Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Pledge Our love for country Our Constitution Our faith in Him

You can laugh all you want... (But remember when you're laughing...that you have the freedom to do so)

OR, you can laugh all you want American's, because this is the greatest nation on the planet and we are, and have been, "Thankful" for the many great things and ideas in and from this United States of America. (and we thought the 60's were just a bunch of hippies....)

Check out Mr. Red Skelton and his patriostism and his faith.



Elizabeth McKenzie said...

He was a great patriot and Christian. I remember watching that show a a child. Come on, it wasn't that many years ago. Anyway, I have seen this before and it always brings tears to my eyes and sends chills down my spine.

I have grandchildren,now. I am sorry their only inspiration in this country comes from a man who apologizes for the deeds of this great nation. I am sorry that their inspiration comes from a non-Christian man, an enemy of our country, and Islamic hate monger. My grandchildren, at least, have been raise in the church. Even so, the wool has been pulled over their eyes by putting their faith in Obama and not God.

Thanks for posting this. It give me hope.

Conscious Observer said...

Thanks for taking the time Elizabeth. And for following. I started to comment reply to you and thought I'll post a blog back too!

Deep Roots in Tough Times said...

Wow...that gets me everytime I hear it. Thanks for sharing it. I am going to e-mail it to some gradeschool teachers I know and maybe they will play it for the kids. They surely do need to hear it in the classrooms of today!

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

I've heard this before as well, but I never tire of listening to it again when I come across it. Thanks for the post!!

Conscious Observer said...

Good deal thanks Hoping. :) I'm 51 and still almost choke up like a baby, watching it.

And thanks to Deep Roots. I think that would be excellent if your teaching friends could show the kids! "Red Skelton, Mmm, mmm, mmm" That sounds much better!

Heli gunner Tom said...

I like you Blog and just joined to be a follower/ reader. Thank you for your comment and joining mine!

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70
Jesus is Lord.