Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'd take a bullet for the President

I recently told a friend that I'd take a bullet for the President. I would because that's how I was raised to respect and care about and protect our President. Even if you don't agree with them, this is your country, your President, it would be your (mine at least) patriotic duty should it ever come to that. I pray for this Presidents saftey like I have for all 10 of the Presidents in my lifetime. Including this one today. (Read the "About Me blog", to understand this notion, please.)

I would hope I wouldn't die from it, because that would really burn my biscuits. Why? Because I don't believe in this current President, I didn't vote for him, I don't think he has a clue to what he's doing (for being a self proclaimed "Community organizer" he hasn't organized squat in his current position) and frankly, I seriously question many parts of his past, his current actions, his walk on water ego, his wife's comments and obvious like minded attitude about this country, and in my opinion (which we're all still entitled to... for now), he doesn't have the experience or statesmen like dignity that the "Presidents of the United States of America" should and have demonstrated throughout our great history.

Not only would I risk my life to save this President because I was raised to love my country and our leader, but to show and prove to lefties that might think I'm a right wing nut job, that I am open minded and care more about the US than which side of the fence I live on. But also to prove to anyone who might think or "accuse or assume" that I'm racist, that I don't care if the President is black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown, blind, male, female, young, old, tough, soft, in a wheel chair, smokes, doesn't smoke, single, married (and being faithful is part of being married). I don't care! All of you out there crying about prejudice, or across party lines, GET OVER IT! If the person elected to be President tries doing a good job, in the best interest of the country, listens to "WE the PEOPLE", and tries to set examples for young people and for history to follow, and has realistic views on the world and who is a President that looks for who is like minded and valuable allies, and NEVER EVER takes his/her eye off of our enemies, then I'll support them.

I'm sorry, but we're getting none of this with this current President and administration. If you stay tuned, you'll read more about my "Down the middle" approach to politics and issues and life. I'm not one sided all of the time. I'm not ignorant either. You'll figure out I'm a conservative and did vote Republican, but it doesn't mean I always "blindly" agree with my party, and you'll find that I don't like taking crap from the left when it's obvious, well.....crap. And there's a LOT of crap from the Democratic party, as well there has been a lot of crap from the right.

I'll also post anything and everything on issues and topics and news events that are happening and that saturate all forms of media. Hopefully, we'll have some laughs too!

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