Friday, October 30, 2009


           I understand how it affects every one of us, and it’s either about to radically change… (and potentially, likely), change our country. I know I am against what I’ve heard so far, and DO NOT agree with a few Senators meeting in a locked room to write a bill, a SIGNIFICANT BILL OF RIGHTS FOLKS…”A…LAW”. You think there are too many laws or unfavorable ones “now” guys? Please think about this…

           I will post on this very important issue. I know I dispute “my” government controlling (what we do with our bodies and our needs or use of medical care), all for and about a price tag, and what “they” can benefit from. And I would also like to study our health care history a bit more before posting on it.

           I know of the Democratic Party “historically” wanting to change our nation’s health care, throughout the past 3 almost 4 decades. Wow...Think about that for a tic… For some of the last 35 years, the Democratic Party, has been “wanting”, and devising that reform.

All the while, our nation has both led and followed the greatest science and new medicine evolutions of our time. I think every Dems or Repubs, or Indies, have grown to appreciate the health care that is in our system when it comes to emergency room visits, and their personal or internal doctor visits. But from Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, The Clintons and now Obama’s, it’s looking like old Teddy may have his way after all. Well let's have a drink then... (Uh...It's ok Ted...I'll catch a cab, thanks.)

           I will say at least, from what I “do understand”, I am in favor of dialing in the current system and propping up Medicare, and I understand that millions of Americans do not have health insurance, which has always baffled me. But I do not agree with our government penalizing us for “not” having it. I do not agree to force private insurance companies out of business via public options or single pay plans, when the obvious, ridiculously “simple” solution would be to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. That baffles me as well. I have a sort of understanding about insurance regulations from state to state, but think they should be allowed to offer coverage anywhere in America.

           Perhaps it falls in line with the current administration’s plan to break up giant conglomerations in every industry, to begin their redistribution of wealth agenda? Which I don’t agree with at all. This is still America (for now), and if Company “X” has a bigger better product or service, and it’s what the public/consumers want, then “we” should be allowed to buy it, period. Not to take advantage of American’s by price gouging, as with some of the phone companies and telecoms a few years ago. Again… I agree there should be some laws and standards regulation to protect us the consumer. But NO company should be held back from success by any government. That’s “socialism” folks. So is government health care. PLEASE take a moment to read the comments below.


Bob Qat said...

Those millions without health care are like me... too young to have serious health problems, so why take on the expense of insurance.

You may wish to note Mr Obama's plans do not recognize the healthy. Everyone will be forced to buy health care insurance. Those who exercise and take care of themselves will be screwed in the mix.

Oh, wait... did I say everyone? I should say all of us commoners. The Royal Democreeps in control of the government are exempted. They get gold plated health care for free.

American Soldiers Wife said...

Chris, I got your message, I am not sure who is running in CA, but am checking on it for you. I will be checking on the quality of who is running. I have family there. In reference to Bob Qat, that is why it is why we need to be very proactive in getting the right people in there to represent us. I know that Cong. Jack Kingston is fighting for people who are in the very predicament you are in Bob. Good luck to you. God bless you all. American Soldiers Wife

Conscious Observer said...

You're right Bob Qat. Politicians don't give a crap what we have or don't.

And everyone should have the right to have insurance or not. And I do see the argument that people who have insurance that their premiums reflect from those who don't, unless those who don't, can whip out a credit card and pay their bill before leaving the ER, the cost has to come from somewhere. And in light of such debate, there's still no denying that America has THE BEST health care systems, bar none.

I see your point bud. I was young once too and the last thing I was going to waste my money on... was insurance. But you do see the point in the value of it right? I'd rather pay a $20 co-pay than the full $500 in the ER, and even if I pay $25 a month for coverage, I'm still better off than paying the whole bill. Especially if I have to go to the ER more than once, or need surgery from moto-crossing or football, softball, snowboarding, etc.

It wasn't until I started having kids that I thought, Oh wow, I need some insurance for my wife and two daughters!

I still don't believe anyone should be penalized. And what I meant by being baffled is the same as being baffled that we have homeless Americans. No one should be homeless in America, and no one should not have medical insurance in case they get hurt or sick or pregnant. OR maybe the better way to say it is, no should be denied treatment.

But I know when I say could seem like I'm calling for government health care. Medicare is something that was supposed to both supplement retired American's insurance and provide insurance for seniors and reitrerees who have none.

But it does have it draw backs in service, and appts, and not being able to chose a doctor. And unfortunately that system is broken and has been taken advantage of and hasn't been managed to it's fullest by the right people. This is why I said that I want to study the history of health care before trying to write something conscious about it.

I do see "this administration" wanting to let Medicare fail which would hurt the older people the most. (Hence "pulling the plug on granny") And I don't agree with that at all.

I don't know enough about all of it, and there are many factors to both sides of the debate.

Thanks, Jeff