Thursday, October 22, 2009

Racism Why? “What” is it?

Well...this won't be easy and more than likely misread, but it's important to me and "should be" important you, so here goes... And if you will, after reading, please see "my", and "other's" comments on this post. Thank you.

Racism…. It seems “exclusive” to America, and its history and its present day. Of course it is not… there are many countries that make a home for different cultures and ethnic backgrounds that also have racism and prejudice. This is America, the United States of.

Only “We” The People, we the civilization of these United States, the Populous (please take the time to look up the word), we who work together every day, who both love and neglect our families every day, we who want a better life for ourselves and our kids, we who care about the “typical” person on the street, we who vote and don’t, we who live next door to each other and don’t, we who voluntarily join and serve our armed forces to protect all of us including those of us who don’t serve. Only we can force the change in attitude and grow together. Or…apart.

I’m speaking (blogging) to my white friends who proudly wave their Confederate flag, and my black friends who are my brother from another mother. Yes…I do have friends who are a little too much on the prejudice side but aren’t “completely sure why”, (and in my mind)… carry issues and ideals handed down from their parents or grandparents. And yes, I do have friends that either expect or accept me to say, or can relate better to me trying to talk a “lingo or slang”, in saying silly or stupid things like “My brother from another mother”. Some from both groups are fairly new friends and some are long time. Some from both groups see eye to eye on things with me and some I disagree with their views. I guess I’m like the neutral guy. I can be at any of their homes and be welcomed (as they are in mine), but unfortunately not all, but some from both groups can not and never will be in the same room together.

Does it make you sad, or bummed out? Or worried that racism or our country has this unspoken and very much spoken animosity and tension that makes us “think” we feel racism? Oh I know it’s real folks..But WHY? It makes me sad. It makes me frustrated that “we” seem to be the only country that really has a bone to pick on this one. Fellow American’s… We have peoples and countries across the globe that want to KILL US, all of us. All of “us Americans”. And it doesn’t matter what the hell color we are, or think we them. They would relish at a civil war amongst ourselves.

Don’t you see, that our real enemies are jealous and bitter towards us because we can get along in the same country, and while we may be different, we do work together, and buy each other’s goods, and drive the same kinds of cars (nice ones and klunkers) and listen to each other’s music, watch each other’s shows and movies, and sometimes marry and have mixed families together, care about and hate each other, and that we’re both rich and poor people, and that we (more than not) pray to and fear the same God?

THEY'RE jealous and bitter because we can disagree, be divided, not trust each other, and still live in the same country without civil wars… and our enemies…cannot. Unlike their countries where one race or culture live in the east part of the country while another race or culture lives in the north, America is a tapestry woven together across all of our states, of different cultures and life styles. They don’t get that. It blows their narrow “19th century” mindset.

I know we have many, (thousands if not millions) of American’s that refuse to remove the racial barriers and generational hatred towards each other. But I also know that there’s not a white person in this country that would oppose a black firefighter or black police man or black soldier doing their job (that they chose to do), for saving us and protecting us. There’s not a black person in this country that would oppose a white firefighter or white police man or white soldier doing their job (that they chose to do), for saving us and protecting us. Think about it… Think about it.

And I’ll go one further and really pull your heart strings if the patriot thing didn’t grab you by the boo-boo.

There’s not a white person that wouldn’t jump in to save a little black kid’s life in any given circumstance, and there’s not a black person that wouldn’t jump in to save a little white kid’s life in any given circumstance. Do you like to see a little one crying? No. Would you turn your back on a little kid who was lost, or in danger? No. Not the majority of us anyway. Think about it. If I’m wrong, then say so. (Hardcore and severely messed up people and corrupt politicians or bad police officers, or gangbangers, excluded)

What’s funny to me about this is that white and black people, ALL pray to Jesus. Some of both races are Muslim or Islam. Those of us who believe, believe in the same God. The same “Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior”. And there are of course millions of both black and white people who don’t believe in anything but themselves. And what’s crazy to me about this is that “they/we” all enjoy their freedom of religion or not. We might have different skin color, but we’re still all American’s. We ARE a free people. Yes my black friends and fellow American’s, you and me…are free people.

