Thursday, September 17, 2009

WAR OR PEACE (keeping an eye our enemies)

Not “WAR and PEACE” The epic novel published back in 1869, by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Such a reading is way bigger than my intellect. Although, I did briefly research the book to find that it is set in 1805 through 1813 and was based on 5 “aristocratic families” and their lives, during the period and leading up to, and after the Napoleon French invasion of Russia. The novel is wide in scope of the events of the era, but mostly focuses on the 5 families. I humbly admit way too much for MY pea brain.

Also not “WAR & PEACE”, a foundation which began in 1982 as an anti-nuclear, end to militarism, end to war, and the end to “the causes of war”. (Hold onto that for later) The concept is a noble cause, and the world of course would be a safer place (not necessarily better) without wars. Unfortunately, this is 2009 and we’re already very much in it and have proven (with the exception of some criticism and lingering doubts about the Viet Nam war), that America and her allies have helped to liberate democracy and freedom across the globe. I don’t like nukes. I have prayed for peace for years now, even when we weren’t in a war, and would love to be “war free” and not have enemies, and not “Be an enemy” to any nation. And I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s guys… You know, Peace, Love, No War, etc, etc. It breaks my heart and scares me that we have wars.

This foundation, God Bless them for trying, I think is a bit out of touch with the reality of today. Their mailing address is The United Nations in New York or you can write to them at The same as their web site. I think it’s fair of me to note, “Their world news update page" is from April 2008. Which is a Youtube video about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas the world known terrorist group. Apparently they think he’s a world treasure. Maybe they don’t have any new news to report? I don’t know. I have no angst with them. The U.N., yes. But not this organization. Someone has to keep chanting about peace in this world. And I truly pray their message is heard.

But I digress….This post is about a choice that America, our government, and our allies can make. “WAR OR PEACE”.

I doubt that any Americans and our global friends ever want to “make war”. I don’t doubt that we all want peace. The real problem is that several countries and some with theocracy rooted politics want to kill us. They don’t believe we have the right to exist. They don’t believe in the democracy and freedom that we have and value, and have fought for to be independent. My, freedom. YOUR, freedom. Your freedom to disagree with me. Or your government, or your religious beliefs, and doubts. Like in our forefather’s pledge; “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice, for ALL”.

If you look up the word theocracy it means “a community governed by God or priests”. Some people say, Well we have God in our pledge, in God Bless America, in our courts, our federal buildings, and on our currency, so that makes us a theocratic government too.

Oh contraire… Mon~ a mi! NOBODY IS SAYING GOD DRIVES THIS COUNTRY. We just ask for Him to bless us. He doesn't need to “APPROVE” what we do….HE’S GOD. HE KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG. This country was founded on the principals of not only freedom and independence, but also to be a good people, to love thy neighbor and get along with them. To protect our young and our old. To share our crops, and help the needy and the sick. To educate our young, obey the laws, and to fight for these principals. God is in there being a reminder, a blanket over the U.S., to be humble. To have a higher authority than just mere mortals. To be accountable to. To be decent human beings.

The theocracy nations that I speak of believe in the same God that they believe in, then they kill us. It happens every day in these countries to their own people. Case in point, Allah verses God. Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, The Taliban and more, are all theocratic groups. NOTE: None of them have a pledge that ends with the words, “And Liberty and Justice for All”. NONE OF THEM.

that if “we don’t believe”
Nowhere in our Bible (which isn’t just America’s Bible), does it say to “kill the non believers or Infidels”. Yes, it does talk about treason and killings and war. But not to simply, Kill the “non believers”. Please mind your surroundings folks. You don’t have to believe in The Bible, or in God for the matter, living here in America. You are a free people to believe what you will. I happen to believe that God will judge the non believers and the believers. And that’s my right as an American. It doesn’t mean I hope you go to hell, and I already know that I’m going to Heaven. I’m CERTAINLY not on any “A list of God’s". Try asking someone that is from the Middle East, or China, North Korea, or Venezuela, a lot of places. Ask them if they have the freedoms of choice that you have. Go try living in some other countries and compare, and make your own conclusion. Your own conscious observation. And please, please NOTEIt’s “ok” if you don’t want to have God in the things and symbols that I’ve mentioned, but remember that it’s ALSO ok if I want them! That’s one of the beauties of America.

In today’s world, I’m sorry but abundant and ever lasting peace will never be a reality. What troubles me is that some people think and say that we want to make war. I don’t believe that for one minute. Nobody has ever run for office and said from the campaign trail that they want to blow up countries and people. Iraq had an evil, evil tyrant. ASK THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY. Sadam WAS trafficking destructive weapons and used mustard gas on his own people. “That’s” a weapon of mass destruction folks! He was absolutely helping to promote the hatred towards us, and provide the means and safe havens for the Taliban. I’m not happy about the Iraq War, but the world and that region is better off since we kicked that regime’s un-royal butt.


