Tuesday, November 3, 2009

G.O.P! G.O.P! G.O.P!

Extra Extra...Read all about it!! (West Coast 8:15 pm) Although my computer once again, "mysteriously" doesn't seem to want to play with me and get this posted. Hmmmm....? Maybe I'm stuck in neutral....

Extra Extra!!! The GOP SAH LLAAMMMBS DEMS in Virginia, New Jersey, and new New York City Mayor,!!!!!! Plus..... A simple conservative giving them a run for their money!

From Tea Parties (let's throw some crumpets in there too!), to 9-12 projects, Talk Radio, FOX NEWS, (say it again) FOX NEWS, to Town Hall Meetings, Free our Health Care signatures, and Praying to THE ONE AND ONLY GOD ALL MIGHTY, to the the absolute disgust with the Obama Administration and "The House of Ill Repute 111th Congress", by ALL of the people who have woke up... The "Right Side" is very much alive and kicking. And demonstrated as such, TONIGHT!

And I'd like to personally offer to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the New New Jersey Gov Elect Christie and his family! I wish we had someone like you out here in CA... Governor Christie.

Readers, Thank God for those who know what's right... and what's wrong in America. And to those opposed, please look up "Ill Repute". Look it up... And then you can make your own assessment. That's if you can do so, honestly with yourself.

It ain't over yet folks. There's still a lot of work to do. But we're not only showing "those in power", (Hey Baracky..How much did it cost us tax payers for you to go and campaign for your pals in N.Y and Virginia??) Never mind dude.... You wouldn't know transparency if you walked through it and it still cut you.

But we're firing up the engine and taking back what this country was founded on! I can't wait to hear the back peddling and excuses from Bobby Gibbs and the "stunned" administration. You watch folks... Obama will try to "amaze" us with something else or some other diversion here, pretty quick...Watch for it...

Thank you to those who managed to come out of the Kool-Aid comma....Thank you. (These are the droids you're looking for)

Congress...you're on notice and....YOU'RE NEXT.

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