I guess I should write to include my “black enemies” too, because I know a lot of you hate me, and don’t even know why? Let alone “know me personally”. Or identify, or understand exactly what “I” personally did “to you” personally. Guess I should include my “white enemies” too who hate me because I’m not prejudice?

Don’t you ALL see? The race card and racism and our two cultures living under the same tree will never be productive and genuinely compassionate and cooperative, as long as we “think” there is reason to hate each other. This isn’t North Korea and South Korea folks. There is no “superior” race. There is however, the Human Race. And besides, how boring would that be to live for example in Korea (no put down to them), to walk into the local Kim-Mart, or post office, and see the exact same people everywhere?? We all look different from each other, and that’s part of the freedom in living here, to breath and “be” who we want to be or just plain WHO WE ARE as American’s.

People like Hitler thought there was a superior race…white people, period. I don’t. If we’re all human beings of all colors and all ethnic backgrounds then how would it be possible that there is a quote unquote “superior race”? If you read my blogs, if you get to know me, and those who do know me, know that I like a good joke about a white person, a black person, an Asian person, a Spanish person, a Russian, a Jew, and Christian, a Muslim, a rich person, a poor person, a gay person, a straight person… whatever.

But does that make me a bad guy? Does it make me a bad human being? I don’t think so. Yes it’s only my opinion, but I don’t think so. In fact I know I’m not a “bad” person. I’m certainly not a perfect person either… but I’ve yet to meet one of those. Are you one? Some people of both colors genuinely care about, and even love the other one. Some don’t “love” the other, but tolerates and shows respect. And some of both colors flat out hate each other and are convicted in their hearts to never change it. And while I don’t personally agree with the latter view, as Americans we ALL have the rights to feel or be all three of the above.

I remember growing up (in Detroit, but it shouldn’t matter where it's just a fact) attending an integrated school, and talking about "being bused” to different schools. I wasn’t worried or mad about going to school with black kids...I already was. I was more pissed because it seemed like the rich kids had the better schools...And they did! I remember some black friends of mine feeling out of place and afraid of how the white kids would treat them. We were ALL KIDS, folks. We didn’t want the racial sickness or tensions that (some of) our parents and the t.v. would scare us about. We were just kids, “some” wanting to go to school to learn, and “some” not wanting to go because we were lazy. Both colors, not one more than the other…

Think about it for a moment. They say "You are what you eat"... So what do you (feed) teach your kids? You were once a kid, what was taught to you? How many times have you seen something, or heard about something and asked; "Where are their parents?" Or heard; "It's the parents fault." Or the phrase "Child Endangerment." Don't you think teaching your kids hatred, is dangerous FOR THEM...later on in their lives? It blows my mind to see the news and how some young black person (sometimes white too) being arrested or even senselessly killed, and the parent is angry at the system, or "the man", or the police, etc. I can't imagine losing a child, I grieve for you...

But have to ask, Well what did your kid leave the house with today?? WHAT DID YOU FEED THEM FOR ALL THESE YEARS?? It's got to stop folks. And it can be stopped, but you're the only one who can think for yourself. It's easy to blame everyone but yourself. Easy to blame the system, but one must also ask, then why does the system usually work on many levels but not on mine? Sometimes, all of us promte our own pity party. I'm guilty too, but try to avoid it because it really serves "me" no purpose (except to have an excuse)...and generally keeps those who want to care about me, away.

Some things are a lot easier than what we make them out to be as difficult. Especially with a chip on our shoulder. Look, if "you" go to work and "I" don't, then "you" will make money, not me. If "I" go to school but "you" don't, then "I'll" get a grade and "you" won't. It's really NOT that difficult, but I can always make it as hard for myself as possible and blame others...I guess.

