Monday, October 12, 2009


I was going to just keep my opinion on this topic, thinking it “probably” wouldn’t make any difference and that there are far greater things to discuss. Although it IS a very important topic and news worthy. I just get fed up with the Hollywood so called “Elite” and they’re beyond reproach attitude, as though they are all “above” the rest of society and that they’re misunderstood because “we the little people”, don’t realize how much hard work they put into their careers and projects, and how they are “deprived of normal lives” with having to deal with paparazzi and no privacy and having to sign autographs, and hiring personal trainers, agents, attorneys, and their posse’s “etcetera…etcetera…etcetera”…

But when my alarm clock radio went off this morning, and the first thing I heard was that Roman Polanski was feeling “unrest, and depressed” while being held in a Swiss a jail awaiting to see if his high power lawyers can stop his extradition back to the United States to follow through with his sentence imposed back in 1978 for the rape and contribution to a minor girl under the age of 14, in which Polanski pleaded GUILTY to. I HAD TO WEIGH IN. (And the plea was diminished from more sever charges, thanks to his Big Hollywood lawyers, way back then). Let’s not fail to mention that he fled the country, while out on bail, which constitutes a Federal Offense. From what I read, the original judge in the case had planned to amend the plea deal and reinstate some of the more severe charges for his sentence...GOOD! But he just bugged out to Europe. Transferred his millions to a Swiss bank account, jumped on a plane and said SEE YA! Evading the law, skipping bail, fleeing the country, and for all practical purposes getting away with the crime! So, WHEN he gets back here, he will also stand trial for that offense as well. Where the hell is Dog The Bounty Hunter when we need him?? Heck, we’ll take Batman to go get him, for that matter.

This guy Polanski , is part of the scum of the earth. He’s known for his directing films like China Town, and The Pianist, and Rosemary’s Baby… SO WHAT?!?! Big F’in DEAL! He’s a rapist, and a child molester PERIOD! That whole “Hollywood” crowd has been creepy and corrupt for years. The Untouchables should have been about THEM. When I was kid a hundred years ago, celebrities were looked up to and most were patriots. Sure there was corruption, but every decade they've become more and more emboldened, notorious, and…questionable, even criminal. No wonder Washington has support from this ilk. For example, Pervlanski’s 1968 Rosemary’s Baby (which was creepy in itself) starred a 23 year old Mia Farrow. She married Frank Sinatra a couple of years prior, and as it goes, Old Blue Eyes wanted her to come and work on his movie instead, and when she refused to, Frank just divorced her! That’s how they rolled in the elitist. Eventually we all know Mia hooked up with (not married to) Woody Allen (another creep) and they adopted some children. One in particular a young Asian named Soon Yi who Woody had an affair with when she’s like 17 or 18 years old. Mother Mia splits the scene and eventually Woody marries their adopted daughter! And Hollywood pokes fun at the south folks…..

P.S. Mia accused this creep Allen of molesting their 7 year old other adopted daughter as well, FYI. (Adopting is very noble and “usually” selfless, but this stuff is like right out of an Acorn office)

Hollywood is all about, Oh it’s ok to just diddle and subject whatever innocent kid that happens to be either attractive or “available” and it seems to be accepted and their Hollywood Creed. They pass around women, and men, and in further deeper sickening perversion…children. (I know not “everyone” in show biz is as polluted as the majority) And now today, we have the likes of Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese and dozens of actors, calling for Pervlanski’s RELEASE.

They wrote a petition demanding that he be released, and here’s their reasoning with a quote included; Despite the guilty plea, the signers of the petition demand Polanski's release and find fault with the way he was arrested. "It seems inadmissible to them that an international cultural event, paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, is used by the police to apprehend him," the petition says. "The arrest of Roman Polanski in a neutral country, where he assumed he could travel without hindrance ... opens the way for actions of which no one can know the effects."

It doesn’t matter how he was finally caught. “THAT’S” the important part!

