Wednesday, September 30, 2009


O’REILLY… Ah yes, Bill O’Reilly. I do watch and most of the time I think his show is pretty good. It took me some time to get past remembering that he came from shows like Inside Addition, A Current Affair, and I could swear he was a lame news anchor man out here in California (Yes Bill, I wish to Opine and will try not to Bloviate”). But I have grown to tune in regularly and I usually agree with much of what he has to say, and Bold Fresh and Culture Warrior are circulating around our family, so yes we are fans and “paying” to hear what you have to say.

But I have tell you Mr. O, we all know at times you talk over your guests and don’t allow them to finish. And on your Sept 25th show, you had (what seemed to be) a very nice, educated, civil and passionate woman guest named Edina Lekovic from The Muslims Public Affairs Council, that you STOMPED all over her answers and conversation. It was rude and unprofessional and certainly not fair and balanced. You even got her name wrong. I COMPLETELY AGREED with you telling her we want to HEAR the Muslim community denounce the radical acts of violence, and you can read my blog about the Muslim Man March where I also asked, “Why they didn’t stand up and speak out against the violence when they were praying in Washington, when they had our attention?”

At the very end of the interview, Ms. Lekovic said “Help me do it Mr. O’Reilly”, but you were talking over her and went right to a Laura Ingram story and outro to a commercial. Why have these guests on that you think the viewers want to hear from, when you talk all over them? Kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think? And several shows on Fox News do the same thing. Basing most of your channel’s shows around “conservatism and family values”, it’s confusing. We weren’t allowed to talk over each other at the dinner table, trying to set an example of family values and “order” in our homes, so why do you guys do it on t.v.? It was a good show Bill. And during this interview you compared the violence of “some” Muslim’s to the despicable behavior and the protecting of “some” vile Catholic Priests within the Catholic churches over the years as “One bad apple spoiling the apple cart”. I see your point, and I know NOT ALL Muslim’s are terrorists, and NOT ALL Catholics are pedophiles and perverts. However, I think one of the differences between your comparison, is that abusing children sexually AND protecting the criminals who do it in the church are NOT the Catholic “people” of faith. Such heinous acts were done by higher authorities of the church, like Priests and Bishops involved. People in positions that we trusted not only our kids to be around, but also trusted our religious faith and how the churches are ran, respectively.

The people of Muslim faith that are radical and violent are not usually limited to their elders and appointed leaders. It’s usually the actual “people” of that faith, with the leaders condoning the violence. I’d bet the Catholic “people” would favor a massive cleanup of their appointed members of the cloth and keep the real men of faith in their positions. And none of the Catholic “people” hid these acts, or ignored them. They did speak out. The “bad” Muslim’s seem to get their motivation of violence from the Karan more so than direct orders from their leaders. I agree, BOTH bodies of people should denounce and stand against both of these criminal issues. You brought it up Bill O’Reilly, not me. Overall, the whole show on Sept 25th was good, but let your guests finish what they’re saying. You and Heraldo should have a three round exhibition ultimate fighting match. It’d be hard to bet on that one, but would be entertaining!

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