Raised by my mom, she didn’t allow us to be prejudice or say the word “nigger”… and we didn’t, and we had no desire whether hidden or influenced by other kids, to do so. Years later I found that my dad was prejudice and I felt divided with him. He and my step mom still live in Detroit today and even he has gotten softer as he ages, and it’s a good thing. It’s the right thing. So now today as an older man, if I don’t use that “n” word, it’s not because I’m politically correct, or trying to score points, it’s because of how I was raised “without prejudice”. I Do understand why there are white American’s who are strongly prejudice even racists, even though I still don’t get it.

I DO understand why there are black American’s who are the same, and it seems even more so. And I don’t get that either. I know blacks were repressed for many years. I know it was wrong. I grew up right here in the same country as you, and observed the changing times, and how society has changed for the better, (No I’m not black but please don’t say I can’t relate),

I’m talking about that I saw how things changed for blacks. I personally have no problem here, although I’ll be put down by the people who do. In fact I’ll be put down from both black and white people. I also observe THAT these days, the tide has changed again, and now white American’s for the most part, tip toe around it all, but black American’s shove it in our face.

Like the old adage goes… “I didn’t enslave you, or your grandparents, and neither did my grandparents. And you weren’t a slave, nor were your grandparents”. (Yes I know that “some” of your grandparents were, and I’m sorry for that, even though I had nothing to do with it.)


You have to look at yourself and be honest with what you see. So do I. If I’m prejudice I have to be honest and say it. But I’m not and I’m not a racist. I try very hard not to be...Do you?? The truth is NO...YOU (by and large) don't try to "not" hate me, and or at least try to figure out what I'm "really" about. You don't know what's in my heart. But often assume I don't care about you.

And if "I am prejudice", then I must admit that I’m more prejudice towards rude Asian drivers, and illegal Mexican or Spanish people not wanting to assimilate to our culture and “applying” for citizenship legally, and towards Middle Eastern people who are in America "FREE" to worship Allah but call me an Infidel for worshiping God. Not towards black American's simply because of the color of ones skin. And I'm really NOT “prejudice towards these people I just mentioned” they just piss me off about these things.

And while everything I wrote above is true, I have to ask my fellow American’s who are black, “What…or how… do you expect me to feel about some of the attitudes from (some) blacks, and the violence or gang like elements within black communities and how a lot of the rap music is about “Whitey” or “Cracker”, or slapping a bitch, or killing a cop?” And not feel like you’re just thugs and punks with a chip on your shoulder? How am I supposed to react to FACTUAL statistics that there are more black American’s in jail than white dudes? (And yes...I know there are some really creepy and bad white dudes. AND there has been a lot of injustice in too many cases of black arrests) But you think I’m the bad guy? Is that “my fault”, or just a fact that they got themselves in those situations? (And yes, I know there are black communities that have struggled and have been raised in broken homes.

But you know what? I was raised by one parent in a family of six. I’m no better than you but we struggled too! Millions of white American’s have) But most white American’s don’t walk around with a chip on our shoulder or want to shove "our bling" in your face, or call you stupid names, or expect that the country and black people owe us something.

How am I supposed to react to the dozens of riots I’ve witnessed in my life time, that were started by (some) black people? White people have been dealt lousy hands over the years too, but I don’t recall any white people starting riots and burning down cities and looting local merchants that are in the community “supporting” those communities. How should I react to recently hearing the black lady on t.v. saying that she’s here to get some money from Obama, but doesn’t know where the money is coming from...doesn't care where it comes from, but that’s she loves him and that’s why she voted for him?? OR another black women on the t.v. saying now she won’t have to worry about buying gas for her car, or groceries, or paying her rent, because Obama is here is to save the day? For one thing folks... He's NOT going to save the day, and more importantly EVERYONE SHOULD PAY THEIR OWN WAY! Not wait for or expect handouts.

