Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missile Defense is our only Defense America

Ok hold on… (For some of us “laymen people”, including me) who don’t always understand politics and government plans, and how things piece together, who is involved, what it will cost or where the money will come from, the how it will benefit American’s and whoever else is involved with it, how it will work, if it will work, and the why do we need it’s…. Can someone PLEASE explain in plain English (that is our nation’s language, NOT Spanish I’m proud to still say) explain the logic and reason for what just came out of the White House regarding our national security?

Sept 17, 2009 Exactly 70 years TO THE DATE... of the Russian invasion of Poland...ON THE EXACT DATE PEOPLE. "OUR" White House, releases the announcement below... EDITOR'S NOTE; Before we get going here and you read on... In light of all of the claims FROM THE FAR LEFT and the fallen "free press agencies" here in America that are "claiming" and crying about racism from the American people and conservative media towards our current President, let me ask this, please; Does what happened today, also mean that the President and current administration are EQUALLY prejudice against Polish people?? Well I sure as hell hope not. I hope that asking if "THEY hate the Polish people?" is as ABSURD as those who say that the "right" and "myself in particular" is just as ridiculous as saying that we are prejudice just because the current President is black. AND NOTE, he is NOT black...Obama is Mulatto!! How insensitive on this day... How appaling...on "this very day". HOW UN-FREAKIN AMERICAN to make the following announcement...ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY... C’mon folks, you MUST ask yourself and "THIS" administration, about this action. It’s simple…The only answers are, A. It’s insensitive, B. It’s racist, or C. It’s just stupid. Yes…I said it is stupid!!

Sept 17, 2009, B.O. and the White House announced on this day, the decision to stop plans for a missile defense system that was to be set up in co-operation with the Polish Government (and it’s military in particular), to be hosted in Poland and involving other countries in that part of the world. From what I read, this proposal has been in the making for the last few years (not a couple of months ago) with for starters, roughly $47 million dollars requested by the Bush administration to Congress, and I’m certain more funds will be required as it comes together and the ensuing costs for maintaining the system, including having “boots on the ground” in Poland and Czeck Republic. (A lot of which, Poland agreed to be responsible for sharing the cost). And this plan was in alliance and approved by NATO and has involved four specific co-operative groups that have been (well they were) analyzing and reviewing this proposal 9 ways to Sunday. Performing “DUE DILLIGENCEas any venture should produce. And a lot of people and government agencies from the U.S. and other countries have invested the time and money and leg work and man hours BEFORE any of the requested $47 million has both been approved and allocated by Congress. And now B.O. and the White House have decided to scrap the whole thing?? And note; Supposedly” over the past few years Congress has “approved” several billion dollars for such programs for defense. Well where’s all of that money? Oh, oh, I remember, it probably was slipped into a stimulus plan.

Again folks… I’m certainly no political analyst, or military expert, or budgetary financial guru… by any stretch of the imagination. But with all of these guidelines and measures that were taken to survey the idea, technically design the program, assess the overall purpose of defense against a probable and immanent military threat and job cost the whole damn thing out, wouldn’t you agree that ALL the homework has been done? If so, and the research and data analysis has come back saying “YES THIS IS SOUND DEFENSIVE PLAN AGAINST THOSE WHO WANT TO KILL US AND OUR ALLIES AND FRIENDS”, then why on earth would someone just pull the plug for GOD’S SAKE??!! With all due respect to the President, you’ve only been the President a little over 9 months. You’ve raced things down our throats, pushing changes and bills and reforms through faster than any before you, and you cannot deny some of the fallout and backlash your actions are receiving. Why not SLOW DOWN, get comfortable in the chair. Take things in before pulling your hair trigger…on everything. Especially OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!!

From what I understand so far on this issue, B.O. and the White House “say” and are convinced that there’s a more affordable and flexible plan that will suit all of our needs (meaning all countries involved) and still have the same protection and results. Hey…I’m all ears, let’s hear it. By the way, and now NATO is urging Russia and the U.S. to combine our missile defense systems… Uh….I don’t think so guys. The Defense Secretary Robert Gates (who was also in the Bush administration and an advocate for the proposal with Poland) and along with the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Cartwright, now say current research and technologies (and the times) indicate that a missile defense program that is mobile and operates from battle ships would have the flexibility and cost effectiveness that would still provide protection. And that protection is now primarily against Iran.

