Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I’m sorry kids. We just can’t afford it right now. We love you and hope you’ll trust us and work with us as a team. As a family unit. America too…is a family.

Written on Oct 5, 8:20 pm
How many families can relate to and “understand” trying to work within a budget while doing their very best to continue to provide, keep food on the table, keep a home, keep their kids on the right track, and… somehow maintain “their own” morals and dignity? I’m guessing, many.

I’m guessing (and living in it) that millions of parents/grandparents here and all over the world, bust their butts, lose sleep at night, feel the strain of providing for their families, which puts tremendous strain and pressure on their very relationships and marriages, to just keep…their lives…going. It doesn’t matter what color or nationality or political party or religious belief you come from (or with). It applies to everyone.

Everyone who wants or plans on a future cannot blow off what’s happening all around them and “pretend” that everything is and will be just fine. (Not be a family that uses smoke and mirrors, and continuously “Robs from Peter to pay Paul”). It does happen with “some of us” in our worlds, and it also is avoided at all costs by “some of us” in our worlds. Those who allow it to happen blatantly and recklessly, I feel shameful for. (Your day is coming, friend) Those who allow it in “hoping” one day everything straightens out, well… I guess hope is better than being a fool, but that’s still a gamble. (Your day is coming friend, and I hope for the best). Those who SEE, and ACCEPT, recognizing that something is very wrong, and do whatever they can to avoid selling their souls, are aware and observe and STAND UP for what they know is righteous, “You” have the best chance of all. And we will all owe you our gratitude, one day. “You” will be the ones who hold the moral and hard working ethical fibers of our society together. We can’t keep spending money that we don’t we have. One day the fairy tale notion or arrogant ignorance, will find ourselves hitting a stone wall. The well will be dry. And don’t plan to count on any government assistant programs to pick you up. They won’t be there.

Like “it” or NOT… NOW is “your time” folks, more than ever in your entire lives, NOW is the time to humble up. Observe what’s going on. Embrace your families, your kids, your husbands and your wives, and…PRAY. Where else can you go with what’s happening today? Your credit limits? Your home’s equity? Your parent’s money? Your Government? Are you serious?? There’s only one place, and like it or not, that place is God. DO NOT just roll over and “wish” for the lottery or your government to save you and save your family and your marriage and save your bank account and save your life styles. (Hoping to save your very safety and preserve your life and liberty) God hears prayers. God wants us to find happiness. God doesn’t want any of us to suffer. But he has given each and every one of us the gift of life, a mind, a heart, a soul, and the gift includes our ability to think and make choices.

PLEASE! PLEASE! Ask yourself HONESTLY, if you as a family, relying on a paycheck and whatever other income you have access to, means that counts on the sun coming up tomorrow and to trust that your families will be safe and that you’ll have food to eat and a place to go home to and rest at the end of tomorrow… Then how on earth... folks, can we believe in and RELY ON our current government with everything that has been taking place since last November (and longer). How can we possibly feel like “everything is still, and WILL be just wonderful”??? LOOK AT THE SPENDING THIS ADMINISTRATION IS BLOWING THROUGH. Like a family that just keeps Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, like a family that is financially running themselves into the ground with no concern about tomorrow!!

Don’t just focus on just the health care, the bail outs, the “lacks a daisy” attention to our military’s requests to the President about the war in Afghanistan and our overall national security. (Read my blog on MISSILE DEFENSE and then read WAR OR PEACE PLEASE) These very important issues are only the tip of the ice berg. LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING. YOU….YES YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE FINANCIALLY AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ADMINSTRATION’S SPENDING THROUGH PAYING TAXES! THROUGH OUR ECONOMY COLLAPSING. AND LIKE THAT STONE WALL, ONCE IT HAPPENS THERE WILL BE NO WHERE TO GO… OUR COUNTRY WILL BE AT THE MERCY OF OUR ENEMIES. (Well I guess at least it won’t be this government running our lives when that time comes…maybe) I’m sure many think I’m onboard as a war monger…NO! I want our country to survive and I’m very concerned that if our LEADER BARACK OBAMA doesn’t ramp up, MAN UP, and show some leadership in CLEAR AND DELIBERATE EXAMPLE THAT HE WILL DEFENED THIS COUNTRY to the rest of the world, then WE ALL HAVE NO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. OR ANY HOPE TO JUST…KEEP…OUR LIVES…GOING.

There are too many ties to the roots of the hand picking selection process of this Presidents cabinet members and Czars. Don’t “hope” and be entranced in a fantasy that this President and our government will answer all of your fears and obstacles. LOOK at the many, very, hidden agendas that not only are setting us up for failure, but include social restructuring, repression, big government greed, big government control, driving our freedom and our liberties to being diminished and intended for complete extinction of THOSE LIBERTIES. Please friends, don’t think that doubling and tripling America’s deficit, and taking over our banks and the auto industry, and our health care industries, is not a “platform” for bringing our country and its people, to our knees.

A “good” leader would tell Congress, and tell the Democratic Party, “Sorry, but we can’t afford it right now. I hope you trust us and will work with us as a team. Work together to preserve our country and steer it away from the tail spin it’s currently in”. Unfortunately folks… We don’t have a “good leader”. The American people of all colors, all nationalities, and all creeds, MUST open their eyes and their ears and admit what they’re seeing. Admit that they’re scared and concerned. It’s not as “simple” as Republican verses Democrat. White verses Black. Non believers verses believers. I almost wish it was that simple. The man that was elected to lead the country and the people that he has surrounded himself with in power DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, OR ABOUT ME. If you love your family, and I hope love your country for everything it has given you and if you value the freedoms and liberties that you take for granted every day, take the time to read about where this President came from and the people that he aspired to be like, and helped him get to where he is today. And then look at the Democratic Party that is in power at the White House, in Congress, in the Senate, and put them all together.

I understand if you’re a democrat and support some or all of your party’s political beliefs. I understand the same if you’re a republican. The same if you’re an independent. We can disagree on things all day long, and that’s what America is all about…democracy, a freedom of choice. This President has much deeper plans than "any one party" can try to sell him. And he does and will use whichever plans that help him to get what “he wants”. You can call me a racist, I can call you one back. You can call me right wing, and I can call you left. But what neither of us can do, is ignore what’s happening in our country. Neither of us can ignore where Barack Obama and his wife come from. What their beliefs are. What their teachers have taught them. The people and organizations that have helped him and them helping back, to get to where they ALL are, today folks. In the White House….

Like parents telling their families we can’t afford it right now. Trust us. Work with us as a unit…as a family. America too is a family, and the people who are in charge are ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL. And my fellow American’s… The rest of the world is sitting back watching it happen. Please remember that not “everybody” in the world likes America. Please remember it. Please stand up. PRAY. Pray for your strength and courage to seek the truth, and to ask for answers.

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