Sunday, November 1, 2009

VIVA AMERICA-Tribute to our Military

This is my YouTube video (slide show) "Viva America!". The third version of the video which is a tribute to our very brave men and women in uniform. I..."WE" can't ever thank them enough for their protection and their very love for our country. I wrote the song back in 1985 when one day it just hit me how much we have in our country, and how we not only take things for granted, but the mere fact...that we CAN take things for granted (even though we shouldn't)...BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA!!

WE ARE THE GREATEST nation on the planet. Either get use to it, and praise it PROUDLY...defend it with fury, show some respect to her and us... "WE THE PEOPLE" and our Mighty Military, and do your job THAT WE PAY YOU FOR ......Barack...


You don't get "this" photo op. It isn't about you this time...This is about the very people who protect you and your family and your freedom and your constitution. And mine too! Either you're an American citizen AND PRESIDENT who loves your country... or you're not!. Your photo op is on the the second version entitled "Viva America! Pre-Election", which features YOU refusing to place your hand over your heart during the pledge of allegiance to our flag). It's no wonder why you've left the guys hanging in Afghanistan.

Sorry...but YOU had your chance to show them the respect they DESERVE during your campaign, but you blew them off on your visit to Iraq and instead...went for the photo op at "the wounded's" hospital...remember?? You bet you remember! WE...remember and so do our armed forces.

George Bush showed them all "the respect" they deserve and displayed bigger balls GUTS, then you or any other President has ever had, when he landed on the carrier in the Gulf, in a fighter jet! Did it cost the tax payers? Hell yes! But that was a REAL stimulus and you can't buy that kind of moral support for the troops. And YOU don't get it B.O. (Sit down Mr. Clinton...Your idea of balls are completely different. Not to mention what happened in Somalia on your watch and the subsequent letting Bin Laden walk, when you had the chance. Thanks for the $$$ surplus here at home, really...But I'm surprised that you managed to do that, while taking advantage of interns)

If anyone is interested, like I said above, (not that it's "some great song" folks) but I wrote this about 24 years ago, but back then it referenced the Soviet Union rather than Iran in the last verse. Nothing else has changed in it except now (my "older" vocals), and the newer recording, that we were trying to get out before the 2008 elections. Other than that, I loved my country then, I love my country now, and I'll love my country from Heaven if it is God's will.


American Soldiers Wife said...

Hey there, I would sure like to hear this song, but I still can't seem to open it. I have been having issues with my PC since Axelrod hacked into it. lol. Thanks for all that you do! God bless.

Deep Roots in Tough Times said...

Very Good!! That was truely enjoyable and just goes to show that the 'good stuff' never gets old, it just gets better!

Conscious Observer said...

Thank you. Good principals run deep and never age too, and I'm thankful that my daughters are decent human beings...Hopefully, they got some of that from me and their grandparents, and vice versa.

And hang in there ASW, I computer has been weird since I began blogging. had to add some new security-anti neutrality ware, myself. : )

God Bless America and our armed forces