Thursday, October 29, 2009


HAS THE EXPERIMENT WITH DEMOCRACY FAILED? “Someone recently suggested to me that the experiment of democracy in America has failed. The premise was that if that were not the case, why would so many be willing to accept a new experiment with socialism? I’m not confident that the argument has much validity, but if it does I ask whose fault it is. It’s probably yours and mine.” From the posted blog commentary on …

(I think this man should run for office in some capacity) Please do check out his blog.
Here is my response comment below;

In a big nutshell David, everything you write is truth in action. We did bring this on ourselves. Between the massive moral decline, the bleeding heart groups, our youth keeping an eye on European fashion, culture, music, and video games, the internet, reality shows, super sized everything, American parents “giving” them hot cars and clothes, and being allowed to challenge and disrespect elders and those of authority, and everybody suing each other, welfare generations “thriving” (adding further disrespect and moral absence), our open armed border and immigration “generosity”, our international trade policies, our societies by and large “lack of hard work ethics and integrity”, (our American workforce thinking the company owes them something rather than being proud of their job and employer…and it’s product) our politicians that have become more and more self absorbed with corrupt greasing the palm mentality, our government barely and rarely doing anything about our own homeless population, rampant crime in gang crimes hate crimes white collar crimes and the acceptance of moral crimes, the baby boomers I, Me, Mine selfish “I deserve something for nothing” attitude, and the undeniable LACK of patriotism in large numbers of our citizens…well…

We overshot the whole Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy model and have forgotten what it all stands for and how hard we’ve worked to shape it. And have recklessly taken it all for granted right up to where we are now. We have eaten all the cake…and now want more. But the oven is broke, the baker had to close up shop… and the hordes now hoard the crumbs they’ve found that fell off the plate. The lack of patriotism is “key” in much if not all, of this failure.

It is a contemporary America now, and by over shooting the founding principles and becoming NOT “principled enough” any longer, we’ve become too greedy and selfish…and lazy. The old barn building community days are long gone. The banding together for the greater good is unspoken. The united prayer to do good, and be good, and give thanks humbly, is all stupid and pointless to today’s America. I’m busy, I have places to go, no time for you, let alone to watch where our country is headed, or who is eager to let us (or help us) fall.

And to those who think being a patriot is only about war and military, think again. Supporting your troops is part of it, but it’s about the love for your country, for your freedom, your liberties, and democracy. Not just love for yourself. Without “you” there wouldn’t be a “me”, and vice versa.

And America is losing its love for "her", and the respect and admiration from other countries around the world. YA' BETTER THINK ABOUT YOUR LIBERTIES AND DEMOCRACY FOLKS! You may say you want "change" but what are you willing to give up...for it??

I join with and CHEER for those who are smart enough, and brave enough to try to stay in bounds with zero time outs remaining, the clock runnning down in this our fourth quarter, with the slight chance of crossing the goal line and going ahead to win the game. To win our country back with hard team work, determination, and with prayer.

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23eagle said...

Wow. Right ON! You hit it exactly!
"Eaten all the cake and now we want more." Of course, we couldn't BAKE more cake....that would hurt our "self-esteem." We DESERVE everything we want, for free and NOW!

I have some teenagers related to me and some friend on my facebook and so much of the time what I hear is "I can't BELIEVE Mom won't buy me a new iphone!" ...after she bought a car, pays for the gas, provides food, shelter and clothing. And you can't blame them. It's what they are being taught in school. How are they going to know any different if the parents mistakenly believe that they are being taught there instead of indoctrinated in lunacy and destroyed?