The First World War was going on abroad for three years, and President Woodrow Wilson stayed neutral until Germany threatened our commercial shipping. We were forced into that war to defend ourselves and our allies. (By the way, France and Great Britain never did pay us back $$ for saving them). As for World War II, well… In 1928 there was The Paris Peace Pact which included the U.S., because everyone involved in World War 1 was blown away by how fierce and deadly and costly "that war was". Nobody wanted to go “there” again.

All of the big guns participated EXCEPT Russia. The rules of that treaty RENOUNCED using war and pledged to settle their differences through peaceful accord, with the only exception being, for DEFENSE. Even Germany back then, agreed it was in effort to make the world safe for DEMOCRACY, and they adopted a democratic constitution, similar to ours. Along the way 5 years later, in 1933 came a guy named Hitler. He stripped away the peace agreements and the Versailles Treaty (Pre- Hitler… Look it up), he rebuilt the German air force and military and then hooked up with a nice Italian guy (a Fascist, against Democracy and Communism) named Mussolini. Between the two of them and Japan, they formed what they called “The Rome, Berlin, Tokyo Axis”. By 1939 Hitler took over Czechoslovakia and all the territory surrounding her, including Poland. By 1940 he had Belgium and Holland, while the British and French armies were doing their best to help these two sovereign nations. The French were forced to ask for Armistice, (a break in fighting with the Germans) and finally had to surrender its land when Italy (Mussolini) declared war on them. Britain stood alone against the Nazi killing machine. Yugoslavia… Greece… one by one they fell to Hitler’s aggression.

If you read your history, eventually The Balkans and North Africa felt the wrath of the Nazi’s and succumbed. This guy Hitler was OUT OF CONTROL pursuing WORLD DOMINATION. But America still kept out and just “observed”. 1941, the U.S. Congress passed a bill to aid our allies to lend/loan 7 billion dollars to help fight and stop Hitler and Mussolini and the other countries that Hitler forced into joining with them. (7 BILLION Way back then, WOW AMERICA!) Hitler invaded Russia. Japan was busy trying to take over China and Indochina. America, still out of it to this point, imposed oil embargos in particular to Japan, and urged them to leave these two countries alone. This pissed off Japan and THEY ATTACKED AMERICA in HAWAII on Dec 7th 1941. I know you don’t need a history lesson. Let alone from me. We were forced into defending our country and our allies.DEFEND” FOLKS. We were not the aggressor And we did defend ourselves! We reacted with our military strength. Our technology and our resources. Our patriotism throughout the country. Our will to survive and to preserve freedom here and abroad. FREEDOM AGAINST REGRESSION. (PLEASE look it up, it’s a valuable word)..

I’m not trying to justify the Atomic bomb at all. HOWEVER, when it comes to my country (which DOES STRONGLY desire peace and civility, and has gone out her way to avoid conflict and mass casualties) “They” asked for it, and we delivered, and changed history for ever and for the better. We’d ALL be speaking German and raising our hand to “Hile”, Instead of over our hearts to the Red White and Blue, if we didn’t defend ourselves and drop the bomb and press on to defeat Hitler. Me, you, our fathers, our white people our black people, (well as a matter of fact, there wouldn’t be any black people today because the Nazi’s thought that “they” were a superior race. And this was way after President Lincoln abolished slavery folks). We were then, and we ARE “a people” today, in one nation. Let us NOT forget, fellow Americans. Our war shouldn’t be between each other. We’ve been through too much to go back now…to regress. We’ve got much bigger problems folks.

And I’m not forgetting the Korean War at all. Thanks to those too, who served. But again, that’s why there is a South Korea and a North, today. We helped liberate a South Korean people and to this day, still protect them. AND THEY’RE GRATEFUL.

These times we live in, today in 2009 are even more dangerous and complicated. No war… is good. But without a strong presence and defense systems, and our steadfast “respect” for life and democracy, well…freedom comes with a price. Defense guides our freedom in the world we now live in. America goes out her way to NOT be the offense. History is proof. I’m not just making this up. Do you enjoy your lives and the freedoms that you, your parents, your children, and your grandchildren are afforded in the great U.S. of A??? Will YOU recognize the very real and Imminent Threat from enemies and theocratic nations that want nothing more than to kill your families because we don’t follow them, or their life styles and their beliefs? If so, then what’s your choice American’s? (How wonderful to have “choices” here in America!

God has blessed the United States. YOU NEED TO THANK HIM… NOW! Thank you, Lord.) A nice smile won’t cut it, folks. Removing missile defense systems won’t cut it. An international proclamation from “our leader”, to want to talk to adversary leaders… won’t cut it. In 2009, a gesture of a peace sign with our hand… Won’t cut it. I wish it would. So I ask you my fellow American’s… what’s YOUR choice?

Even though spending the money on our defense systems, supporting our military, and catching some flak from others, perhaps doesn’t sit well with certain people and countries, and it certainly doesn’t “guarantee” peace… I’ll ask again, ALL OF YOU (be honest); What would you rather have? WAR OR PEACE? If America and our President, does NOT choose to preserve us, to protect us, and defend us… then war is absolute. If we defend ourselves, at least we have some hope… for peace.

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