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Knowing we’re all busy and have little time if any to read blogs, so I’ll just use their initials, ok? Sorry... I tried to find a better picture of B.O.'s Greek stage at Mile High Stadium in Colorado, but the internet didn't seem to provide one with him in it "live, and during" his speech. This one is of him and some dudes checking it out before the "gig". Gosh he's cool and suave.

The other picture speaks for itself folks.... Please NEVER forget 9/11

G.B. was… re-elected.

B.O. uh…….

Editors note; Let’s get this part straight and out in the open people. Sorry to all but…. I’m tired of this race nonsense. It’s only a race to “nobody will win”, period. We’re supposed to be “a people”. ALL OF US.

G.B. is Caucasian. (Look it up)

B.O. is Mulatto. (Look it up)

G.B. was re-elected because the country felt safer with him at the helm after serving his first term and since 9-11-01, and he displayed our military might and historically steadfast American policy on foreign affairs, a no tolerance of terrorism or military threat to our nation and our allies, and he rejected “negotiations or talks” with known enemies and the axis of evil of the world.

B.O. uh….. Oh I know I know!… He bowed to the Saudi Prince. A first EVER, for an American leader. (Not that Mr. Clinton having Yasser Arafat in “OUR” WHITE HOUSE wasn’t a hoot)) Oh, and B.O. wants to have a beer with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, (that’s funny in itself, an “Iranian President”… Who happens to have said he wants wipe Isreal off the map. Who thinks of us as “INFEDELS”! (Who to me, looks like a bad stunt double for Ringo Starr with beady eyes, sorry Ringo. I love The Beatles). Oh, oh! And he was very charismatic and “cool” to give a book to Hugo Chavez. How charming….(Do any of you “followers” know anything about Hugo Chavez?) Look him up.

G.B. in his second term, didn’t necessarily “like” Nancy Pelosi, but showed class and dignified restraint from kicking her, um… er, uh, I mean uh… from calling her out and using his veto, when he had the legal and authorized power to do so. (Some of which I didn’t agree with, and some of which I respected his decisions for being in the “best interest” of the country.) Talk about your by-partisan. G.B. rocked! HE CARED ABOUT US.

B.O. I don’t think he likes Joan, oops… I mean Nancy, very much either. Sorry Ms. Rivers. (I can’t tell em’ apart sometimes) Not that he’d like to pop a cap in her a - -, What?!?! I’m just trying to keep it real dawg. (And no, I don’t think he’s the violent or macho type at all, really. Might ruin his manicure or sprain his wrist, like when he tried bowling) But it does “appear that” with all due respect B.O., Nance (thinking she’s the queen or the Wiz or some damn thing) pretty much spoon feeds him his veggies, and Kennedy’s, and reforms, etc, etc. I’ve got a sneaky hunch that he can’t stand her, really. But he’s stuck for now.

Editors note; Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that bedroom wall… (Or maybe not. Since he’s an avid Quai Chang like, fly killer) “Why don’t you just fire her pasty plastic ass Barry? Oh baby, I can’t just fire her….now. We’ll throw her old wrinkly booty under the bus later, with everyone else.” (Hey!... This is my blog and I can write what I want. This is still America for now. Cry to the hand.)

G.B. prayed to God, for strength, courage and wisdom as our nation’s leader and as an individual human being. And his eyes (to me anyways)… always looked humbled and at peace when he would ask that “God Bless America.” It wasn’t “only him” trying to steer us in the right direction. He relied on God, and I believe G.B. truly prayed about and for our safety, and prosperity and leadership in example for us “We the People”, as well as in the eyes and hopes of the rest of the world.

B.O. had Jeramiah Wright (not a reverent person in the least, in my opinion, not with his hatred towards me and my fellow “white” Americans) as his “Spiritual Mentor” (but he doesn’t recall Mr. Wright ever sounding racists or radical in his twenty years of attending and listening, and contributing tithing’s to Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago). And he refused to put his hand over his heart unlike a lot of American’s do, during the pledge, on his campaign trail. Not to mention he refused to wear the flag button on his lapel during his campaign UNTIL his PR people told him he better if he wants to keep going. And I can just hear his speech writers whispering into his ear piece at the end of an address, “Uh, B.O. …Here’s where you mention God... sir…” B. O.; “And uh, uh... GOD BLESS AMERICA!” And then B.O. off mic; “There. I ordered him to bless it. What the hell does that mean, anyway? Beat it Biden, let’s eat! Where’s my Latte? Hey Michelle, did you hear me talking down to those fools, again?”