I’m all for that too! I’m certain a floating defense system will also cost in the millions, perhaps billions of U.S. dollars. But keep in mind that Poland was going to share in the cost of the land base proposal. They’re not going to help pay for one of our ships. AND CAN’T A SHIP BE SANK?!?! Why not have both in place B.O.? Can’t be too safe with all the enemies out there that want us annihilated. Some critics are saying B.O. snubbed Europe on this one. But I thought that we all thought he wants America to turn into a European Socialist type of country. Come on people, we can’t have it both ways. And I for one, still think that he does. I just don’t think he knows what the hell he’s doing, period. AT ALL! I’m sorry followers, but he’s NOT qualified for the job. Some say he caved into the new Russian President. Maybe. But then B.O.’s press secretary (Tom Arnold look alike) Robert Gibbs, (I really can’t stand that guy), says “Now Russia will have some new things to consider over the next few weeks.” As though we put the ball back in their court. Maybe, but I doubt it. AND WE GOT NOTHING IN RETURN FROM THEM!! You see, Russia hated the idea to begin with because it would put an American military system in a country that “used” to be ruled under the Soviet Union. That’s in part why they haven’t been helpful to us and the world, with Iran.

Let’s put it all together… Let’s not forget that Poland is one of the few countries that have helped us in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that Russia invaded Poland a long time ago, but also not so long ago went into Georgia and brutalized and intimated those people (who stood up to them), and cut off oil supplies to them and The Czeck Republic and others who were freed from the Soviet Union, back when Ronald Regan told Gorbachev to tear down the wall. Let’s not forget that Russia fell because they had oil and charged ridiculous prices for it but didn’t have grain and the ability to feed its own people. The U.S. and our allies boycotted buying oil from them and so (sort of like America is doing today) they just kept printing money “PRETENDING” that their economy was just fine, when really their inflation soared and it ultimately collapsed their financial system and the leader was forced to opt out of the strong hold on countries that didn’t want to be a part of the Soviet Union.

Some in the White House are now saying dropping the missile defense proposal in Poland will make Russia helps us with Iran and North Korea (Don’t forget China’s million man army and their hatred towards us AND ALL THE MONEY THAT WE OWE THEM), and they might even help us in Afghanistan. Oh Boy! It’s ALL BULL PEOPLE! Wake up to what’s going on and what this President is doing! Russia HATES Afghanistan. The war that took place between the two of them is like their Viet Nam. We’re trying to “work with” and in, Afghanistan to get the Taliban. President Bush hoped to maintain friends with them… B.O. (remember on his campaign trail?) said he would “attack” Pakistan if he needs to! Let’s not forget that Russia has been propping up Iran and North Korea and being a blatant instigator to the building tensions and show of disrespect towards the United States. Russia hates us. They hate everyone pretty much. (Not the Russian people, the Russian government). Don’t think for one minute that they aren’t supplying and funding terrorist factions (even though they hate each other too), and would love NOTHING BETTER than to lure America into something we couldn’t get out of. And we don't have the money or manpower to scarifice fighting multiple wars. We DON'T WANT our soldiers dying on every front, or ANY FRONTS! But WE DO have the money and co-operation of our allies to have a defense system in place that will keep them in check and rock their world if we need to use it.

So let’s have both defense systems President B.O. The one on the battle ship can guard Israel and Egypt and Arab nations (although the Arabs don’t like us, but they’re kind of defenseless against Iran), and we could use it in defense against North Korea if needed. And let’s have the system in Poland to protect the European nations, and be able to monitor and defend against Russia and China, and PROTECT OUR EASTERN SEABOARD and ALASKA. FYI my fellow Americans, we have a couple of anti missile defense systems in place in California and Hawaii. The Pacific and Pacific Northwest are “fairly” protected. Check out a map of the world to understand the vulnerability of Alaska, Canada and our East Coast. That was a large part of why President Bush had these four groups conduct their due diligence to begin with. Apparently, all for nothing. With the stroke of pen, we just exposed ourselves and our allies to potential and realistic threats. Not to mention reneged on a deal we made with Poland, and on our word as a country. We thought you said you were a “citizen of the world” B.O.? Sorry followers. I’m not picking on him, I’m watching out for my ass…and yours….and your children’s. THEY ARE COMING FOLKS…I pray for my children and grandchildren that the President and Mr. Gates are right on this one.