided anti American value philosophies. (You either Algore! In fact, just sit down and wait for your global warming. Looser!) And if Mother Teresa was at that podium with you Anita, she would have smacked you on the knuckles with her ruler and then prayed for you. By the way folks, did you know that Ms. Dunn is married to Obama’s “personal” attorney, Robert Bauer? And has represented “Obama For America” since 2007? That sounds like a nice little side business they’re all in on, dontcha think?

I must be stupid folks because it sure seems like a LOT of conflict of interest is going on up there. It even seemed to me like Bobby Kennedy being Attorney General to President Kennedy was a little too close to home.

So Ms. Dunn, speak the truth and stick to what you said. Don’t make such statements and then back peddle by saying you used it from a dead guy Lee Atwater, for irony purpose to the high school students. (Yea right…they all knew who Lee Atwater was and understood what you “really meant”)…Did you also visit all “57 states” on the campaign trail?? Don’t tell us and our kids that people like Mao chose his own path to “rise” to where he got to be in history. And if you do, then tell them how many people he killed to get there.

Tell them about how he controlled the people of China for some 27 years, for his personal “capitalistic” gain, inducing famine and cultural and economic catastrophes in their country. Basically taking away their very cultural dignity and starving them and shooting them until they gave in to submission and were forced to praise him. Is that our current administrations “model”? To get us to drink the Kool-Aid and take everything away from us that our country was founded on, make us so weak that we give in and start singing the songs about Barack?

You would have been much more effective playing “Revolution” by the Beatles when John sang, “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao… You ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow…” Even John and The Beatles may have wanted change back in the 60’s, but NOT by violence and upheavals.

The White House is lucky to have all the intimidated news agencies paint wonderful exciting “change” and “good times a coming” from the Obama administration. Good…run with that guys…it only highlights your weakness.

And if Fox News wasn’t as dignified and FAIR and BALANCED as they are, they could easily say, “We’re not going to accept any interviews or appearances from ANYONE in the White House”. So how does that grab ya? Now what do you think of your Fairness Doctrine? But they have more class and more consideration for their viewers. Even though they might think these days, that the White House is a joke…Fox still respects that it’s OUR White House, and takes it very seriously. They welcome opposing opinion, unlike other news organizations…they’re not afraid.

What are you afraid of Gibbs? Axlerod? Emanuel? Holder? Pelosi? Mr. President? You’re lack of engagement with ANYONE who opposes you, and your lack of “confidence” in your policies (because you know they’re twisted and upside down) is as pitiful and stupid as a parent or an employer simply saying “Because I said so!”

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Racism Why? “What” is it?

Well...this won't be easy and more than likely misread, but it's important to me and "should be" important you, so here goes... And if you will, after reading, please see "my", and "other's" comments on this post. Thank you.

Racism…. It seems “exclusive” to America, and its history and its present day. Of course it is not… there are many countries that make a home for different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that also have racism and prejudice. This is America, the United States of.

Only “We” The People, we the civilization of these United States, the Populous (please take the time to look up the word), we who work together every day, who both love and neglect our families every day, we who want a better life for ourselves and our kids, we who care about the “typical” person on the street, we who vote and don’t, we who live next door to each other and don’t, we who voluntarily join and serve our armed forces to protect all of us including those of us who don’t serve. Only we can force the change in attitude and grow together. Or…apart.

I’m speaking (blogging) to my white friends who proudly wave their Confederate flag, and my black friends who are my brother from another mother. Yes…I do have friends who are a little too much on the prejudice side but aren’t “completely sure why”, (and in my mind)… carry issues and ideals handed down from their parents or grandparents. And yes, I do have friends that either expect or accept me to say, or can relate better to me trying to talk a “lingo or slang”, in saying silly or stupid things like “My brother from another mother”. Some from both groups are fairly new friends and some are long time. Some from both groups see eye to eye on things with me and some I disagree with their views. I guess I’m like the neutral guy. I can be at any of their homes and be welcomed (as they are in mine), but unfortunately not all, but some from both groups can not and never will be in the same room together.

Does it make you sad, or bummed out? Or worried that racism or our country has this unspoken and very much spoken animosity and tension that makes us “think” we feel racism? Oh I know it’s real folks..But WHY? It makes me sad. It makes me frustrated that “we” seem to be the only country that really has a bone to pick on this one. Fellow American’s… We have peoples and countries across the globe that want to KILL US, all of us. All of “us Americans”. And it doesn’t matter what the hell color we are, or think we them. They would relish at a civil war amongst ourselves.

Don’t you see, that our real enemies are jealous and bitter towards us because we can get along in the same country, and while we may be different, we do work together, and buy each other’s goods, and drive the same kinds of cars (nice ones and klunkers) and listen to each other’s music, watch each other’s shows and movies, and sometimes marry and have mixed families together, care about and hate each other, and that we’re both rich and poor people, and that we (more than not) pray to and fear the same God?

THEY'RE jealous and bitter because we can disagree, be divided, not trust each other, and still live in the same country without civil wars… and our enemies…cannot. Unlike their countries where one race or culture live in the east part of the country while another race or culture lives in the north, America is a tapestry woven together across all of our states, of different cultures and life styles. They don’t get that. It blows their narrow “19th century” mindset.

I know we have many, (thousands if not millions) of American’s that refuse to remove the racial barriers and generational hatred towards each other. But I also know that there’s not a white person in this country that would oppose a black firefighter or black police man or black soldier doing their job (that they chose to do), for saving us and protecting us. There’s not a black person in this country that would oppose a white firefighter or white police man or white soldier doing their job (that they chose to do), for saving us and protecting us. Think about it… Think about it.

And I’ll go one further and really pull your heart strings if the patriot thing didn’t grab you by the boo-boo.

