Thursday, November 19, 2009

OBAMA Economic growth, unemployment falling, and GITMO prisoners’ trial PART 2

To part 1, posted on Nov 13… We know there is NO economic growth period. In result, there is NO decline in unemployment. If you read the first post, then you'll be right in step with me on this one.

Hey Congress, shelf that Health Care bill for now. If this administration is big on redistributing the wealth, give every American some money. Give us each $100,000.00. Make it 10% taxable to be paid to the IRS the following year as usual. 10% flat tax on it. NOT to be added to any other income (if we’re still lucky enough to make any).

If my little Radio Shack Casio calculator is right, that’s a government stimulus output of $3 billion dollars, based on 300 million American’s receiving the 100k. That’s a “government generated” $300 million dollar tax return on the back end, to the government. (I think) It could be $30 billion and a $3 billion tax back. My math is as bad as Washington's.

“Government generated” meaning, instead of printing more money that has no REAL value and “loosing track of where it goes exactly”, and giving it to all of these organizations and projects (“shovel ready” projects…ha ha, that was laughable) and to the expansion of big government itself", i.e. a Czar overseeing the Czars, etc, etc… This concept would justify printing more money because the $300 million taxes would recoup some of the outlay, it would help the population get their credit and lives right side up, and help jump start the economy by American consumers BUYING THINGS AGAIN.

Therefore keeping American business doors open, which would instigate positively, those businesses to hire more employees, and thus TRULY lowering the unemployment rate. (My math could be off by another zero…but even so…) Either way…It’s a hell a lot better than the delusional insult of home buyers credit of 8 to 15 thousand dollars, AND it’s straight across the board for “every” American.

Instead of trying/forcing to control the "richer American’s" pay levels, and trying to (so you claim) make everyone equal. It won’t make everyone equal by any means. There’s NOTHING wrong with lower class, middle class and upper class income. Our American way of life is what each individual makes it. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. We should ALL have equal rights, but not equal pay, for God's sake. And I personally don’t want any hand out, but if the government is hell bent on spending money, well here’s THE better way to serve our country.

It’s certainly better than the $820 or $787 BILLION dollars that Congress passed. (Trying to read it folks, It is mind boggling and you can’t even tell what the total nut, out the door really was) But let’s say it was the $787 Editor’s Note: (The Democratic Senate draft was the $820 which evolved into $828, with the stipulation that an additional debt cost of $350 billion would have to be absorbed…somehow).

But let’s call it $787 billion dollars. This concept (we’ll call it my concept although I doubt I thought of it first), would have still been $784 BILLION DOLLARS LESS!! (Or $757 billion less if my math was wrong because my calculater and head exploded) And by the way, when Congress passed this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act onto the Senate for approval in Feb 2009, it included an estimated $275 billion tax right out of the gate! In other words folks, the government knew perfectly well that were generating tax revenue back to the government without “really” generating the money “from something”. It gave the current administration moneys to further the rest of their agendas over the past 9 months.

In addition to this/my concept, give every (small businesses with 200 and less employees) "legitimate business" in America, One  million dollars ($1,000,000.00) each and make that a 25% flat tax for them to pay back to the government. WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO THEM! NONE!

It’s STILL less than the “Stimulus” package that was passed into law that "WE" are going to have to somehow repay via taxes. It too would help our businesses get back on their feet, boost the economy and help reduce unemployment. But because the bill has already been passed and there’s no EXACT accounting of where all those hundreds of billions went, I say to "OUR CONGRESS", PUT THAT TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS, HEALTH CARE BILL ON HOLD, and apply that money to this/my, concept for redistribution to America, and let’s get our butts back on track!

A trillion dollars folks… I can barely fathom a million, how about you? Let alone a billion, let alone a TRILLION. I’m shaking my head just trying to verbalize the word. Washington really is like a couple of parents falling asleep and the toddlers decided to explore what's in the kitchen, in the cupboards...and just started pouring out all of the syrup and ketchup and sugar and flour and dog food and rice and cleaning products, and everything that belongs in cupboards and kitchens under close guard and lock and key...and child proof! Someone needs to call Social Services on the White House folks!