And it’s not because “he’s” black folks, (and he’s not..he’s mulatto) that’s not why I don’t like the guy at all. But since we’re going political, everyone knows that the Democrats have used the black American communities for decades, in keeping them repressed and on welfare, and not fix the problems of crime and other infrastructure issues within your communities. (And white people live there too, and have also been on welfare for generations). But unfortunately, those generations and communities who have grown accustom to and chosen their lifestyles as they are, have always “thought” Oooo, bad Republicans and white leaders are prejudice and racists and are holding us back. I know there are bad white people, ok? I get it. But it seems to me that every American has the right to (maybe some don’t have the ability or the will) to change their life and make something of it, make it better…AND MILLIONS HAVE.

Besides people like David Duke and others, white leaders and Republicans in general haven’t been keeping anyone down. They may want capitalism and wealth, but they don’t disqualify any black and white lower class from doing something positive with their lives. Democrats make “their personal” millions and wealth from passing laws and programs that fund the handouts, welfare, low income housing bills, etc, by controlling these programs and the money, and keep the lower class where they are by making them think they’re doing them a favor. It’s true folks. I’m sorry, but the current administration doesn’t “care” about you…or me. They care about controlling the money, the country, and we the people. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “say” they care about black American’s, perhaps they do, I don’t know because I’m not them and I’m not black. But just think about this, if there was no repression, no third and fourth generation welfare, and a large portion of the black communities didn’t feel prejudice and being able to Cry “racism” when McDonalds runs out of Chicken McNuggets, or when a white Senator shouts out “liar” to the President, then these two guys wouldn’t have a job any more, would they?

And by the way, I’ll ask again, where was Mr Sharpton when young Derrion Albert was brutally murdered on his way home from school, in Chicago Sept 24th 2009? I didn't see or hear from him on this tragedy, but I do remember him grandstanding the Michael Jackson funeral. And he's a person that many black American's "look too"?

I asked you… How am I supposed to feel about some things that are INTENTIONALLY offensive to me and many white Americans? I’d like to ask if you know who Abraham Lincoln was? How about John Brown? Well, while many of you are calling me and other white Americans “racist” I’ll tell ya, John Brown was a "white" anti slavery activist back in 1859 who was hated by many white southerners and confederates, and he was mobbed and hanged for being against slavery. I’m pretty sure you “know what Mr. Lincoln (who was white) did”, and he was shot by a white guy who wanted slavery. Not all whites are against blacks... And vice versa.

If George Bush was another white leader holding back the black people in America, can you explain Colin Powell, the 65th U.S. Secretary of State AND who also served as White House Fellowship in 1972 for Richard Nixon, AND also General Powell was also Ronald Regan’s National Security Advisor in 1987? How about Condoleezza Rice, the 66th U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to the Bush Administration?

Did you EVEN know that Africa begged and pleaded the Clinton administration to send vaccines and money to help stop the AIDS epidemic that was killing some 50,000 people but the Democratic President did nothing to help? Did you know that President George Bush sent 15 billion dollars for AIDS relief to Africa in 2003, and then even doubled it to 30 billion over a five year period? Did you know that he was the only U.S. President to contribute and be dedicated to fighting the desease? Probably not. Instead you might just think that he turned his back on blacks when Hurricane Katrina hit. No...he didn't. And no, he isn't a racist. If he was prejudice or racist, why would he have cared about black Africans dying? What would he have to gain? He didn't recieve a Nobel Peace Prize... But should have. Yet, there are (some) black public figures who claim that "the white man" invented AIDS to kill off blacks...

I ask you folks, when will you take the time to research and find the facts, find the truths that not all white people are racist, and ask yourself "why" and "who" (What is it?) that made you believe that repression is just a way of life? Of course there have been some great black American's who have fought for your rights and equality...but they had a lot of help from white American's too throughout the years too. And we don't have or need a "White Pride Day" or week, or whatever... because for the most part folks... "We" are proud Americans, period. No colors...just American's.