G.B. sure seems like a humble man, to me. Yes, he was our President and was very powerful in that position which he was elected to, by the people. (Don’t even start with me, on the 2004 Florida voting and the company who invented the internet Algore. Cause if you want to go there, we’ve got LOT’S to talk about Acorn) and he was humble and treated the office with dignity, and grace, with a patriotic respect. He wasn’t about being “cool or hip”. I’m sure in his heart he wanted to be liked, but he wasn’t in it for his personal popularity. The Republican machine perhaps was, but I don’t think he was. He truly wanted to and did lead our country. He was all three loved feared and hated across the world, but he also was and WE WERE respected, by and large. I can’t even say Nuclear let alone spell it sometimes. So what? G.B. always came across as humble. And yes… he had to be the leader too. And I personally miss him as our leader.

B.O. “wants” to be slick and polished…and he is! (I guess….) Define it. He’s one refined man and elegant and cool and hip. No doubt. (I guess). I’ve been an American for fifty years. I don’t need slick, or cool, or charismatic. Sadam Hussein was charismatic as was Fidel Castro, as was the little guy from North Korea (The guy with part of the same name as all of the leaders in that region… Is it Mr. Kim or Mr. Ill??) Who cares? (But they all forced their people to say they were divine and charismatic) B.O. seems to have a teleprompter at his side 24/7 and couldn’t make a move without one. We’ve heard it… we’ve watched him stumble on his words without one. I heard him give his acceptance speech in Colorado with giant Hollywood pillars (thank you Sarah) and we’ve heard him speak at the Lincoln Memorial with WAY TOO MUCH reverb on his mic, so that he comes off as a god or something. (Not my God) We’ve watched him “strut” up to the podium; and trot up the stairs and down the stairs on Air Force One. I don’t see any glimpse of a humble man or “frankly” any dignified statesman like mannerisms in him. REMEMBER TOO! In his words, “Guys like me make more than 250k”, and “guys like me being the President have the best health care money can buy”. That’s a put down to every American, white, black, blue, green, every one of us. There is no humble in B.O. He wants to be popular and wants people to “dig him”. America “requires” a leader with worldly class, authoritive poise, and dignity, Mr. B.O.

John McCain promised and kept his word on campaign financing and its limits.

B.O. didn’t.

G.B. we rarely heard him as our President addressing us as a nation, infer to his message and speeches with “I, me, or my”, plan.

B.O. ALWAYS, infers to his plan, and his goal, and his intent. "I…Me…My"…Unless you’ve completely given up all of your own free thinking, your liberty (God Bless the USA), and knowing that you have a democracy in THIS country that you live in and pay for, then take note and stand against this simple observation and fact. What was the Beatles (George Harrison in particular), song lyric? … “Now the frightened are leaving it, everyone’s weaving it, flowing more freely than wine… All through the day…I, me, mine” This difference about B.O. as our President really chaps my hide. There’s no “I” in team. And he ain’t on my team apparently. I could’ve sworn the President is supposed to work for me. For US! (A quote from … The name “Barack” means “one who is blessed.” And when Barack was young his family and friends called this blessed young boy “Barry” for short.) WHAT THE ?!@?#?$+&^%?? Wha aat? Come again? Oh...did they? Well who's "they"??

G.B. was the Governor of Texas for 5 years. His father was our 41st President. His grandfather was a US Senator and his brother was Governor of Florida. One of the people of religious stature who was close to him and the Bush family was Reverend Billy Graham (A friend to all. With no racial, creed, political, or color barriers)

B.O. was a community organizer in Chicago’s Roseland community and the Altgeld Gardens housing development (Look them both up). He attended Harvard Law School for roughly 3-1/2 years and went to work with a firm focused on civil rights. He was a US Senator for just about three years, before running for President. Oh yea, he was the Key Note speaker at one of John Kerry's rallies. (Can you say "Swift Boats"?) One of the people of religious stature who was close to him and his family was Jeremiah Wright (Not quite so friendly to “all”)

G.B. never did a prime time live broadcast/Infomercial with ABC television, from OUR WHITE HOUSE, reducing the dignity and prestige of that institution.

B.O. did. Is it just me, or do you get the sense that he really loves himself and loves being on t.v., talking, thinking he’s funny and charming (while he’s supposed to be the President and dignified), on his web site, his commercials, and having little kids sing a song about him? He always seems to have that cat who got the canary grin on his face, and when he talks (luckily his people broke him of saying y’know, y’know) he looks and acts as though he’s above all of us. Like we’re ALL stupid and he has all the right answers for us. And even further than smug, he also comes off as “I’m gonna y’know, make this happen and there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop me.” Not a direct quote, but a close comparison of such arrogance.

G.B. mom, Former First Lady Barbara, is white.

B.O. never mind….his mom Ann, is/was respectfully, white too. God rest her soul.

Both mothers had very unique sons, respectfully. Or else we wouldn’t be talking about them today. God Bless OUR beautiful America. I hope you all stay tuned.

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