There’s not a white person that wouldn’t jump in to save a little black kid’s life in any given circumstance, and there’s not a black person that wouldn’t jump in to save a little white kid’s life in any given circumstance. Do you like to see a little one crying? No. Would you turn your back on a little kid who was lost, or in danger? No. Not the majority of us anyway. Think about it. If I’m wrong, then say so. (Hardcore and severely messed up people and corrupt politicians or bad police officers, or gangbangers, excluded)

What’s funny to me about this is that white and black people, ALL pray to Jesus. Some of both races are Muslim or Islam. Those of us who believe, believe in the same God. The same “Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior”. And there are of course millions of both black and white people who don’t believe in anything but themselves. And what’s crazy to me about this is that “they/we” all enjoy their freedom of religion or not. We might have different skin color, but we’re still all American’s. We ARE a free people. Yes my black friends and fellow American’s, you and me…are free people.

I guess I should write to include my “black enemies” too, because I know a lot of you hate me, and don’t even know why? Let alone “know me personally”. Or identify, or understand exactly what “I” personally did “to you” personally. Guess I should include my “white enemies” too who hate me because I’m not prejudice?

Don’t you ALL see? The race card and racism and our two cultures living under the same tree will never be productive and genuinely compassionate and cooperative, as long as we “think” there is reason to hate each other. This isn’t North Korea and South Korea folks. There is no “superior” race. There is however, the Human Race. And besides, how boring would that be to live for example in Korea (no put down to them), to walk into the local Kim-Mart, or post office, and see the exact same people everywhere?? We all look different from each other, and that’s part of the freedom in living here, to breath and “be” who we want to be or just plain WHO WE ARE as American’s.

People like Hitler thought there was a superior race…white people, period. I don’t. If we’re all human beings of all colors and all ethnic backgrounds then how would it be possible that there is a quote unquote “superior race”? If you read my blogs, if you get to know me, and those who do know me, know that I like a good joke about a white person, a black person, an Asian person, a Spanish person, a Russian, a Jew, and Christian, a Muslim, a rich person, a poor person, a gay person, a straight person… whatever.

But does that make me a bad guy? Does it make me a bad human being? I don’t think so. Yes it’s only my opinion, but I don’t think so. In fact I know I’m not a “bad” person. I’m certainly not a perfect person either… but I’ve yet to meet one of those. Are you one? Some people of both colors genuinely care about, and even love the other one. Some don’t “love” the other, but tolerates and shows respect. And some of both colors flat out hate each other and are convicted in their hearts to never change it. And while I don’t personally agree with the latter view, as Americans we ALL have the rights to feel or be all three of the above.

I remember growing up (in Detroit, but it shouldn’t matter where it's just a fact) attending an integrated school, and talking about "being bused” to different schools. I wasn’t worried or mad about going to school with black kids...I already was. I was more pissed because it seemed like the rich kids had the better schools...And they did! I remember some black friends of mine feeling out of place and afraid of how the white kids would treat them. We were ALL KIDS, folks. We didn’t want the racial sickness or tensions that (some of) our parents and the t.v. would scare us about. We were just kids, “some” wanting to go to school to learn, and “some” not wanting to go because we were lazy. Both colors, not one more than the other…

Think about it for a moment. They say "You are what you eat"... So what do you (feed) teach your kids? You were once a kid, what was taught to you? How many times have you seen something, or heard about something and asked; "Where are their parents?" Or heard; "It's the parents fault." Or the phrase "Child Endangerment." Don't you think teaching your kids hatred, is dangerous FOR THEM...later on in their lives? It blows my mind to see the news and how some young black person (sometimes white too) being arrested or even senselessly killed, and the parent is angry at the system, or "the man", or the police, etc. I can't imagine losing a child, I grieve for you...

But have to ask, Well what did your kid leave the house with today?? WHAT DID YOU FEED THEM FOR ALL THESE YEARS?? It's got to stop folks. And it can be stopped, but you're the only one who can think for yourself. It's easy to blame everyone but yourself. Easy to blame the system, but one must also ask, then why does the system usually work on many levels but not on mine? Sometimes, all of us promte our own pity party. I'm guilty too, but try to avoid it because it really serves "me" no purpose (except to have an excuse)...and generally keeps those who want to care about me, away.

Some things are a lot easier than what we make them out to be as difficult. Especially with a chip on our shoulder. Look, if "you" go to work and "I" don't, then "you" will make money, not me. If "I" go to school but "you" don't, then "I'll" get a grade and "you" won't. It's really NOT that difficult, but I can always make it as hard for myself as possible and blame others...I guess.

Raised by my mom, she didn’t allow us to be prejudice or say the word “nigger”… and we didn’t, and we had no desire whether hidden or influenced by other kids, to do so. Years later I found that my dad was prejudice and I felt divided with him. He and my step mom still live in Detroit today and even he has gotten softer as he ages, and it’s a good thing. It’s the right thing. So now today as an older man, if I don’t use that “n” word, it’s not because I’m politically correct, or trying to score points, it’s because of how I was raised “without prejudice”. I Do understand why there are white American’s who are strongly prejudice even racists, even though I still don’t get it.

I DO understand why there are black American’s who are the same, and it seems even more so. And I don’t get that either. I know blacks were repressed for many years. I know it was wrong. I grew up right here in the same country as you, and observed the changing times, and how society has changed for the better, (No I’m not black but please don’t say I can’t relate),

I’m talking about that I saw how things changed for blacks. I personally have no problem here, although I’ll be put down by the people who do. In fact I’ll be put down from both black and white people. I also observe THAT these days, the tide has changed again, and now white American’s for the most part, tip toe around it all, but black American’s shove it in our face.

Like the old adage goes… “I didn’t enslave you, or your grandparents, and neither did my grandparents. And you weren’t a slave, nor were your grandparents”. (Yes I know that “some” of your grandparents were, and I’m sorry for that, even though I had nothing to do with it.)


You have to look at yourself and be honest with what you see. So do I. If I’m prejudice I have to be honest and say it. But I’m not and I’m not a racist. I try very hard not to be...Do you?? The truth is NO...YOU (by and large) don't try to "not" hate me, and or at least try to figure out what I'm "really" about. You don't know what's in my heart. But often assume I don't care about you.

And if "I am prejudice", then I must admit that I’m more prejudice towards rude Asian drivers, and illegal Mexican or Spanish people not wanting to assimilate to our culture and “applying” for citizenship legally, and towards Middle Eastern people who are in America "FREE" to worship Allah but call me an Infidel for worshiping God. Not towards black American's simply because of the color of ones skin. And I'm really NOT “prejudice towards these people I just mentioned” they just piss me off about these things.