Besides, who the hell ARE YOU?? You’re not the law or the Justice system in the state of California, The United States, or in any other country!! You make movies and “art” and have NO SAY in how the legal system should handle criminals and perverts of this nature. You ARE as bad as the current administration, poking your snooty noses into things that shouldn't concern you, but they do because YOU want to be on the recieving end of all the perks you can get your filty hands on. Do you think any average Joe could just rape either an unrelated or related under age INNOCENT child, and just move away to a place where such social behavior is accepted and tolerated? So you can continue with your exploits and despicable lewd life style? (So yea…why did Michael Jackson run away to another country??Hmmmm....)

These “supporters” for Roman Pervlanski, have asked for sympathy for him because the rape happened 30 years ago, and because his parents were held in Nazi concentration camps where his mom was never heard from again, and then his wife Sharon Tate was murdered in the Manson killings in Hollywood in 1969 (Ms Tate was 8 months pregnant, and 26 years old), (but eventually Roman recovered from the tragedy and around 1975-76 at age 43, he started molesting 15 year old Nastassja Kinski who starred in his movie “Tess”). But he dumped her when she turned 18… Yea, ya gotta kick em to the curb when they get older than 17 eh, Roman? Here’s a question I’d ask him….WHO had you been molesting between 1969 and the mid 70’s? And… Did you have anything to do with your wife Sharon Tate’s murder, while you were conveniently away at your “London Home”, when your wife was just about ready to give birth??) He "was" questioned by authorities but got around any suspicions. He has been said to have been devastated by the murder, and while it was tragic (and normally I'd feel sad for you) there's a lot of questions about his character, created by himself.

The Swiss authorities so far are refusing to grant bail saying he might be a flight risk and good for them. BECAUSE HE IS! He already proved to be a risk once, so there’s no margin to think otherwise. The news media say the 13 year old that he raped has since sued him for a half a million dollars in the 1990’s and doesn’t really want to have the whole nightmare start all over again with trials and media coverage. I’m sure most of us respect that and your wishes ma’am, and our hearts go out to you, and what you were robbed of so long ago. But with due respect, he still broke the law on several counts with you, and skipped bail and fled the country. Again, with all due respect, a civil proceeding is separate from a criminal one. The only argument here should be where he goes to prison FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in California or a Federal Penitentiary elsewhere. If I were her, I would also look into further litigation against him for additional monetary damages as allowed by law, for this woman and her family. If anything… for renewed pain and suffering. Why should he be allowed to commit horrible crimes and then move somewhere that doesn’t have such laws and be allowed to live a life or prestige and celebrity status, making millions of dollars over the years, with no accountability?

Like most "decent" people, and like many,  I have two daughters myself, and I would never have tried hurting or taking advantage of them or any young girl (or any child), but instead have always protected them and other young people, and I still protect my daughters to this day, and they’re both married. But “decent people” still have that parental instinct in us. That watching out for the innocent. The children. “The innocent”. And now I have grandchildren and the sacred tradition continues, and is passed on to my kids and son in laws. It's called "civilization". Like any decent man, or person, or adult, protecting the innocent. Just as our laws are set in place to “protect” and conduct ourselves in a civilized manner. Otherwise, what’s the point in having laws, and loving our families, and wanting to be loved ourselves?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy entertainment and good movies. But it's no surprise this happened and goes on in an industry, within an elite society that is above God. To them, (most of them not all) God is just another script. Another starring role...And the pitiful almost laughable part, sadly, is that many in the business would sell their soul to the Devil, for the part. This man has had his freedom far too long. He needs to be brought “back” to justice and pay the price for the crimes he has committed.


Just a conservative girl said...

I would like to think that the people who are standing up for him don't fully understand what he did that night.

I am probably wrong, but I can hope.

Right Wing Extreme said...

"When I was kid a hundred years ago, celebrities were looked up to and most were patriots."

The fact that the used to be role models is the problem. The Hollyweird elites have moved so far to the left that they have to look right to see The Chosen One, but few have figured out that they shouldn't be role models anymore. They go a corrupt another generation of our kids and the whole mess is starting to feed on itself like compost.