Ok, GITMO prisoners being tried in US courts…

1. They are war criminals and should not have any rights as citizens!

2. Keep the Pentagon attack separate from these trials. That was an attack on our Military, if you can’t wrap your brain around how the judicial system works Eric Holder…ya “wanna be” Attorney General.

3. As Attorney General, please advise your client, The President, (you’re supposed to represent all of us) to refrain from his irresponsible remarks and assumptions that these terrorists (I mean defendants) will be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. In order to, avert from an immediate mistrial declaration. (Oh yea...I don't have any "order" in Washington...Duh!?!?! )

4. Aren’t there like 250 detainees at Guantanamo Bay? Are we to expect all 250 of them to stand trial and have these go on for the next 50 years?

5. Won’t trying them in US Federal Courts, adjudicate the further rights of the 3000 PLUS victims and ALL of their surviving families to file Civil Law suits against them? Yes it will. What then??

I’m no lawyer by any stretch. Don’t think I’d want to be one. (Maybe) But I don’t believe for one millisecond (or trillisecond) that this has been thought all the way through. Unless it’s true what I wrote in Part 1 of this post on Nov 13th, That, Obama himself wants to set them all free, and Holder is just following orders?

I don’t accept that these 5 prisoners will be tried in New York because they were part of the attack "on American soil". They were acting out plans and orders from the enemy of the terroristic network. It shouldn’t matter where they were captured, how they were captured, or where they struck.

I'll ask again, "why is this adminstration" so willing to appease everyone but us, the American people? Why?? It all rests on "you" President Obama. Answer the question.


Charlotte said...

Hi Jeff, You have some interesting ideas here.

Maybe it's time we re-think politics in this country.

Voters can't vote unless they either own property or can prove that they have a job and pay annual taxes.

TARP from now on should be called BARF Funds and money given back.

We should do away with DC offices for Capital Hill HOUSE & SENATE.

These men and women should have offices in their states and use GO To MEETING when they want to vote.

No more paid staff for Senators and Congressmen = most everyone in DC is a millionare if they what to hire lawyers by the bucket let them pay for them out of their own money.

As for Gitmo - that's payback to Bush and the CIA - to make this country look bad while Obama continues on his worldwide apology tour.

As for Gitmo -leave them in Cuba. We don't need Attorney General Office -- States have them and let them handle things.

Conscious Observer said...

RIGHT ON Charlotte! See folks, people like Charlotte know what's up just like most of you do.

This administration has a hidden agenda on the world apology tour that we haven't uncovered yet. And I agree, going after our former President and the CIA is really a bad idea.

Not to cover anything up or "protect" them. They didn't do anything wrong to need protection. THEY have protected us! Trying to make them out to be the bad guys, would create a huge moral decline in our country, not to mention to those who were thinking of joining to further serve and protect America.

Hey...If the country is safe, and someone behind the scenes is watching out for us, that's all I need to know. I don't care or NEED to know how they do it, when they do it, where they do it or while they do it. If we're kept safe, then they're doing their job, period.

I'd definately be Charlotte's running mate in 2012!

Rational Nation USA said...

I see you haven't posted in awhile. I hope that doesn't mean you have given up the good fight for liberty and righting America.

You have posted some good stuff and I hope you get back to your blog activities soon. You have much to say that needs to be heard.

Conscious Observer said...

Hello. Rational Nation noted that I haven't posted since November. I do still care a great deal about our country and will get back into it.

I've been working on some personal and family issues, but I do miss blogging and I know together we are a stronger voice. God Bless those in the good fight! And thanks for checking on me.

Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Rational Nation USA said...

Just checking in once again,hope all is well.

Don't know if you have visited my site lately but Rational Nation USA has a new look. Not completed, and still working out a few bugs with my designer,but getting there.

As I plan to be blogging until my last breath I figured I better give it a faster load time and slicker look.

I'll check in again and see what you might be up to.

Anonymous said...

first catch your hare, then cook him. ..................................................