And while everything I wrote above is true, I have to ask my fellow American’s who are black, “What…or how… do you expect me to feel about some of the attitudes from (some) blacks, and the violence or gang like elements within black communities and how a lot of the rap music is about “Whitey” or “Cracker”, or slapping a bitch, or killing a cop?” And not feel like you’re just thugs and punks with a chip on your shoulder? How am I supposed to react to FACTUAL statistics that there are more black American’s in jail than white dudes? (And yes...I know there are some really creepy and bad white dudes. AND there has been a lot of injustice in too many cases of black arrests) But you think I’m the bad guy? Is that “my fault”, or just a fact that they got themselves in those situations? (And yes, I know there are black communities that have struggled and have been raised in broken homes.

But you know what? I was raised by one parent in a family of six. I’m no better than you but we struggled too! Millions of white American’s have) But most white American’s don’t walk around with a chip on our shoulder or want to shove "our bling" in your face, or call you stupid names, or expect that the country and black people owe us something.

How am I supposed to react to the dozens of riots I’ve witnessed in my life time, that were started by (some) black people? White people have been dealt lousy hands over the years too, but I don’t recall any white people starting riots and burning down cities and looting local merchants that are in the community “supporting” those communities. How should I react to recently hearing the black lady on t.v. saying that she’s here to get some money from Obama, but doesn’t know where the money is coming from...doesn't care where it comes from, but that’s she loves him and that’s why she voted for him?? OR another black women on the t.v. saying now she won’t have to worry about buying gas for her car, or groceries, or paying her rent, because Obama is here is to save the day? For one thing folks... He's NOT going to save the day, and more importantly EVERYONE SHOULD PAY THEIR OWN WAY! Not wait for or expect handouts.

And it’s not because “he’s” black folks, (and he’s not..he’s mulatto) that’s not why I don’t like the guy at all. But since we’re going political, everyone knows that the Democrats have used the black American communities for decades, in keeping them repressed and on welfare, and not fix the problems of crime and other infrastructure issues within your communities. (And white people live there too, and have also been on welfare for generations). But unfortunately, those generations and communities who have grown accustom to and chosen their lifestyles as they are, have always “thought” Oooo, bad Republicans and white leaders are prejudice and racists and are holding us back. I know there are bad white people, ok? I get it. But it seems to me that every American has the right to (maybe some don’t have the ability or the will) to change their life and make something of it, make it better…AND MILLIONS HAVE.

Besides people like David Duke and others, white leaders and Republicans in general haven’t been keeping anyone down. They may want capitalism and wealth, but they don’t disqualify any black and white lower class from doing something positive with their lives. Democrats make “their personal” millions and wealth from passing laws and programs that fund the handouts, welfare, low income housing bills, etc, by controlling these programs and the money, and keep the lower class where they are by making them think they’re doing them a favor. It’s true folks. I’m sorry, but the current administration doesn’t “care” about you…or me. They care about controlling the money, the country, and we the people. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “say” they care about black American’s, perhaps they do, I don’t know because I’m not them and I’m not black. But just think about this, if there was no repression, no third and fourth generation welfare, and a large portion of the black communities didn’t feel prejudice and being able to Cry “racism” when McDonalds runs out of Chicken McNuggets, or when a white Senator shouts out “liar” to the President, then these two guys wouldn’t have a job any more, would they?

And by the way, I’ll ask again, where was Mr Sharpton when young Derrion Albert was brutally murdered on his way home from school, in Chicago Sept 24th 2009? I didn't see or hear from him on this tragedy, but I do remember him grandstanding the Michael Jackson funeral. And he's a person that many black American's "look too"?

I asked you… How am I supposed to feel about some things that are INTENTIONALLY offensive to me and many white Americans? I’d like to ask if you know who Abraham Lincoln was? How about John Brown? Well, while many of you are calling me and other white Americans “racist” I’ll tell ya, John Brown was a "white" anti slavery activist back in 1859 who was hated by many white southerners and confederates, and he was mobbed and hanged for being against slavery. I’m pretty sure you “know what Mr. Lincoln (who was white) did”, and he was shot by a white guy who wanted slavery. Not all whites are against blacks... And vice versa.

If George Bush was another white leader holding back the black people in America, can you explain Colin Powell, the 65th U.S. Secretary of State AND who also served as White House Fellowship in 1972 for Richard Nixon, AND also General Powell was also Ronald Regan’s National Security Advisor in 1987? How about Condoleezza Rice, the 66th U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to the Bush Administration?

Did you EVEN know that Africa begged and pleaded the Clinton administration to send vaccines and money to help stop the AIDS epidemic that was killing some 50,000 people but the Democratic President did nothing to help? Did you know that President George Bush sent 15 billion dollars for AIDS relief to Africa in 2003, and then even doubled it to 30 billion over a five year period? Did you know that he was the only U.S. President to contribute and be dedicated to fighting the desease? Probably not. Instead you might just think that he turned his back on blacks when Hurricane Katrina hit. No...he didn't. And no, he isn't a racist. If he was prejudice or racist, why would he have cared about black Africans dying? What would he have to gain? He didn't recieve a Nobel Peace Prize... But should have. Yet, there are (some) black public figures who claim that "the white man" invented AIDS to kill off blacks...

I ask you folks, when will you take the time to research and find the facts, find the truths that not all white people are racist, and ask yourself "why" and "who" (What is it?) that made you believe that repression is just a way of life? Of course there have been some great black American's who have fought for your rights and equality...but they had a lot of help from white American's too throughout the years too. And we don't have or need a "White Pride Day" or week, or whatever... because for the most part folks... "We" are proud Americans, period. No colors...just American's.

Folks… I know there is animosity between blacks and whites in America. I know there have been many black Americans that have fought for both blacks and whites as well there have been many white Americans who’ve done the same. I think today there is more racism from black American’s towards whites, and I ask…”Why?” "What is it?" What good does it serve you? What good does it serve a white person? All of America has much bigger problems with our government and the REAL threats against ALL OF US.

