Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow

I’m glad the video of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn is beginning to drift and fade from our screens. Not the story within. But just continuously seeing here at the podium giving her “motivational speech” to students at a Maryland school I couldn’t help think not only is her message and note of favorite political philosophers Chairman Mao (and Mother Teresa in the same breath) just absurd, but she looked like either she forgot her poly-grip or she just finished a bong hit and had cotton mouth going on there. After the third time I saw the video, I couldn’t tell which was more stunning or distracting, “The two people she turns to most” or all of the schmacking she was doing with her mouth.

If it was from the pot, then ok. That would explain the schmacking and the ridiculous proclamation. Hell…Now that they have all their buddies in there, they’re probably all up in the White House coping a buzz, having a beer fest, nibbling away at the Veal doggie birthday cake from having the munchies, like one big commune of modern day hippies turned capitalist (for their own gain…but come off as anti capitalism socialist), and going,

“No man…Dude, this is far out. Dig this…Let’s go around the world apologizing and bring flowers and iPods and books, and let’s protest the war, and the “real” news station, we’ll teach the “truth” about religion and God and get rid of that nonsense, and we’ll control health care and make it apply to our commune manifesto, and we’ll teach the kids about sex, and since we can’t legally get em’ high yet… (yet) we’ll get in their heads by teaching them the new cultural songs of our heroes like Barack Hussein Obama mmm, mmm, mmm, Oh! Oh! Dude… that sounds like Campbell’s Soup! Mmm, mmm good…Anyone got any soup, man? And we’ll teach them about Mao and Marxism and free love and how they won’t have to be “punished with a baby for making mistakes”, and we’ll just jet around like a nonstop party. Oh Dude, here’s the really cool part, we can just print out money whenever we want it because we control it all now.

And we’ll tell the people DO AS WE SAY NOT AS WE DO, and to just follow us and we’ll give you money, and give you the country… as long as you “believe in us and only us”. Far out…man…..”They’re” buying it! Hey bud, don’t bogart… pass that around.”

But if it wasn’t because she smoked out, (and she probably didn’t) then let the truth and agenda of this administration be told. For one thing lady… don’t go around to our school kids and preach your misguided anti American value philosophies. (You either Algore! In fact, just sit down and wait for your global warming. Looser!) And if Mother Teresa was at that podium with you Anita, she would have smacked you on the knuckles with her ruler and then prayed for you. By the way folks, did you know that Ms. Dunn is married to Obama’s “personal” attorney, Robert Bauer? And has represented “Obama For America” since 2007? That sounds like a nice little side business they’re all in on, dontcha think?

I must be stupid folks because it sure seems like a LOT of conflict of interest is going on up there. It even seemed to me like Bobby Kennedy being Attorney General to President Kennedy was a little too close to home.

So Ms. Dunn, speak the truth and stick to what you said. Don’t make such statements and then back peddle by saying you used it from a dead guy Lee Atwater, for irony purpose to the high school students. (Yea right…they all knew who Lee Atwater was and understood what you “really meant”)…Did you also visit all “57 states” on the campaign trail?? Don’t tell us and our kids that people like Mao chose his own path to “rise” to where he got to be in history. And if you do, then tell them how many people he killed to get there.

Tell them about how he controlled the people of China for some 27 years, for his personal “capitalistic” gain, inducing famine and cultural and economic catastrophes in their country. Basically taking away their very cultural dignity and starving them and shooting them until they gave in to submission and were forced to praise him. Is that our current administrations “model”? To get us to drink the Kool-Aid and take everything away from us that our country was founded on, make us so weak that we give in and start singing the songs about Barack?

You would have been much more effective playing “Revolution” by the Beatles when John sang, “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao… You ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow…” Even John and The Beatles may have wanted change back in the 60’s, but NOT by violence and upheavals.

The White House is lucky to have all the intimidated news agencies paint wonderful exciting “change” and “good times a coming” from the Obama administration. Good…run with that guys…it only highlights your weakness.

And if Fox News wasn’t as dignified and FAIR and BALANCED as they are, they could easily say, “We’re not going to accept any interviews or appearances from ANYONE in the White House”. So how does that grab ya? Now what do you think of your Fairness Doctrine? But they have more class and more consideration for their viewers. Even though they might think these days, that the White House is a joke…Fox still respects that it’s OUR White House, and takes it very seriously. They welcome opposing opinion, unlike other news organizations…they’re not afraid.

What are you afraid of Gibbs? Axlerod? Emanuel? Holder? Pelosi? Mr. President? You’re lack of engagement with ANYONE who opposes you, and your lack of “confidence” in your policies (because you know they’re twisted and upside down) is as pitiful and stupid as a parent or an employer simply saying “Because I said so!”


The Griper said...

i'll have to say, Mao is one of my favorite persons to quote also. i'll also quote Stalin, Marx and others as shown in
my post

it is not the person you quote that counts, it is the message that you are trying to make with the quote that counts.

David Gillis said...

Jeff: You assume in your request that Ms. Dunn can recognize the truth. Based on her current relationships that might be a poor assumption. Good commentary..I like your observations.

Conscious Observer said...

Damn Michigan transplants....Can't take them any where nice, anymore.

And yes Gramps, (I'm Pramps because my grandson missed the G) ... I agree it's not the person you quote, but in this case her message by not including the horror and sins that Mao inflicted on his people "to the students at St Andrews Episcopal School", then by default, his quote negates her message.

Sign on and follow my blog buddy. I looked to follow yours but can't find the "follow" button.

To the readers; The Griper post is http://griper-of-usa.blogspot.com/ It's a good blog with good stuff! He's got good taste in music too!

23eagle said...

ROFLMAO!!! Damn, buddy, you're GOOD!

And re: bong hits- 10 to 1 she was baked as a burnt piece of toast!

It is AMAZING how I changed when I finally gave that up. There's a reason that there are now repeated studies that show a correlation between pot smoking and schizophrenia. I used to love a quote from a rastafarian, back in the day: "when I smoke, I sit up inside myself." I thought that was so cool. Well what do schizophrenics do? They "sit up inside themselves," cut off from reality and live in their own little worlds.

Who needs positive results when you can live up inside Happy Gumdrop Land all day, touching yourself and smiling?

Conscious Observer said...

A burnt piece of toast... Got me laughing ash off... Thanks and thanks for checking out the blog!