Folks… I know there is animosity between blacks and whites in America. I know there have been many black Americans that have fought for both blacks and whites as well there have been many white Americans who’ve done the same. I think today there is more racism from black American’s towards whites, and I ask…”Why?” "What is it?" What good does it serve you? What good does it serve a white person? All of America has much bigger problems with our government and the REAL threats against ALL OF US.

National Security should be priority One. Our economy priority Two. And “fixing” our health care system, NOT COMPLETELY changing it and giving it to the government...but fixing the problems within the best health care system in the World should be priority Three. We have a lot of work to do on our social climate too... But it's a two way street. If me and "my posse" of fellow white American’s are racists and keeping the black man down, explain all of the black mayors and governors and senators across the nation. Explain all of the black teachers, and celebrities, and successful business men and women, and all of the bosses and co-workers, lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. Explain the (half) “black” President, who by the way folks... black people weren’t the only American’s who voted him into office. Can you please explain all of these people?

Can you explain me, and other white people?? Can you explain yourself and other black people? And you call me “Stuck on Stupid”?… Anyone who is prejudice or racists in this country are fighting the wrong fight.


The Griper said...

wow, a small book. hope you had enough water to distinquish the flames that resulted from so much typing. lol

"Racism…. It seems “exclusive” to America, and its history and its present day."

nahhh its not rxclusive to us. we have just been a natuion that is not afraid of airing out the dirty laundry. its a sign of the openness that is found in this nation. something not to be ashamed of but something to be proud of in this world of closed monogamous societies. that is what Obama has spent his time apologizing for ever since he was elected.

exclusive, nah its a sign where people can declare their grievances without fearing the consequences. that is what Obama is apologizing for since he was elected.

we may be or may have been a nation that have discrimated against a certain race but we have never been a nation that has tried to exterminate that race as some nations some have sought to do in the past. it has never been as is not an advocate of it now while others are advocating now.

in fact, right now i no longer think the term racism applies anymore. victimism has replaced it.

Conscious Observer said...

I know it was a long read folks. It still didn’t say anything new or old or of any resolve, but it “IS” an important issue to our country as a people and can’t be limited to 4 or 5 paragraphs.

We are a people…ALL OF US. We are American’s, and as a nation should pull together… not against each other.

The reason for this comment is, while reading other blogs, I found one called (which is a heartfelt and really nice web site/blog) and within it I found a web site called Black Americans for Real Change with a good web site at And it shows a video of William Owens Jr. at the “Values Voters Summit 2008”, and also has his book introduction “Obama, Why Black America Should Have Doubts”, posted on their web site, for those of you who might think that “I” don’t like Barack Obama just because he’s black.

There ARE real reasons to question our current administration, and real reason why we should band together as a nation, not separate ourselves as a black and white race.

Blair said...

Racism is an ideology where the collective replaces the individual. Instead of addressing "you" specificially, it's "you people". It's on talk radio a lot. "You conservatives" are racist in general. Therefore you are racist. If some or most members of the group are this or that way, then so are you. The sword cuts both ways when you realize you are just a member of a group as well. And liberals are far more racist hence the constant blaming of some other group.

I disagree with Jesse Jackson that blacks are subhuman and incapable of racism and the full range of vices and virtues available to all humans.

How does the victim mentality sustain itself? Welfare, food stamps, social security, medicare, and on and on. Your subsistence is taken care of so you can afford to blame everybody else. The checks keep coming even if you are resentful and uncivil. In a capitalist economy, you would have to adjust your attitude or you would starve.

Rational Nation USA said...

A subject that certainly requires significant time and thought given to it.

Many good points made in this post and should serve as food for thought to all..

The link below provides some commentary relevant to this discussion