Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!

Soylent Green was a movie from 1973 which stared (among other greats) Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson. In a nut shell; The movie takes place in the year 2022. Hmmm…only 13 years away. Heston plays “Thorn”, a cop trying to solve the murder of a wealthy business man who is one of the CEO’s for the Soylent Corporation, and uncover the truth behind it. Robinson plays “Roth”, an old police researcher who works with Thorn on the case. In the year 2022, America and New York in particular, is over populated, unemployment is ramped and there is a food shortage. There is no lower, middle and upper class. The country is separated socially and economically. In the future, recorded documents, records and books about how America use to be are scarcely available because the government had nearly everything destroyed due to the changing times and not wanting the citizens to know that there used be plenty of food, and beautiful landscapes, and jobs. The government creates a rationed food source for the the poor and lower class, that's a waffer called Soylent Green. It's the only food available for the populations, while the rich and upper class have plenty of regular, "good" food.

Robinson’s character “Roth”, and other researchers are called “Books”. The “Books” gather evidence to prove what the Soylent Corporation is up to, to present it to the Council of Nations. (Hmmm…I don’t like the sound of that. Can you say, One World Government?) Roth can’t believe the evidence he’s found and decides to give up and admit himself to a government run clinic that assists people in suicide. The clinic basically makes you comfortable and gives you a poison cocktail. The government calls the process, “Going home”. They let the patients watch panoramic screens of how the Earth once was. The much younger Thorn gets in to see Roth and also sees the scenes of how it used to be. It breaks his heart because he never believed the Earth and America were ever anything but how they were in his own lifetime. Before Roth dies, he pleads with Thorn to keep going and make the truth be known. Thorn sneaks down to the basement of the clinic to see them loading the dead bodies into trucks, so he jumps on one and it takes him to an armed guarded disposal plant. He sees how Soylent Green is made. He makes his way back to the other “Books” at the “Supreme Exchange” which is a library of the old books that are left. After he battles it out in a gunfight with the bad guys (the ones who murdered the CEO, and are trying to cover up everything) police back up arrives and Thorn yells out, “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!”

Sorry if I ruined the movie ending for ya. But more importantly, (and I’m not usually a conspiracy kind of guy), I’m just looking at the direction of how things are going today. With the government pushing for public health care which includes an option for our seniors to consider assisted “end of life alternatives, and hearing B.O. and the White House saying “Instead of racking up costly medical bills for treatment and bogging down our health care system, and costing the tax payers a lot of money, you could… take a pill.” Along with the economy going down the toilet, with that, and the threat of forced health care that would force more companies out of business, contributing to higher unemployment and unrest and depression in our country, my head is spinning. And with all of these “Czars” the President is appointing to oversee various elements of our society and government, like the “Green Czar” Van Jones (Look him up. Obviously the President didn’t…or maybe he did. Hmmm…), who B.O. himself appointed, (but Jones has since resigned), thank God. Sing along... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE BUS! HEY! THEY"RE GONNA GET YOU TOO... ANOTHER ONE BITES THE BUS! Just a quick note here, please DO look him up. I understand he’s devised what sounds like some good plans and ideas for the environment, but let's look beyond folks.

In 1992 Van Jones participated in a Rodney King verdict protest in San Francisco, which led to several civil riots, where A LOT of innocent people got hurt and many innocent businesses were destroyed and robbed. (Remember old Rodney? The L.A. police brutalized him after a crazy car chase when he was totally high and out of control on several drugs. And he’s the same guy that has been arrested over and over again, since. Yea, that Rodney. "Can't we all just get along??) WELL SURE WE CAN... DON'T BREAK THE LAW AND RUN FROM THE POLICE!! So Jones was arrested in the protest but charges were later dropped. And here’s HIS quote about it. “The incident deepened my disaffection for the system and accelerated my political radicalization.” And he said that he was a rowdy nationalist before the King verdict, and after the verdict in August of 1992 he announced that he was a communist. Then he got involved with a group called STORM (Look them up) who are dedicated and committed to revolutionary Marxism and Third World Communism. Van Jones founded an organization called “Green for All” in 2008. It is supposed to help create about a half a million jobs in the environmental or “Green Collar” job market. He’s had some notable awards and recognitions mostly on environment, community clean up, and civil rights.

These are all “good” facts about him, but what of the underlying facts of his past and where his heart really is? I don’t know people… I don’t know. But I’m watching and concerned for where all these pieces of the Democratic Party and President B. O. tie in together. FYI folks, Under the guise of “The Apollo Group” (Look them up), Van Jones and a guy named Jeff Jones (no relation) pretty much wrote and helped to write the recent Stimulus Package that was rushed through Congress. And note this! Jeff Jones helped co found the radical terroristic group with Bill Ayers, The Weather Underground. PLEASE LOOK THEM UP TOO!

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!! We’ve got to stop them somehow!!!

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