Wednesday, September 30, 2009


LARRY KING… Oy vey… You know… I used to respect Larry King as a television icon of sorts. He “was” a pioneer, and did have it going on twenty years ago, in between his multiple marriages. In trying to keep my mind open I do watch some CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets. So I tuned into see who’s on Larry last week and nobody told me that my grandmother has taken his place!! Gosh Larry, it might time to go home my old chum. All I saw was an image of an old woman skin and bones, in suspenders “attempting” to conduct an interview. And who was he interviewing? Moammar Qaddafi ‘s new pal, Hugo Chavez. The interview was surreal at best. The set looked like something out of a “B-movie” that never even made it to the theaters, but went right to DVD. (I guess low ratings means low budget) Larry couldn’t remember who the heck he was talking to most of the time. When he would cut to commercial he had to pause and look at his notes to say “We’ll be right back with…” and then get the name right. Interviewing Hugo Chavez… As though even the liberals want to know what “he” thinks. ( Well I guess there is Sean Penn and Courtney "ughch-yuk-gag" Love....Sorry folks I almost threw up) The premise of the show was like, ooo we have this brilliant and respected dignitary on tonight. He’s a martyr people, and a dictator and very much a low keyed, part of the Axis of Evil. He called our President Bush the devil, but yet he’s ruled over Venezuela for 11 years and will continue remain in power.

He wants the world to read the book “Hegemony or Survival”, a book about America’s quest for global domination, including wanting to take over Heaven with our military satellites and run the earth into a vast wasteland and our ultimate desire to destroy mankind itself. Yea…that’s what we want, Hugh. You can’t have it both ways Sir. If we’re an Imperialistic power that wants to rule the world, what good would it do us if we ruined the lands and killed off the human race?? Against your argument, yes we did support Israel to fight against Lebanon NOT against the Lebanese “people” but against the thugs of Hamas who took over that country and relentlessly attacked Israel AND the Lebanese PEOPLE. How can you have the “good” humanitarian achievements in Venezuela like you have created, but still be a part of a very corrupt and underlying political self serving agenda? It’s like giving a child some candy, and then spanking them because they eat it. The historical actions of humanity, good will and providers of freedom and peace for many nations BY The United States, speaks much louder than a fictional book writer’s ideals.

By the way, back on Sept 9th Larry had on Barney Frank, John King and Ben Stein discussing the “Public Option” in the health care proposal. At the very end of the interview Larry asks Ben what he thinks the President will get out of the bill, and Ben answers “If the Public Option goes through it will “kill” insurance companies. A government run health care system doesn’t need to make profit” (but if it isn’t making a profit where will the money come from to fund it, us taxpayers, right Ben?) And private insurance companies that need to make profits to stay in business then this option will KILL insurance companies.” And Barney Frank was shouting behind Ben Stein, “That’s the money saver! That’s the money saver! That’s the money saver right there!” There are a lot of American families that rely on their jobs in the insurance industry, and the many ties to other investors and the economy at large folks. Our government wants to take control of health care and put all of you out of work. Something to REALLY think about. See Larry, and the liberal left? I pay attention. I consciously observe. God bless your lifetime of work Larry King. I think CNN has been lucky to have had you this long.

EDITOR’S NOTE; (Barney Frank is Chairman of The House Financial Services Committee, THAT and the statement he made on Larry King, right there is a political and ethical conflict of interest. I didn’t realize the H.F.S.C. was in business to put American industries out of business or take them over. And maybe this doesn’t matter, but he is also a strong advocate for gay marriage equal rights. I think “that issue” does matter. But that’s for another blog posting. In 1990 Barney Frank was investigated by the House Ethics Committee when a male prostitute that Frank let move in with him, told the committee that Frank paid him for sex, (which Frank admitted to) and further allocations that Barney Frank knew the male prostitute was using Frank’s home for homosexual transactions. AND that Barney Frank hired him as an aide, and wrote letters on “Congressional Stationary” appealing to the Virginia state probation officials to excuse the male prostitute’s 33 parking tickets. How nice. The Committee blew off charges that Frank “knew” about the illegal house of prostitution, but they did vote to reprimand him 408 votes to 18 opposed, for using his official stationary and asking for the parking tickets to be dismissed. Well that was a nice little slap on the wrist, how gentle. AND FRANK IS STILL IN OFFICE! Oh…he fired his male prostitute “aide” 2 years later. If this isn’t corruption folks, I don’t know what the hell is! Barney Frank is a crook and a creep.

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