National Security should be priority One. Our economy priority Two. And “fixing” our health care system, NOT COMPLETELY changing it and giving it to the government...but fixing the problems within the best health care system in the World should be priority Three. We have a lot of work to do on our social climate too... But it's a two way street. If me and "my posse" of fellow white American’s are racists and keeping the black man down, explain all of the black mayors and governors and senators across the nation. Explain all of the black teachers, and celebrities, and successful business men and women, and all of the bosses and co-workers, lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. Explain the (half) “black” President, who by the way folks... black people weren’t the only American’s who voted him into office. Can you please explain all of these people?

Can you explain me, and other white people?? Can you explain yourself and other black people? And you call me “Stuck on Stupid”?… Anyone who is prejudice or racists in this country are fighting the wrong fight.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I was going to just keep my opinion on this topic, thinking it “probably” wouldn’t make any difference and that there are far greater things to discuss. Although it IS a very important topic and news worthy. I just get fed up with the Hollywood so called “Elite” and they’re beyond reproach attitude, as though they are all “above” the rest of society and that they’re misunderstood because “we the little people”, don’t realize how much hard work they put into their careers and projects, and how they are “deprived of normal lives” with having to deal with paparazzi and no privacy and having to sign autographs, and hiring personal trainers, agents, attorneys, and their posse’s “etcetera…etcetera…etcetera”…

But when my alarm clock radio went off this morning, and the first thing I heard was that Roman Polanski was feeling “unrest, and depressed” while being held in a Swiss a jail awaiting to see if his high power lawyers can stop his extradition back to the United States to follow through with his sentence imposed back in 1978 for the rape and contribution to a minor girl under the age of 14, in which Polanski pleaded GUILTY to. I HAD TO WEIGH IN. (And the plea was diminished from more sever charges, thanks to his Big Hollywood lawyers, way back then). Let’s not fail to mention that he fled the country, while out on bail, which constitutes a Federal Offense. From what I read, the original judge in the case had planned to amend the plea deal and reinstate some of the more severe charges for his sentence...GOOD! But he just bugged out to Europe. Transferred his millions to a Swiss bank account, jumped on a plane and said SEE YA! Evading the law, skipping bail, fleeing the country, and for all practical purposes getting away with the crime! So, WHEN he gets back here, he will also stand trial for that offense as well. Where the hell is Dog The Bounty Hunter when we need him?? Heck, we’ll take Batman to go get him, for that matter.

This guy Polanski , is part of the scum of the earth. He’s known for his directing films like China Town, and The Pianist, and Rosemary’s Baby… SO WHAT?!?! Big F’in DEAL! He’s a rapist, and a child molester PERIOD! That whole “Hollywood” crowd has been creepy and corrupt for years. The Untouchables should have been about THEM. When I was kid a hundred years ago, celebrities were looked up to and most were patriots. Sure there was corruption, but every decade they've become more and more emboldened, notorious, and…questionable, even criminal. No wonder Washington has support from this ilk. For example, Pervlanski’s 1968 Rosemary’s Baby (which was creepy in itself) starred a 23 year old Mia Farrow. She married Frank Sinatra a couple of years prior, and as it goes, Old Blue Eyes wanted her to come and work on his movie instead, and when she refused to, Frank just divorced her! That’s how they rolled in the elitist. Eventually we all know Mia hooked up with (not married to) Woody Allen (another creep) and they adopted some children. One in particular a young Asian named Soon Yi who Woody had an affair with when she’s like 17 or 18 years old. Mother Mia splits the scene and eventually Woody marries their adopted daughter! And Hollywood pokes fun at the south folks…..

P.S. Mia accused this creep Allen of molesting their 7 year old other adopted daughter as well, FYI. (Adopting is very noble and “usually” selfless, but this stuff is like right out of an Acorn office)

Hollywood is all about, Oh it’s ok to just diddle and subject whatever innocent kid that happens to be either attractive or “available” and it seems to be accepted and their Hollywood Creed. They pass around women, and men, and in further deeper sickening perversion…children. (I know not “everyone” in show biz is as polluted as the majority) And now today, we have the likes of Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese and dozens of actors, calling for Pervlanski’s RELEASE.

They wrote a petition demanding that he be released, and here’s their reasoning with a quote included; Despite the guilty plea, the signers of the petition demand Polanski's release and find fault with the way he was arrested. "It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, is used by the police to apprehend him," the petition says. "The arrest of Roman Polanski in a neutral country, where he assumed he could travel without hindrance ... opens the way for actions of which no one can know the effects."

It doesn’t matter how he was finally caught. “THAT’S” the important part!

Besides, who the hell ARE YOU?? You’re not the law or the Justice system in the state of California, The United States, or in any other country!! You make movies and “art” and have NO SAY in how the legal system should handle criminals and perverts of this nature. You ARE as bad as the current administration, poking your snooty noses into things that shouldn't concern you, but they do because YOU want to be on the recieving end of all the perks you can get your filty hands on. Do you think any average Joe could just rape either an unrelated or related under age INNOCENT child, and just move away to a place where such social behavior is accepted and tolerated? So you can continue with your exploits and despicable lewd life style? (So yea…why did Michael Jackson run away to another country??Hmmmm....)

These “supporters” for Roman Pervlanski, have asked for sympathy for him because the rape happened 30 years ago, and because his parents were held in Nazi concentration camps where his mom was never heard from again, and then his wife Sharon Tate was murdered in the Manson killings in Hollywood in 1969 (Ms Tate was 8 months pregnant, and 26 years old), (but eventually Roman recovered from the tragedy and around 1975-76 at age 43, he started molesting 15 year old Nastassja Kinski who starred in his movie “Tess”). But he dumped her when she turned 18… Yea, ya gotta kick em to the curb when they get older than 17 eh, Roman? Here’s a question I’d ask him….WHO had you been molesting between 1969 and the mid 70’s? And… Did you have anything to do with your wife Sharon Tate’s murder, while you were conveniently away at your “London Home”, when your wife was just about ready to give birth??) He "was" questioned by authorities but got around any suspicions. He has been said to have been devastated by the murder, and while it was tragic (and normally I'd feel sad for you) there's a lot of questions about his character, created by himself.

