Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silver and Gold and Seedy Things Old

Hey how bout’ that G Gordon Liddy selling us gold on t.v. huh?! Or at least, telling us to buy gold from Rosland Capital or some brokerage. He’s the bald guy with the big mustache. Yea, yea, that’s him! When he drops the gold coins from one hand to another, it makes a sound that reminds me of the chains he had on him when he served 4 years in prison for the conspiracy, break in, and illegal wire tapping of the D.N.C’s headquarters in the Watergate building in 1972. And then helped to cover it up, which ultimately lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. And he’s going to advise “me” on what to do?? Yes gold is a great investment, especially in today’s economic mudslide. But I wouldn’t buy gold from any company that hires him as their “spokeshole”. (Even if I had the money to buy gold) (AND THEY’RE A SPONSOR ON FOX NEWS) Which I watch and like, a lot. But then again, I hear they're going to have Don Imus join the channel... The old DJ who lives in Howeird Stern's shadow (who I admit that I once listened to when he first hit the west coast, but now a days find him boring, same old crap, disgusting, and well.. just old)
Oh well, what are ya gonna do, right? Back to G Gordon...

Many or most, younger people don’t know him or associate him with the Watergate/Nixon scandal. He’s a convicted criminal that was sentence to 20 years in 1973, but in 1977 then new President Jimmy Carter, commuted his sentence to only 8 years, making him eligible for parole and he got out after only serving 4 years total. Is Jimmy Carter a racist? Hmmm…another story. After getting out of the military he served on the F.B.I. under Hoover for about 5 years. Then he joined a law firm who unsuccessfully tried Timothy Leary (The LSD dude from the 1960’s, Look him up if you want to, I wouldn’t bother), and as an assistant D.A. he fired a hand gun in a court room. Then in the early 70’s during President Nixon’s re-election campaign, he was working for the “Nixon Plumber’s Unit” (a task force set up by Nixon, to fix damaging press leaks...How clever "Dick") and ultimately his questionable doings caught up with him at Watergate. "I'm not a crook, Tricky Dicky Nixon!" Uh...Yes you WERE DICK!

Later in years he tried his hand in show biz and worked with the same Timothy Leary and Al Franken of sorts, on comedy shticks and radio. Just before that he started a “counter surveillance agency” that failed. Eventually he made it into the movies here and there. Geesh! Makes me wonder if Rob Blagojevich (Look him up if you already forgot) doesn’t idolize this guy. Oh yea, Liddy said he grew up listening to inspiring speeches by Hitler, but later on denounced him and the Nazi regime as an adult. Nice. There are many ties to corruption and creepy people, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Today he may oppose some of the same things that I oppose against this current administration, but I’d rather pan for gold in the gutter, than to trust anything this guy had to say. Hey, just something on t.v. that's been bugging me.