Wednesday, September 30, 2009


And how impressive was our own leader at the U.N.? Eh? How about that Barry… eh? I have to tell you, (not surprised in the least) once again I felt a bit insulted by the guy that I’m supposed to respect and look to. For the first time since I’ve been watching and listening to him speak…strike that please….I meant “reading from a teleprompter”, during his campaign and since he’s been in office, I felt like ok, now he is speaking with some level of respect but it wasn’t to me and my fellow American’s… it was to “The World” and it’s leaders. FINALLY, speaking in “some” capacity as a dignitary, rather than talking down to “the little people”. And I’m not the only one who picked up on that. His arrogance continues to be and is “obvious and blatant” and I’m sorry… but I THINK IT SUCKS. He told the U.N. and the world, “Look at what I’ve accomplished in the last nine months! You can now JUDGE America by these past nine months.” Um…. I know you thought there were 57 states, and your numbers keep changing on how many will be taxed or not, and with all of the recent shopping sprees in Washington, there seems to be a problem with your math skills B. O. Someone should inform you that America has been around for well over 200 years. NINE MONTHS”, is just about how long it takes for a new lil’ baby to come out of the womb.

HOWEVER… In fairness folks I will say, after he LIED to the U.N. saying that he closed Guantanamo Bay, I did feel a little bit bad for him (or I wanted to call him and say let’s fire your inept speech writers before you put your other foot in your mouth)… because just a few days later the White House announced they were going to hold off on closing the detainment camp, WHICH IT SHOULD REMAIN OPEN AND CONTINUE TO DETAIN THE KILLING PRISONERS OF WAR THAT ARE IN THERE… AND OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND OTHER COUNTRIES. I don’t know what felt worse for me. That I was embarrassed again or that I was insulted again. OR BOTH. (A little side bar here) And speaking of campaigns, and putting feet in mouths, and INSULTS… Ya know folks? What I’ve learned? You can put lipstick on a Bulldog, but if it still snarls, has an under bite, and has a poopy attitude… It's STILL Bulldog. And, you can put lipstick on a Mad Magazine…But it’s STILL Alfred E. Newman. What was Alfred’s famous caption? Oh yea….”What ? Me worry?” I think we ALL have a lot to worry about these days America.

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