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Let's see... The Economy, The War, Health Care, Teen Violence, or The Olympics

Today is Oct 6, 2009. I realize that I’m not a news reporter or major media political news source. I do “observe”, and take it in, do some research most of the time, and then decide if I should comment, or write. I do try to find ways or reasons to NOT bag on our President. To “not” seem disrespectful, or bloviating before a fact. I really do try to hear and think with a VERY opened mind…

Since I started blogging, my computer has been acting buggy. It’s always been prone to being buggy or “a bit klugey” as I’ve heard before, as well as susceptible to internet bugs. I only noted it because lately (hmmmm…) it‘s been an everyday effort to run virus scans which delays from my time to write, and then post to my blog. While I’m proofing my posts in a Word Document, I’ll get nearly all the way through it and go to make a save and then a window pops up and say Warning, this file is a “read only”. I’VE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN BEFORE on my computer folks. Can you say big brother?? Thank YOU Lord for the pen and paper!

I may be going crazy, but I hope that you aren’t too! Try to hold on America. Never give up!

I haven’t seen much if any, of our President on television since around last Friday. (Not counting the White House stage production of General Hospital, that is) Have any of you? I’m a little concerned… Where is he?? I don’t want to start (van-jonesing) for “the one”, but I’m worried. He’s ALWAYS on t.v., especially these last couple of weeks, with the U.N. show, and with Iran announcing that they have a new Nuclear power plant, and the G-20 meeting that he attended and “had to tell us about” at 5:15 pm on Friday night Sept 25th… Hmmmm….indeed.

The President flew to Copenhagen and we haven’t heard from him since the lab coats were being passed out at the White House. I was sad for his ego when he was basically thrown out of the Olympic FIRST voting rounds… sort of… Um… Nahhh! I wasn’t really. And it’s a shame because as an American patriot, you want to cheer for the President and for the country. For example the Olympic Games. Sure everyone watches them and they have been a world tradition that began in good spirit way back when. I’m not sure how they became tainted along the way, but still a sight to behold for nations to support and be proud of their athletes.

I do remember having the Olympics here and feeling like it was a pretty big deal. But with the economy the way it is now, it’s just not a good time to host them here. Let’s observe the tarnished situation and questionable corrupt involvement in and out of Chicago in present time. Let’s dig further into the location the games were slotted to be held at, the mayor of that city, and the ties to the White House. The whole idea was very shady, at best. My red flags started going up as soon as I heard B.O. was going to fly to Copenhagen to bid on having the games in Chicago.

The very first thing that I thought of was, wait a minute… Um, we’ve got an awful lot on our plates in this country right now, a lot of unrest revolving around a non transparent administration (verses what was promised to us), there’s a major crisis with unemployment at all time highs, and one can’t help but think this was a diversion attempt to somehow take our minds off of these issues…take our eye off the ball, as it were. (Smoke and Mirrors…”Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!) And then I thought about all of the White House ties to Chicago and the various notorious players that would profit or benefit having the games here, one way or another. (Corruption and conflicts of interest… A LOT OF IT FOLKS…DIG IN INTO IT)

And then I thought about this President’s ego and arrogant persona, that he thinks by the virtue of just being “him”, that the International Olympic Games Committee would be in awe and just hand him the game schedule, like magic! (Like a Messiah…or something) These thoughts all rushed through my mind within just a few seconds…

And then I thought, Are you serious?! Our General that’s commanding our brave soldiers on the battle field in Afghanistan that “you” assigned to the task, just asked you for additional troops to overturn a losing war, and you just knee jerk decided to fly to Denmark???!! Are you serious? Are you that arrogant and inept in being able to truly lead this country, so you just thought this would impress everyone to go and “convince” the world to have the Olympic Games in your old home town, “because you’re you”? Did you already pop the champagne corks and giving high fives and “bumps” to the corrupt Chicago politicians and the corrupt real estate developers and their contractors, and tell them…I’ll be right back!?!?!

And then I thought, let me get this straight B.O., you had the audacity to embarrass the dignity of being the President of the United States, by butting your nose into the lawful arrest of a Massachusetts University Professor because he happened to be black, and the arresting officer was white. And then you told the country (and the world) that the police department acted “stupidly”? And then to further degrade the office of the President you thought it’d be a great idea for you to have these two men involved come to the White House FOR A BEER?? You displayed biased opinion without the facts, based on a “black” man being questioned by a GOOD “white” cop, for trying to break into a house. The house did turn out to be the Professor’s home yes, but then he proceeded to taunt the officer by saying “Don’t you know who I am?” And threatening to take action for harassing him because he happened to be black, which ultimately lead to his arrest. His “blackness” didn’t cause his arrest…his mouth and attitude did. FOR NOT SHUTTING THE HELL UP! And there were two officers on the scene, who also happened to be black, that didn’t seem to have any sort of “racial problem”, let alone thinking “Well this should go all the way to the White House for review, and have everyone just calm down”.

