Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Conspiracy Theory

Again folks, I really do try to not give in to these played up theories… really. However, conspiracies are reality and do occur. Whereas theories are thoughts that use pieces and elements, that may or not be applicable. These are pieces of the September time line and events that relate to each other, that make me wonder. A planned “coincidence”?

1. In remembrance, New York, Pennsylvania , and OUR Pentagon building in Virginia, USA, were ALL attacked on Sept 11th 2001 by the Muslim radical terrorists Al-Qaeda

2. The 64th session of the United Nations Council is scheduled to be held in New York, USA beginning on Sept 15, 2009 (FYI…The U.N. Secretary General “Ban Ki-moon” will be up for re-election in 2011 Mr. B. O. You might want to get your acceptance speech together soon. You can blow off the remainder of your Presidency just after three years into it, like you did as a U.S. Senator, and continue to pursue your dream of being the “World’s Leader”, and keep working your way up to God. The way the world is forgetting about and turning their backs to God, at this rate you just might win that election too)

3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the U.N. He doesn’t hold back on historical facts about the holocaust, and denounces the political powers in Iran who are rapidly developing Nuclear and long range missile technology, and who argue that the holocaust never happened in refusing to accept a Jewish state.

4. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses the U.N. He continues his defiance towards the west, calling out against the coalition of “Zionist” powers and their control of the world’s finances and its war provoking machine. He continues to provoke, threaten, ridicule and denounce Israel. Many delegates and leaders walk out of the meeting.

5. This guy Najibullah Zazi is arrested in Colorado on Sept 19th in connection with an ongoing Federal investigation regarding plans to “attack” American citizens in New York and Texas (for starters). The evidence continues to mount, and proves that this was the real deal. That this guy along with additional terrorist suspects that were helped by training and support from Al-Qaeda , studied and researched and cultivated the attack, the means, and the “Timing” to carry out a diabolical plan to kill you and me, here in America.

6. A Day of Islamic Unity takes place in Washington, D.C. Sept 25. Some 50,000 Muslims march on Capitol Hill in demonstration and prayer “aimed” at America and the west.

7. Sept 26-27th Iran conducts Military exercises and shows the world (in particular Israel and America) their latest long range missile capabilities. Some countries around the world speculate these exercises were deliberately conducted on this day, in continued defiance as a result from Ahmadinejad’s address to the U.N. assembly but Iran denies it, saying the exercises were already scheduled.(This theory agrees that it was already planned)

8. Iran sends a letter to the U.N. Security Council on Sept 21st advising them of their newest Nuclear power plant that is now up and running and will contain 3000 centrifuges to produce uranium. The facility was first discovered under the Bush administration during the construction phase several years ago, and Iran was put on alert to abide by the the guidelines of the U.N. resolution to stop making enriched uranium in 2006, and to further advise the council and the International Atomic Energy Agency “BEFORE” any power plants are activated. Iran CLEARY violated the resolutions. Like a little child, with a “Make me” attitude of defiance. AND NOTE; The President, and the rest of the U.N. Security Council ALL knew about the letter and this reactor becoming operational BEFORE the U.N. assembly was held this past week. But nobody mentioned it during any of their speeches. Ahmadinejad in a back handed mild threat, told OUR President, the French President and the Prime Minister of Britain that if they made the announcement as planned, it would be “a mistake”. The three leaders did however make the announcement on Sept 25. I’d like to know… WHO’S IN CHARGE AROUND HERE!?!? Where’s my George Bush when we need him? Just think about it and the ramifications in all of this folks.

If these events (that DID take place) within this “conspiracy theory” are true, then it does make me wonder and leads me to believe this was well thought out by Iran and whoever else is helping them. I think the only part of the plan that fell apart was the arrest of Najibullah Zazi. It probably really pissed off Ahmadinejad. I think America was scheduled to be attacked again on or around the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, or perhaps immediately after the U.N. assembly convened on the last day. In typical Iranian or terroristic fashion, once again… sloppy, but still very lethal. We get attacked, it shows our vulnerabilities on our soil, the U.N. “talent show” is going on in New York, Iran has an alibi while their president is giving us the finger, the Muslim world displays “how peaceful” they really are in D.C., and then Iran seals the deal with their announcement of a new Nuke facility and a show of their military strength and threat.

I’m “probably” way off. But I don’t think that far off. It was as though the entire past two weeks have been one big stage production for Iran. And right here on our American turf. I pray that this was all coincidence and even if it is America, I feel like we were duped and bought the whole thing hook line and sinker. The Middle East is probably laughing their butts off at us. I’m a little upset with our President that we seem to have resigned our political dignity in the world community, and our steadfast show of historical military strength and reputation of never backing down, for what’s right. I still want to know, why didn’t anyone say anything directly to Iran about this new facility, when you had the chance at the U.N.?

YES, we are a peaceful country and practice diplomacy, but where’s our backbone in all of this “kind gesture” and being “a good host” and wanting to meet with bad guys with no “preconditioned terms”?? I don’t like the U.N. meetings being held in the U.S. anymore. Why can’t we move it to another country, and if we attend the next one, then we do. If we don’t, we don’t. It doesn’t mean we won’t participate in seeking peace and freedom in the world any longer. And I guarantee you, the world and other nations that do attend U.N. meetings, will STILL look to America for hope and help and LEADERSHIP.

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