Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Muslim Man March on Capitol Hill

So on Sept 25, 2009, our great nation of freedom, free speech, the right to bare arms, (well own them), the right to religious freedom and our beloved liberty, once again demonstrated TO THE WORLD, some of these blessings and laws, by allowing an estimated 50,000 Muslims to march and pray on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. right where a couple of weeks prior held a 9-12 Taxpayer March. And also back in October 1995 there was the Million Man March held there. Hmmm…. I’m seeing a pattern here in our country… Can you say FREEDOM???!!!

Back in Oct of 95' the African American community had every right to go to Washington and show their unity and speak their minds. I’m guessing the majority of them were American citizens. A million strong is nothing to scoff at, and it was peaceful for the most part. I was cheering for them! For America! The 9-12 Taxpayer March attendance was roughly 60,000 people (no one seems to have the actual attendance right), nowhere as large as the Million Man March, but impressive numbers nonetheless. I’m betting the majority if not ALL of the demonstrators were American citizens here too. It too was peaceful and the event actually had zero litter and trash left behind. All three of these events were protected by the citizen’s rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration. Seems like all of the events and their organizers walked away with what they came for… To have, Their voices be heard”.

Many people were not so happy about the Muslim Day of Prayer event. It also was peaceful. The turnout was notable although, (The Million Man March blew the attendance away) and again, all were lawful and protected by the same freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration rights, we are afforded in this great country. I’m “guessing” not all of these demonstrators were American citizens. I truly don’t know. Still, “anyone” who is in our country has the right to speak out and demonstrate peacefully. That’s a pretty awesome liberty. That didn’t just come into law this year, you know. It has been the very basis of our civilization and culture in the United States.

It should NEVER be changed and we should ALL fight to preserve it, forever. I got a dozen emails protesting this prayer event. On one hand, yes they had the right to march, gather and pray. (Imagine the criticism if 60,000 “Christians” organized such an event) So, the day came and went and I don’t think there was anything “wrong” with the actual event. On my OTHER HAND, what I do question, is that as I understand what they were doing, praying for America to see their ways and beliefs. Praying that the Christian and non Christian Infidels see their peaceful way of prayer and convert to an Islamic faith.

I wasn’t thrilled that our own White House pretty much blew off our traditional National Day of Prayer , but had photo ops to welcome this event of Sept 25th. Why do our leaders today, want to appease other cultures but have become embolden to push the American people and our principals aside?

So I do completely see why people were not happy about this event. And the Muslims who attended the march should thank “us”, for the liberties that we and our country stand for and were founded on. America to this date is still one of a few countries of religious freedom. Doesn’t that say something to the rest of the world, as well as our own?

These attendees should take note of the recent violence and thug like policing in the aftermath of Iran’s presidential elections. While you’re trying to save me and freely doing it on this soil, at our capitol, notice that nobody came out and harassed you or killed you. American’s who protested this event, don’t want to become like you and “forced” to believe in what your faith believes in…And one of the biggest reasons is that we WON’T STAND for being harassed and killed in our own streets.

Ok, so we don’t believe in the same God or All Powerful Creator and Ruler. But our faith and our non believers don’t want to kill you because of this fact. Not that anyone in particular at this event wants to kill us, but the difference is that your book of gospel says so! Ours does not. At the risk of sounding disrespectful, if you don’t like how this country is AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO CHANGE FOR YOU...but yet you have no problem with our transit systems and utilities and banking and law enforcement systems (protection of our citizens), and our technology and hospital systems. Then YOU are hypocrites.

I don’t hate you… I could really care less what religion you believe in. But for the most part, you hate me because I don’t believe what you believe! In example, again… “Some” of your faith perhaps won’t allow someone with a bottle of wine to ride in their taxi cab, but I guarantee you if that same person needed an emergency life saving operation and the surgeon was a Christian, 90% of you would want their life saved and allow that surgeon to operate.

If you are the “peaceful facet” of the Muslim movement and culture, why didn’t anyone at your event “Thank the United States” and denounce calling us Infidels? Why didn’t anyone speak out against the “violent facet” of your religion and culture? Most of the world who “accepts, respects, and or allows” you to practice your faith is WAITING for you to denounce the radical elements within. And not just from one voice, you have many….

AS much as I won’t go and march on Washington to demand that you’re thrown out of this country because I AM an American and I do want peace and love and FREEDOM for ALL MANKIND, I also enjoy the liberties set forth in my country to tell YOU... If you don’t like it here…THEN LEAVE. And frankly, don’t let OUR honorable Red, White and Blue snap you on the bum like a wet towel from we proud Americans, on your way out. Thank you, and You’re welcome.

Wouldn’t that be great if not only did God reveal the One and Only "All Mighty" to the world, which would no doubt upset other religious cultures, But also that the world found out that "The Lord" is a woman too! (Talk about your Burqa's flying off!!...And yes Muslim friends....America really VALUES and RESPECTS our female counter parts!!)... And “She” said unto to them and the world, “Thou shalt KNOCK IT OFF… NOW!” I happen to believe that God is "The Father", but that would be something to see!

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