And the ONLY REASON why I thought about the beer fest folks, was because only just about a week before the President decided to “catch up to his wife and the delegates she took to address the Olympic Committee” … (USING TWO SEPARATE JETS TO FLY THERE), that we didn’t hear a word from B.O. about the Honor Student Derrion Albert, who was beaten to death on his way home from school, who happened to be black and was MURDERED by four other young men, who also happened to be black, back on Sept 24th! ! ! Not a word. Not one stinking word from him or the White House on this tragedy and senseless brutal beating in the streets of South Chicago. (SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS POST)

But instead of getting involved in this much more serious and heinous incident than the Massachusetts arrest of a “black” Harvard Professor, HERE IS WHAT BARACK CHOSE TO DO … “Oh I know! I’ll jump on Air Force One, cost the tax payers a ton of money without blinking an eye, and go and WOW the Olympic Committee, AND the world AND America… and I will be a HERO!” And we’ll make a lot of money and “friends”, on the back end of the whole deal! The war can wait. The troops..nahh…they can wait. The kids beaten the hell out of each other and killing themselves in the streets…oh well, can I do about it? That’s why I’ve got Acorn. But when “I”… the one who is blessed… according to my name bring home the Gold, everyone will love me and we’ll be able to slide this health care bill through like butter! Ahhh….it’s good to be me….I’m a fricken genius!

EDITORS NOTE; To the person who was video recording this young man being murdered, and eye witnessing the civil unrest and violence, HOW COULD YOU RECORD THIS BUT COULDN’T BOTHER DIALING 911, you dumbass?! Shouldn’t that person be held accountable, or an accessory to murder, or a crime? And where the hell were the police during all of this mayhem and gang fighting? From what the video showed, it looked like the situation had been going on for quite some time by the time this youth was murdered.

DO YOU SEE AMERICA?? Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Whites, Blacks, Christians, Jews, Atheists?? Do you see how this President “thinks”?? You’re right! HE DOESN’T!! Look at the facts from his schedule during that two week period, and keep in mind his “RUSH” to a “P.R. OPPORTUNITY” back in July regarding the Massachusetts incident!

You can’t call me a racists or a right wing bitter, on these facts about “your guy” Obama followers. He picks and chooses the issues and photo ops that suit his needs. HIS EEEGO!! Get it? NOT THE NEEDS OF YOU THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED HIM, LET ALONE AMERICA. Just like HE DID when he would vote “Present” as a U.S. Senator. He thought he would stir the pot calling for the BEER FEST at the White House while standing up for Black America, and trying to dupe the media and the American people that he wanted to close racial gaps (Even though in the end, everyone “including him” leaned toward the side of the arresting white cop Sgt Jim Crowley), AND THEN he kisses the world’s butt at the U.N. assembly, AND THEN he ignores Derrion Albert being beaten to DEATH in Barack’s home town (because it wasn’t going to make him and his cronies any money) AND THEN he decides to first fly his wife in one jet, and then fly himself in a second jet to Denmark, during the worst economy the U.S. has seen in decades, thinking “NOT TRYING FOLKS, HE REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS AUTOMATIC” that he would come back with the Olympics being held in Chicago (because it WOULD have made him and his cronies a lot of money). It’s not only absurd folks…IT OBSCENE.

Update note; Today, on Oct 7th, thirteen days after this young boy, this mother’s SON, this American “hopeful”, was senselessly killed in Chicago, The White House finally sends Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder to Chicago to meet with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and school officials to discuss youth violence. Holder was quoted TODAY Oct 7th as saying, “This is a STARK wake up call”. Excuse me Mr. Attorney General, what?? Did you keep hitting the snooze alarm since Sept 24th when this innocent young American was actually murdered?? The news release says the White House brought a half of million dollars as a gift for after school youth programs in the Chicago inner cities. I’m sure that makes the Albert family feel a lot better. I’m sorry. I can’t help think that not only did the Obama’s and friends give that money to Daley because they promised him Olympics in his city, but the White House needs to prioritize. And while perhaps the monetary gesture was good and well, are they going to keep going around to ALL of the urban neighborhoods throughout the U.S. and give “gifts” to everyone of all the other youths that have been senseless victims of crime in their cities? A little too less, a little too late B.O. My heart goes out to the family and the friends of Derrion Albert.

Some of my blogs are long… but there is passion and fury in some of them. Where is the outcry from the black communities on this? Where is this Al Sharpton and The American Civil Liberties Union on this tragic, horrific , violent act against this innocent human being?

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