Friday, November 13, 2009

OBAMA "Economic growth, Unemployment falling" Nov 12 2009, GITMO prisoners of WAR to be tried in N.Y. Nov 13 2009

Hold on here!
Barack Obama said on Nov 12, 2009, that while we have seen economic growth over the past few months, (LIE) and the unemployment rate has decreased, (LIE) that they’ve decided to have a job summit (a job fair if you will) at the White House in December, and gather the minds of “small business” CEO’s to hammer out ways to create more jobs for America???? WELL HO FRICKEN HO HO “SANTA”…

And now today we hear the prisoners of WAR being held in GITMO will be tried in New York as some sort of symbolic ceremony. He's going to set a precedent that will enable all of them to get off and be set free. These trials will take years, and cost millions, distract our focus from more critical issues we're facing, expose sacred military detainment policies to the world, and open more American doors for spectators and protestors to come join the circus. And this will ensure better access and inncentive for terrorist threat.

Since he already scrapped the missile defense system to appease the Russians, why not cut another one sided deal on our behalf?

Who do you think you are?? Do you think that you’re like the first mind, the first person, the first leader, the first “prophet”, the inventor of everything and the inventor of the World???

Do you think that we’re all idiots and don’t know what we have, what we had… and what’s coming?? UN-FREAKIN BELIEVABLE!!!

To quote the late great John Wayne, “It’s getting to be RE-GOD-DAMNED-DICULOUS”.

And I'm done listening and hearing it Barack. Do you hear me?? WE know you monitor everything we all have to say, so I’m sure you hear me. One small voice, but I’m still an American citizen who still has rights. You've gotten on my LAST nerve. Take my gloves off... Mickey! (Rocky III)

I’ve never in my life met someone as arrogant, and stupid, all at the same time… as you. And if my feelings and outrage are considered treasonous folks then please let my observations be known, before they shut my computer down and come and get me. And please folks, don’t send me a fruit cake with a file in it, send me a left handed lawyer…in case they put me in Gitmo. Oh no wait… I’ll supposedly be back in the states shortly too. Send Johnnie Cochran…Wait…he’s dead (Good).  Yep... I said it! Sue me if you can.

Where is the economic growth??? WHERE???

What CEO’s of small businesses?? You’re driving everyone into the poor house. YOU Barack, are forcing small business to shut down AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE. Where are all these “JOBS” that you have created??? WHERE???

And if it isn’t you personally, then as “The President”, YOU have the power to frickin do SOMETHING about it. But you choose not to do anything about it, and you ARE part of the agenda. You choose not to do anything about it, so therefore….YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

How arrogant of you. You are appalling. You are DEFINITELY not worthy of your position. And you’re definitely in way over your BIG head. It’s one thing to be indifferent politically, but it’s another thing to sit here and listen to your bull shit anymore. He said he would fundementally change America folks, oh he's doing it alright, and he is going to let all of the Muslim prisoners of war free. Who's the real traitor here??

I don’t care my fellow bloggers and my fellow conservatives and fellow republicans, anymore. I don’t friends. I’ve have a good life, and even though I’ve made my own mistakes, I've tried to be a good guy, and I do love my family, but I don’t care what the hell they might do to me for this.

This is blatant and deliberate driving the failure of our beloved America into the ground, while he’s STILL standing up there acting as though he’s gonna’ do something for us. He's doing something for someone...but it ain't us! I pray that if any of you read this, (and they do get me), that you’ll try to find out who I was, and help safeguard my family against them, for me speaking out. They can take care of themselves, just be conscious and observant, please.

I try to blow off the G20 crap, the anointed one crap, the Chicago ties crap, the radical crap, the Kenya crap, the anti American crap, and the anti-Christ crap.....

It’s not paranoia folks. This is real “shit”. In the stinkiest, most vile, brownest, stick to your shoe and drag it into the house sense of the word. He’s capable of anything…and probable of everything that we speculate he might be. Wake up America! White black brown red, fricken purple, I don't care what...WAKE UP!

I’m sorry folks. I concur with so many blogs that say they’re ashamed of our president. I am ashamed today too. And the pisser is that NONE OF US should ever be ashamed of our country or our leader. Who the hell do you think you are man??? How can you stand there talking down to us and lie about the economy and jobs and knowing that NOBDODY wants the GITMO prisoners brought here, and expect
any of us to believe you, let alone follow??

How do you sleep at night B.O.? How do you sleep?

I’m sorry for all the illicit words folks. But I’m not sorry for the impact or reasons of them. I won’t hold anything against anyone to stop following. I know we all need to survive and look out for ourselves.

And, I know that the Bible says to "Honor thy father and respect authority" and I'm certainly not doing that here..... But Obama gives ME "nothing" to respect... even if he is my president. So who's "not" doing their job? Me, or him?.......Or both?

All of my life I’ve been patriotic and felt “something” in my heart for my country, my flag, my fellow citizens, and our leaders. I felt inspired enough and passionate enough to post blogs but really didn’t think I’d write such incendiary comments in doing so… But I have no room in my heart or my mind for And this...Administration.

I don’t even have anything “funny” to try to add to this. I can’t believe what is happening and who is at the helm right now. (With head down in dismay) Thank you for reading…..God Bless


Charlotte said...

Hi Jeff,

This afernoon I was listening to Rush and he said that the President is going to announce during his state of the UNION address in January that he will TRY & lower the defict in 2010. Like that's possible. This from a man who has spent more in 9 months than Bill Clinton did in 8 years.

Have a great weekend and Keep up the good fight.

23eagle said...

You GO! Refreshing to hear someone not trying to sugar coat it. Unless you are talking to someone not of the First Fundamentalist Church of Liberalism, you won't be heard. And since for decades, good Americans have done what they do best, mind their own business, work and take care of their families, trusting, post-modern marxists have been busy indoctrinating a generation of kids so that THEY DON'T KNOW ANY DIFFERENT. We have work to do. The good news is that 40% of the country described themselves as conservative, 20% as liberal. There are still people that can be persuaded by logic.

BTW, I LOVE your shameless self-promotion on my blog! LOl.

Sure like you yours. God bless.

American Soldiers Wife said...

Don't think you need to apologize for being ashamed of B.O. His wife and he both were and still are ashamed of this entire nation. It is obvious they in everything they say and every action they take. No need for apologies when it's TRUTH!

Conscious Observer said...

Thanks folks. God Bless us all. Even the stupid and illguided. God Bless this great meaningful nation of ours...

There are MORE people across the world that love America and are grateful to our principals and utmost regard for life and freedom than ALL of the liberal, left, and democratic party put together

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Conscious Observer -

Man, another one of my hero's! Thanks!

I'll stand side by side with you! I've said much the same thing, with as much passion (and contempt for this administration) as you have. There are millions of us out here. And there are not enough jail cells to house us all - unless they let the real criminals out to run the streets. Oh yeah, they're planning on allowing them out to work for community organizations - I remember that now. Oh well, I guess there will be room for us! I just hope I get to room with someone like you!

Keep the Faith, my man! The winds of change are growing...