The Swiss authorities so far are refusing to grant bail saying he might be a flight risk and good for them. BECAUSE HE IS! He already proved to be a risk once, so there’s no margin to think otherwise. The news media say the 13 year old that he raped has since sued him for a half a million dollars in the 1990’s and doesn’t really want to have the whole nightmare start all over again with trials and media coverage. I’m sure most of us respect that and your wishes ma’am, and our hearts go out to you, and what you were robbed of so long ago. But with due respect, he still broke the law on several counts with you, and skipped bail and fled the country. Again, with all due respect, a civil proceeding is separate from a criminal one. The only argument here should be where he goes to prison FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in California or a Federal Penitentiary elsewhere. If I were her, I would also look into further litigation against him for additional monetary damages as allowed by law, for this woman and her family. If anything… for renewed pain and suffering. Why should he be allowed to commit horrible crimes and then move somewhere that doesn’t have such laws and be allowed to live a life or prestige and celebrity status, making millions of dollars over the years, with no accountability?

Like most "decent" people, and like many,  I have two daughters myself, and I would never have tried hurting or taking advantage of them or any young girl (or any child), but instead have always protected them and other young people, and I still protect my daughters to this day, and they’re both married. But “decent people” still have that parental instinct in us. That watching out for the innocent. The children. “The innocent”. And now I have grandchildren and the sacred tradition continues, and is passed on to my kids and son in laws. It's called "civilization". Like any decent man, or person, or adult, protecting the innocent. Just as our laws are set in place to “protect” and conduct ourselves in a civilized manner. Otherwise, what’s the point in having laws, and loving our families, and wanting to be loved ourselves?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy entertainment and good movies. But it's no surprise this happened and goes on in an industry, within an elite society that is above God. To them, (most of them not all) God is just another script. Another starring role...And the pitiful almost laughable part, sadly, is that many in the business would sell their soul to the Devil, for the part. This man has had his freedom far too long. He needs to be brought “back” to justice and pay the price for the crimes he has committed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's see... The Economy, The War, Health Care, Teen Violence, or The Olympics

Today is Oct 6, 2009. I realize that I’m not a news reporter or major media political news source. I do “observe”, and take it in, do some research most of the time, and then decide if I should comment, or write. I do try to find ways or reasons to NOT bag on our President. To “not” seem disrespectful, or bloviating before a fact. I really do try to hear and think with a VERY opened mind…

Since I started blogging, my computer has been acting buggy. It’s always been prone to being buggy or “a bit klugey” as I’ve heard before, as well as susceptible to internet bugs. I only noted it because lately (hmmmm…) it‘s been an everyday effort to run virus scans which delays from my time to write, and then post to my blog. While I’m proofing my posts in a Word Document, I’ll get nearly all the way through it and go to make a save and then a window pops up and say Warning, this file is a “read only”. I’VE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN BEFORE on my computer folks. Can you say big brother?? Thank YOU Lord for the pen and paper!

I may be going crazy, but I hope that you aren’t too! Try to hold on America. Never give up!

I haven’t seen much if any, of our President on television since around last Friday. (Not counting the White House stage production of General Hospital, that is) Have any of you? I’m a little concerned… Where is he?? I don’t want to start (van-jonesing) for “the one”, but I’m worried. He’s ALWAYS on t.v., especially these last couple of weeks, with the U.N. show, and with Iran announcing that they have a new Nuclear power plant, and the G-20 meeting that he attended and “had to tell us about” at 5:15 pm on Friday night Sept 25th… Hmmmm….indeed.

The President flew to Copenhagen and we haven’t heard from him since the lab coats were being passed out at the White House. I was sad for his ego when he was basically thrown out of the Olympic FIRST voting rounds… sort of… Um… Nahhh! I wasn’t really. And it’s a shame because as an American patriot, you want to cheer for the President and for the country. For example the Olympic Games. Sure everyone watches them and they have been a world tradition that began in good spirit way back when. I’m not sure how they became tainted along the way, but still a sight to behold for nations to support and be proud of their athletes.

I do remember having the Olympics here and feeling like it was a pretty big deal. But with the economy the way it is now, it’s just not a good time to host them here. Let’s observe the tarnished situation and questionable corrupt involvement in and out of Chicago in present time. Let’s dig further into the location the games were slotted to be held at, the mayor of that city, and the ties to the White House. The whole idea was very shady, at best. My red flags started going up as soon as I heard B.O. was going to fly to Copenhagen to bid on having the games in Chicago.

The very first thing that I thought of was, wait a minute… Um, we’ve got an awful lot on our plates in this country right now, a lot of unrest revolving around a non transparent administration (verses what was promised to us), there’s a major crisis with unemployment at all time highs, and one can’t help but think this was a diversion attempt to somehow take our minds off of these issues…take our eye off the ball, as it were. (Smoke and Mirrors…”Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!) And then I thought about all of the White House ties to Chicago and the various notorious players that would profit or benefit having the games here, one way or another. (Corruption and conflicts of interest… A LOT OF IT FOLKS…DIG IN INTO IT)

And then I thought about this President’s ego and arrogant persona, that he thinks by the virtue of just being “him”, that the International Olympic Games Committee would be in awe and just hand him the game schedule, like magic! (Like a Messiah…or something) These thoughts all rushed through my mind within just a few seconds…

And then I thought, Are you serious?! Our General that’s commanding our brave soldiers on the battle field in Afghanistan that “you” assigned to the task, just asked you for additional troops to overturn a losing war, and you just knee jerk decided to fly to Denmark???!! Are you serious? Are you that arrogant and inept in being able to truly lead this country, so you just thought this would impress everyone to go and “convince” the world to have the Olympic Games in your old home town, “because you’re you”? Did you already pop the champagne corks and giving high fives and “bumps” to the corrupt Chicago politicians and the corrupt real estate developers and their contractors, and tell them…I’ll be right back!?!?!

