Monday, November 9, 2009

Don’t want to be a Christian or believe in God? Ok. You might want to think about the alternative.

I found this video clip below while reading through some inspiring posts from (a Charlotte) and her blog site “Simply Devine Love”. I was already following her blog “Crumbs from the Loaf” but didn’t realize this one was on BlogSpot as well. I'd like to share the video with you and tell you why...

In my early twenties, I took a job as bottled water delivery man (so what) and had to first ride along with a few of the senior guys to learn the business. There was one guy in particular named Howard (I remember his name because…) He was telling me about his church group, a Christian fellowship church (I won’t reveal the name of the church…The enemy doesn’t need to know it) and how excited he was, without being neurotic or fanatical, that his church was in the process of smuggling parts and pages of the Bible into third world countries. The enemy doesn’t need to know which countries either.

He told me they had to smuggle the pages through all kinds of tricky methods, and how some companies here, were helping by allowing them to hide the pages in various products and items that were shipped overseas to various companies and receivers, which happen to have these “secret Christians” working at these places. They would remove the parts of the Bible from “whatever” they were shipped in, and pass them along via underground systems, to get them into the hands of “Secret groups”. Howard told me that the people LOVED IT! They couldn’t get enough of it. Some even paid pretty good prices for a single page out of the Bible! A single page folks… Just think about it for moment. Most of us would be like, “What good does a single page do me? I won’t know what happened before and won’t know what happened next.”

Parts and pages… Not whole entire books. And I was young, no kids yet, (still partying down) and while I liked hearing the “old guys” tell their stories and teach me about life, a lot of it went in one ear and out the other. But what he was telling me was quite different. I haven’t thought about it for a long, long time. Seeing the video on Charlotte’s site reminded me of him, and about this. Even at that young age, I was pretty impressed by the fact that they were “smuggling” Christianity to those who were forbidden to take part in the faith. All I had ever heard in my life about smuggling, was about drugs or guns or here in California, smuggling people from Mexico. But this was the Bible. I never would have guessed! Seeing this video now, it makes even more sense what he told me about.

I guess many different groups would get together and share the page or piece that they had. Sometimes they would read the same page over and over again. Howard described their emotional and spiritual feelings “Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come!” His church would get letters from all over the world expressing tears of joy and elated feelings of salvation and hope. And not only for "themselves" but for their people...FOR THE WORLD!

A lot of times, they would let each other borrow their pages. Sometimes they would have to burn the pages when they were done, out of fear of being tortured or killed, by either their particular government’s authorities, and or by religious clergies.

These “human beings”, had heard about and learned about The Savior Jesus Christ. “He” was different from the religion they were forced to follow. “He” gave them hope, and a different mindset than that of a religion that commanded followers to commit sinful acts in the name of the religion. The video will show you their repression. (Nothing graphic or violent. Appauling and reality, yes)


Folks, you don’t have to believe in God if you chose not to, or “need” physical proof or scientific reason to.

Personally, I’m certain everyone finds The Lord at some point…in their own time. A lot of time it is at  deaths door, but I pray they find "Him" sooner. Remember, one of the reasons why you don’t have to believe isn’t just because “you’re you”. But rather because (or also) because you either live in America or in another country, that has a democracy and freedom of religion. If I’m wrong, say so.

So, you don’t believe in God. That’s fine. But I hope you will be mindful, and “realistic”, and pay attention, to the ever growing Islamic faith across the globe. I’m not saying that particular faith is bad, or wrong. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to admit, that Christianity does not command the killing of non believers…and The Islam faith, does. Not all Muslim’s agree with that commandment. But many MORE do…
If we the people, (human beings), turn our backs to what is going on here and around the world, and turn our backs with some even cheering for our government to be more secular, to remove the Bible and Jesus from many things in our country, fail to acknowledge what is becoming more and more popular with the religious faith of countries that support radical practices... And ignore our current leaders who are embracing them and say we don’t have anything to worry about “from them” well… God "please" help us all.

A lot of you are going to be asking God to save us. I don’t really think the change that is coming... Is the change that you thought would come.

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