Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going Rogue… But certainly, not alone

Sarah Palin has kicked off her book tour “Going Rogue. An American Life”, with her first signings in Michigan, and has begun doing tv interviews, starting with Oprah last Monday (didn’t see it) and last night with Sean Hannity (saw it), and O’Reilly having her scheduled for his next three shows.

I think Sarah is about ready to go! Locked and loaded (perhaps for bear this time). I think she has it together, she is clear and sincere. Knows what the hell she’s talking about. Has a proven track record on a smaller scale of being in office and the political environment. (Yes there were some controversies, but if you look them up and their outcomes, she ended up being right and vindicated). She knows a lot about producing ways to be energy independent. She’s a true patriot of this country, and she is a good mother and wife.

And I think that both she and Hillary, “more than likely” give this current administration (and the left) something seriously to think about when they try to sleep. (And sneak….And lie…. And cheat…”us”).

If you’ve followed me, you know that I’m still praying for 2012 to actually come, and I’m praying for us to still be a sovereign nation and to still be on the map (Along with Israel) by then, and that we still have “the blessing” of being a democracy and will be able to take back “our” White House.

Back to Sarah….

I am very glad that she is doing well, and out on the track again…for whatever reason. If it is only for her book…Good for her! This is America, my liberal friends… and making money is on EVERYONE’S mind, including your own! If it is just to get “her own” words out, even better for her!

If you caught her on Hannity’s interview Wednesday night, when he asked her about being a conservative rather than republican and she responded that she is a conservative but yes, she thinks that the republican “plank and platform” is the best one to build off of, then I will say to my fellow bloggers and appreciated readers… If she’s back on track to give us the nod that she “might” be thinking of running in 2012 for the next President of these United States…GOOD FOR HER!!! Good for America!

Why not? We finally have our first mulatto…Ooops! Sorry! I meant “black” American President, so why not be poised for the first “woman” President??

We were sort of poised for the first woman President in the 2008 primaries, but sorry Hill… I think the people had enough of your hubby and you, and we just didn’t quite trust in you, either. (Not to mention that you were thrown under the bus Ms Clinton, by your party….along with the anointed one and his SEIU campaign power).

As for the “Newsweak” cover of Sarah Palin… Well, they’re jealous and very much afraid of you, Mrs. Governor. If you happen to be in good health and like to run to stay fit, (like a lot of American’s do) then let them (pitifully) try, to keep poking at your abilities by spot lighting your obvious good health good looks, and choice to lead a healthy life style.

Newsweak (desperate for subscribers) chose that photo out of the several that she had from the magazine “The Runner” article that Sarah appeared in, only and (sadly) for ratings and shock value. But I found no offense in “her picture”, but found offense only in how they chose to display it. Still, it was inapropriate on their part because I'm sure the article wasn't relavant to the picture of her. They “tried” and the liberal drive by media “tried” to depict (I really don’t know what), but some sort of brainless, and dangerous, and sexy (?) picture of your legs Sarah??? If that’s all that Newsweak has, and that’s all that the left has, to try to stop you from being you… Well, jealousy DOES NOT become them.

Folks, I had the blessing, and pleasure to know and be close to someone who was brilliant in her mind, and in her heart (with God) and in her political beliefs, and she also is a true patriot. And in addition to that amazement "that was her”, she was herself and is a physically beautiful woman to behold. I hold a very high regard for the “person” that she is “inside”. And yes, she also happens to be wonderful to look at. So what?

I likened her on an equally over all level of good “human being” with Sarah Palin. Neither of them ever walked into a room to display their God given (and self disciplined outter shells) bodies “FIRST”. But rather… they walk in with what they know in their minds, and what they have in their hearts. THAT’S WHAT A REAL PERSON IS ALL ABOUT. That’s what I think Sarah Palin… is all about And I approve this message. You can be smart and genuine and still be attractive.

The likes of a Nancy Pelosi “chose” to make herself the way that she looks. If you want to talk about vanity and insecurity and DANGER within a political figure let’s get her on the cover of “Nip, Tuck, Suck it in, Scrape it off, Putty it up, Sand it down, and Throw it out”.

My only gripe about Sarah today FOLKS…

Is that in her new interviews, she hasn’t said, “Well as far as (Barack on the campaign trail) saying that he doesn’t want his daughters being punished for making a mistake and not wanting them to be “BURDENED WITH A BABY”, and his remark about lipstick on a pig, and as far as David Letterman making his “joke” about our 14 year old daughter being knocked up by a New York baseball player…My husband Todd, and some of his buddies wanted to KICK SOMEONE’S SCRAWNY ASS!!!”

But it’s ok, because her and her husband Mr. Palin, seem to have more class and dignity than the above mentioned. Maybe that’s why some of us might think the world of her. Maybe the world needs someone like Sarah Palin. And she’s the REAL DEAL. God knows that “we” need something MORE than what we have in our White House now.

Go get em' Hockey Mom! God Bless Sarah Palin

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