And then I thought, let me get this straight B.O., you had the audacity to embarrass the dignity of being the President of the United States, by butting your nose into the lawful arrest of a Massachusetts University Professor because he happened to be black, and the arresting officer was white. And then you told the country (and the world) that the police department acted “stupidly”? And then to further degrade the office of the President you thought it’d be a great idea for you to have these two men involved come to the White House FOR A BEER?? You displayed biased opinion without the facts, based on a “black” man being questioned by a GOOD “white” cop, for trying to break into a house. The house did turn out to be the Professor’s home yes, but then he proceeded to taunt the officer by saying “Don’t you know who I am?” And threatening to take action for harassing him because he happened to be black, which ultimately lead to his arrest. His “blackness” didn’t cause his arrest…his mouth and attitude did. FOR NOT SHUTTING THE HELL UP! And there were two officers on the scene, who also happened to be black, that didn’t seem to have any sort of “racial problem”, let alone thinking “Well this should go all the way to the White House for review, and have everyone just calm down”.

And the ONLY REASON why I thought about the beer fest folks, was because only just about a week before the President decided to “catch up to his wife and the delegates she took to address the Olympic Committee” … (USING TWO SEPARATE JETS TO FLY THERE), that we didn’t hear a word from B.O. about the Honor Student Derrion Albert, who was beaten to death on his way home from school, who happened to be black and was MURDERED by four other young men, who also happened to be black, back on Sept 24th! ! ! Not a word. Not one stinking word from him or the White House on this tragedy and senseless brutal beating in the streets of South Chicago. (SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS POST)

But instead of getting involved in this much more serious and heinous incident than the Massachusetts arrest of a “black” Harvard Professor, HERE IS WHAT BARACK CHOSE TO DO … “Oh I know! I’ll jump on Air Force One, cost the tax payers a ton of money without blinking an eye, and go and WOW the Olympic Committee, AND the world AND America… and I will be a HERO!” And we’ll make a lot of money and “friends”, on the back end of the whole deal! The war can wait. The troops..nahh…they can wait. The kids beaten the hell out of each other and killing themselves in the streets…oh well, can I do about it? That’s why I’ve got Acorn. But when “I”… the one who is blessed… according to my name bring home the Gold, everyone will love me and we’ll be able to slide this health care bill through like butter! Ahhh….it’s good to be me….I’m a fricken genius!

EDITORS NOTE; To the person who was video recording this young man being murdered, and eye witnessing the civil unrest and violence, HOW COULD YOU RECORD THIS BUT COULDN’T BOTHER DIALING 911, you dumbass?! Shouldn’t that person be held accountable, or an accessory to murder, or a crime? And where the hell were the police during all of this mayhem and gang fighting? From what the video showed, it looked like the situation had been going on for quite some time by the time this youth was murdered.

DO YOU SEE AMERICA?? Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Whites, Blacks, Christians, Jews, Atheists?? Do you see how this President “thinks”?? You’re right! HE DOESN’T!! Look at the facts from his schedule during that two week period, and keep in mind his “RUSH” to a “P.R. OPPORTUNITY” back in July regarding the Massachusetts incident!

You can’t call me a racists or a right wing bitter, on these facts about “your guy” Obama followers. He picks and chooses the issues and photo ops that suit his needs. HIS EEEGO!! Get it? NOT THE NEEDS OF YOU THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED HIM, LET ALONE AMERICA. Just like HE DID when he would vote “Present” as a U.S. Senator. He thought he would stir the pot calling for the BEER FEST at the White House while standing up for Black America, and trying to dupe the media and the American people that he wanted to close racial gaps (Even though in the end, everyone “including him” leaned toward the side of the arresting white cop Sgt Jim Crowley), AND THEN he kisses the world’s butt at the U.N. assembly, AND THEN he ignores Derrion Albert being beaten to DEATH in Barack’s home town (because it wasn’t going to make him and his cronies any money) AND THEN he decides to first fly his wife in one jet, and then fly himself in a second jet to Denmark, during the worst economy the U.S. has seen in decades, thinking “NOT TRYING FOLKS, HE REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS AUTOMATIC” that he would come back with the Olympics being held in Chicago (because it WOULD have made him and his cronies a lot of money). It’s not only absurd folks…IT OBSCENE.

Update note; Today, on Oct 7th, thirteen days after this young boy, this mother’s SON, this American “hopeful”, was senselessly killed in Chicago, The White House finally sends Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder to Chicago to meet with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and school officials to discuss youth violence. Holder was quoted TODAY Oct 7th as saying, “This is a STARK wake up call”. Excuse me Mr. Attorney General, what?? Did you keep hitting the snooze alarm since Sept 24th when this innocent young American was actually murdered?? The news release says the White House brought a half of million dollars as a gift for after school youth programs in the Chicago inner cities. I’m sure that makes the Albert family feel a lot better. I’m sorry. I can’t help think that not only did the Obama’s and friends give that money to Daley because they promised him Olympics in his city, but the White House needs to prioritize. And while perhaps the monetary gesture was good and well, are they going to keep going around to ALL of the urban neighborhoods throughout the U.S. and give “gifts” to everyone of all the other youths that have been senseless victims of crime in their cities? A little too less, a little too late B.O. My heart goes out to the family and the friends of Derrion Albert.

Some of my blogs are long… but there is passion and fury in some of them. Where is the outcry from the black communities on this? Where is this Al Sharpton and The American Civil Liberties Union on this tragic, horrific , violent act against this innocent human being?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I’m sorry kids. We just can’t afford it right now. We love you and hope you’ll trust us and work with us as a team. As a family unit. America too…is a family.

Written on Oct 5, 8:20 pm
How many families can relate to and “understand” trying to work within a budget while doing their very best to continue to provide, keep food on the table, keep a home, keep their kids on the right track, and… somehow maintain “their own” morals and dignity? I’m guessing, many.

I’m guessing (and living in it) that millions of parents/grandparents here and all over the world, bust their butts, lose sleep at night, feel the strain of providing for their families, which puts tremendous strain and pressure on their very relationships and marriages, to just keep…their lives…going. It doesn’t matter what color or nationality or political party or religious belief you come from (or with). It applies to everyone.

