Saturday, November 7, 2009

Patriotism, Values, Our blogs as our voices

I received this comment about Red and the Pledge from She has a really good blog, informative and coherent. Thought I’d share my reply. Hope she doesn't mind.

"He was a great patriot and Christian. I remember watching that show as child. Come on, it wasn't that many years ago. Anyway, I have seen this before and it always brings tears to my eyes and sends chills down my spine.

I have grandchildren, now. I am sorry their only inspiration in this country comes from a man who apologizes for the deeds of this great nation. I am sorry that their inspiration comes from a non-Christian man, an enemy of our country, and Islamic hate monger. My grandchildren, at least, have been raised in the church. Even so, the wool has been pulled over their eyes by putting their faith in Obama and not God.
Thanks for posting this. It give me hope."

Thanks for taking time to stop by Elizabeth. Red’s Pledge is great. I like the name of your post “Psss, Don’t look now, but”, and the great letter that wrote to your Senator Harkin.

It is sad to see faith and patriotism slipping away from a lot of our kids and grand kids. (It’s also true as we get older, our parents become smarter!) I have one daughter who loves the Lord and her country and another daughter who doesn’t feel so much for her country and is trying to find God. She struggles with both and believes (or wants to) that the country is better with this current president. I make valid points in talking with her, and she has a tough time making ones back. That’s one reason why she struggles. I love them both the same.

My step sons think the Bible and George Bush are a joke, (Their mom is a good person but I didn't agree with some of her parenting. Part of why I divorced) but they’re decent loving, young men. I’m always mindful of what or how we talk about life. But I do gently say things like Thank God, or this is a great country, etc, in our conversations so the bug is in their ear. I love them the same also. (Its funny how as people get older “a lot of them” tend to start to find God and love for their country) My mom and step dad have strong faith and patriotism. My dad and step mom don’t have faith so much, and they have a watered down sense of patriotism. And I love and respect them all, the same.

Although we weren’t ready for an administration like we have today, I don’t think they were ready for the internet and “us” and voices in talk radio. It makes me think perhaps all is not lost (but it’s so close too), and perhaps there “is a reason” to have blogging and web sites and conservative personalities. Perhaps it’s faith. Or for faith, as a tool, even as a weapon to fight back with. We need something, because they have the weapon of power. It is almost David and Goliath like. Our blogs are like our voice as a collective. Talk can be cheap from their side, but it can be priceless on ours, eh?

I’m fascinated how life and these times have many parallels like having this current administration and countering it with blogs, radio, and those conservative voices. (While we’re still free to)

The scary or sad part is that if the Liberal and Democratic Party lines bowl us over and squash conservatives and our Constitution, even they won’t realize what they will be destroying. It’s still America for now, and it’s ok to disagree and hold separate values and beliefs (I guess), but at what price are they willing to pay?

I don’t think they see it. I think they just don’t like us and that’s all they might see. We may not like them or their ideals, but I believe we are fighting for a greater cause.

My September blogs "About Me" and "I'd take a bullet for the President" both pretty much sum up how I feel about our beloved country, and why.                                       


BB-Idaho said...

Just a friendly 'lib' stopping by.
I can empathize with having family members of the 'opposite persuasion' sister and hubby were educators and liberal and their kids are quite conservative.
..and two of them are educators as well! Politics these days seems a bit edgy what with the 'other side' being pure evil. I prefer to think of us as Americans first
and liberal or conservative second. Perhaps naive....

Conscious Observer said...

I couldn't agree more BB. Thanks for dropping in!

Charlotte said...

Hi Jeff,

Things really are turned upside down when Atlas Shrugs has a posted a story about a MOM from TX that last Friday actually had to beg the White House and members of congress to lower the flag in honor of Ft. Hood soliders who died on Thursday. Something so simple!

Keep fighting the good fight.

Conscious Observer said...

Thank you Charlotte,

That truly leaves me speechless. I try being a guy, who cares but is also a man in a tough world, and this makes me sad.

It infuriates me yes, but it makes my heart sad that the people who hold the power in our country have to be reminded of their liberties and how we achieved them and have fought hard and died, to maintain them.

Their lack of respect for our brave service men and women and their empty cold hearts make it hard to smile and tell myself it's going to be alright.