Everyone who wants or plans on a future cannot blow off what’s happening all around them and “pretend” that everything is and will be just fine. (Not be a family that uses smoke and mirrors, and continuously “Robs from Peter to pay Paul”). It does happen with “some of us” in our worlds, and it also is avoided at all costs by “some of us” in our worlds. Those who allow it to happen blatantly and recklessly, I feel shameful for. (Your day is coming, friend) Those who allow it in “hoping” one day everything straightens out, well… I guess hope is better than being a fool, but that’s still a gamble. (Your day is coming friend, and I hope for the best). Those who SEE, and ACCEPT, recognizing that something is very wrong, and do whatever they can to avoid selling their souls, are aware and observe and STAND UP for what they know is righteous, “You” have the best chance of all. And we will all owe you our gratitude, one day. “You” will be the ones who hold the moral and hard working ethical fibers of our society together. We can’t keep spending money that we don’t we have. One day the fairy tale notion or arrogant ignorance, will find ourselves hitting a stone wall. The well will be dry. And don’t plan to count on any government assistant programs to pick you up. They won’t be there.

Like “it” or NOT… NOW is “your time” folks, more than ever in your entire lives, NOW is the time to humble up. Observe what’s going on. Embrace your families, your kids, your husbands and your wives, and…PRAY. Where else can you go with what’s happening today? Your credit limits? Your home’s equity? Your parent’s money? Your Government? Are you serious?? There’s only one place, and like it or not, that place is God. DO NOT just roll over and “wish” for the lottery or your government to save you and save your family and your marriage and save your bank account and save your life styles. (Hoping to save your very safety and preserve your life and liberty) God hears prayers. God wants us to find happiness. God doesn’t want any of us to suffer. But he has given each and every one of us the gift of life, a mind, a heart, a soul, and the gift includes our ability to think and make choices.

PLEASE! PLEASE! Ask yourself HONESTLY, if you as a family, relying on a paycheck and whatever other income you have access to, means that counts on the sun coming up tomorrow and to trust that your families will be safe and that you’ll have food to eat and a place to go home to and rest at the end of tomorrow… Then how on earth... folks, can we believe in and RELY ON our current government with everything that has been taking place since last November (and longer). How can we possibly feel like “everything is still, and WILL be just wonderful”??? LOOK AT THE SPENDING THIS ADMINISTRATION IS BLOWING THROUGH. Like a family that just keeps Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, like a family that is financially running themselves into the ground with no concern about tomorrow!!

Don’t just focus on just the health care, the bail outs, the “lacks a daisy” attention to our military’s requests to the President about the war in Afghanistan and our overall national security. (Read my blog on MISSILE DEFENSE and then read WAR OR PEACE PLEASE) These very important issues are only the tip of the ice berg. LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING. YOU….YES YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE FINANCIALLY AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ADMINSTRATION’S SPENDING THROUGH PAYING TAXES! THROUGH OUR ECONOMY COLLAPSING. AND LIKE THAT STONE WALL, ONCE IT HAPPENS THERE WILL BE NO WHERE TO GO… OUR COUNTRY WILL BE AT THE MERCY OF OUR ENEMIES. (Well I guess at least it won’t be this government running our lives when that time comes…maybe) I’m sure many think I’m onboard as a war monger…NO! I want our country to survive and I’m very concerned that if our LEADER BARACK OBAMA doesn’t ramp up, MAN UP, and show some leadership in CLEAR AND DELIBERATE EXAMPLE THAT HE WILL DEFENED THIS COUNTRY to the rest of the world, then WE ALL HAVE NO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. OR ANY HOPE TO JUST…KEEP…OUR LIVES…GOING.

There are too many ties to the roots of the hand picking selection process of this Presidents cabinet members and Czars. Don’t “hope” and be entranced in a fantasy that this President and our government will answer all of your fears and obstacles. LOOK at the many, very, hidden agendas that not only are setting us up for failure, but include social restructuring, repression, big government greed, big government control, driving our freedom and our liberties to being diminished and intended for complete extinction of THOSE LIBERTIES. Please friends, don’t think that doubling and tripling America’s deficit, and taking over our banks and the auto industry, and our health care industries, is not a “platform” for bringing our country and its people, to our knees.

A “good” leader would tell Congress, and tell the Democratic Party, “Sorry, but we can’t afford it right now. I hope you trust us and will work with us as a team. Work together to preserve our country and steer it away from the tail spin it’s currently in”. Unfortunately folks… We don’t have a “good leader”. The American people of all colors, all nationalities, and all creeds, MUST open their eyes and their ears and admit what they’re seeing. Admit that they’re scared and concerned. It’s not as “simple” as Republican verses Democrat. White verses Black. Non believers verses believers. I almost wish it was that simple. The man that was elected to lead the country and the people that he has surrounded himself with in power DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, OR ABOUT ME. If you love your family, and I hope love your country for everything it has given you and if you value the freedoms and liberties that you take for granted every day, take the time to read about where this President came from and the people that he aspired to be like, and helped him get to where he is today. And then look at the Democratic Party that is in power at the White House, in Congress, in the Senate, and put them all together.

I understand if you’re a democrat and support some or all of your party’s political beliefs. I understand the same if you’re a republican. The same if you’re an independent. We can disagree on things all day long, and that’s what America is all about…democracy, a freedom of choice. This President has much deeper plans than "any one party" can try to sell him. And he does and will use whichever plans that help him to get what “he wants”. You can call me a racist, I can call you one back. You can call me right wing, and I can call you left. But what neither of us can do, is ignore what’s happening in our country. Neither of us can ignore where Barack Obama and his wife come from. What their beliefs are. What their teachers have taught them. The people and organizations that have helped him and them helping back, to get to where they ALL are, today folks. In the White House….

Like parents telling their families we can’t afford it right now. Trust us. Work with us as a unit…as a family. America too is a family, and the people who are in charge are ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL. And my fellow American’s… The rest of the world is sitting back watching it happen. Please remember that not “everybody” in the world likes America. Please remember it. Please stand up. PRAY. Pray for your strength and courage to seek the truth, and to ask for answers.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Peeling the proverbial onion…

These next three posts and the "Saw it on TV 1 through 5" posts all tie in as a sort of “montage or week in review” if you will, observing the week of Sept 21 through Sept-25-2009. I haven’t written a post for each day and each issue that I’ve observed this week, even though it was action packed with stuff out there. But I have been scratching down notes almost hourly on many stories and headlines of the political scene. Not to mention my shoulder being really uncomfortable from my (second) surgery this Sept 11th, which, made it difficult to sit at my desk (like right now…ouch) FYI, I had 5 hour rotator cuff surgery in March 2009, followed by this recent 2-1/2 hour scar tissue clean up with a screw put through the os acromiale (or somewhere on me) this month, and so it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride this year.

(Guess I’m thankful this wasn’t happening after health care is “reformed”). Although I do keep tuned in and try to stay informed, I also sometimes (like any sane person) have to back off and not watch or listen to the news, and internet, and let it all go for a tic. And, I’ve been missing a best friend of mine, …a lot, so (like many folks) I’ve been dealing with pains on several fronts. I guess, sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug… but that’s how it goes. I just give it all to The Lord when it weighs too heavy for me to carry. It’s good to have some back up!

A Conspiracy Theory

Again folks, I really do try to not give in to these played up theories… really. However, conspiracies are reality and do occur. Whereas theories are thoughts that use pieces and elements, that may or not be applicable. These are pieces of the September time line and events that relate to each other, that make me wonder. A planned “coincidence”?

1. In remembrance, New York, Pennsylvania , and OUR Pentagon building in Virginia, USA, were ALL attacked on Sept 11th 2001 by the Muslim radical terrorists Al-Qaeda

2. The 64th session of the United Nations Council is scheduled to be held in New York, USA beginning on Sept 15, 2009 (FYI…The U.N. Secretary General “Ban Ki-moon” will be up for re-election in 2011 Mr. B. O. You might want to get your acceptance speech together soon. You can blow off the remainder of your Presidency just after three years into it, like you did as a U.S. Senator, and continue to pursue your dream of being the “World’s Leader”, and keep working your way up to God. The way the world is forgetting about and turning their backs to God, at this rate you just might win that election too)

3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the U.N. He doesn’t hold back on historical facts about the holocaust, and denounces the political powers in Iran who are rapidly developing Nuclear and long range missile technology, and who argue that the holocaust never happened in refusing to accept a Jewish state.

4. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the U.N. He continues his defiance towards the west, calling out against the coalition of “Zionist” powers and their control of the world’s finances and its war provoking machine. He continues to provoke, threaten, ridicule and denounce Israel. Many delegates and leaders walk out of the meeting.

5. This guy Najibullah Zazi is arrested in Colorado on Sept 19th in connection with an ongoing Federal investigation regarding plans to “attack” American citizens in New York and Texas (for starters). The evidence continues to mount, and proves that this was the real deal. That this guy along with additional terrorist suspects that were helped by training and support from Al-Qaeda , studied and researched and cultivated the attack, the means, and the “Timing” to carry out a diabolical plan to kill you and me, here in America.

6. A Day of Islamic Unity takes place in Washington, D.C. Sept 25. Some 50,000 Muslims march on Capitol Hill in demonstration and prayer “aimed” at America and the west.

7. Sept 26-27th Iran conducts Military exercises and shows the world (in particular Israel and America) their latest long range missile capabilities. Some countries around the world speculate these exercises were deliberately conducted on this day, in continued defiance as a result from Ahmadinejad’s address to the U.N. assembly but Iran denies it, saying the exercises were already scheduled.(This theory agrees that it was already planned)

8. Iran sends a letter to the U.N. Security Council on Sept 21st advising them of their newest Nuclear power plant that is now up and running and will contain 3000 centrifuges to produce uranium. The facility was first discovered under the Bush administration during the construction phase several years ago, and Iran was put on alert to abide by the the guidelines of the U.N. resolution to stop making enriched uranium in 2006, and to further advise the council and the International Atomic Energy Agency “BEFORE” any power plants are activated. Iran CLEARY violated the resolutions. Like a little child, with a “Make me” attitude of defiance. AND NOTE; The President, and the rest of the U.N. Security Council ALL knew about the letter and this reactor becoming operational BEFORE the U.N. assembly was held this past week. But nobody mentioned it during any of their speeches. Ahmadinejad in a back handed mild threat, told OUR President, the French President and the Prime Minister of Britain that if they made the announcement as planned, it would be “a mistake”. The three leaders did however make the announcement on Sept 25. I’d like to know… WHO’S IN CHARGE AROUND HERE!?!? Where’s my George Bush when we need him? Just think about it and the ramifications in all of this folks.

If these events (that DID take place) within this “conspiracy theory” are true, then it does make me wonder and leads me to believe this was well thought out by Iran and whoever else is helping them. I think the only part of the plan that fell apart was the arrest of Najibullah Zazi. It probably really pissed off Ahmadinejad. I think America was scheduled to be attacked again on or around the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, or perhaps immediately after the U.N. assembly convened on the last day. In typical Iranian or terroristic fashion, once again… sloppy, but still very lethal. We get attacked, it shows our vulnerabilities on our soil, the U.N. “talent show” is going on in New York, Iran has an alibi while their president is giving us the finger, the Muslim world displays “how peaceful” they really are in D.C., and then Iran seals the deal with their announcement of a new Nuke facility and a show of their military strength and threat.

I’m “probably” way off. But I don’t think that far off. It was as though the entire past two weeks have been one big stage production for Iran. And right here on our American turf. I pray that this was all coincidence and even if it is America, I feel like we were duped and bought the whole thing hook line and sinker. The Middle East is probably laughing their butts off at us. I’m a little upset with our President that we seem to have resigned our political dignity in the world community, and our steadfast show of historical military strength and reputation of never backing down, for what’s right. I still want to know, why didn’t anyone say anything directly to Iran about this new facility, when you had the chance at the U.N.?

YES, we are a peaceful country and practice diplomacy, but where’s our backbone in all of this “kind gesture” and being “a good host” and wanting to meet with bad guys with no “preconditioned terms”?? I don’t like the U.N. meetings being held in the U.S. anymore. Why can’t we move it to another country, and if we attend the next one, then we do. If we don’t, we don’t. It doesn’t mean we won’t participate in seeking peace and freedom in the world any longer. And I guarantee you, the world and other nations that do attend U.N. meetings, will STILL look to America for hope and help and LEADERSHIP.