Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Glenn Beck… I really dig Glenn Beck. He’s got a lot of courage whether you agree with him or not, it takes some real mustard to speak out like he does. The White House and the liberal left fear his exercising the First Amendment Right of our Constitution, The Freedom of Speech. And I don’t mind some of the props and semi theatrics at all. It’s a “show” not a news cast. He’s entertaining and has great wit. A lot of viewer fans were looking forward to his show on Sept 25 with a bunch of concerned American mothers, of all colors, and all creeds to talk about where the country is heading and concerns about their children and their futures. 11 minutes into the show, it was interrupted by a press conference staring…You guessed it! Barack Obama. The press conference was him talking about the progress at the G-20 summit held in Pittsburg at roughly 5:15 pm eastern time, on a Friday night. He was already on t.v. earlier in the day announcing the letter from Iran to the U.N. Security Council, about having another Nuclear Power Plant up and running.

5:15 pm, on a Friday night. Hmmm… The White House press secretary must have thought it was REALLY important to get the President on t.v. again at this exact time, to tell us what we could have read and heard about either later or over the weekend. I switched channels from Beck, and the ONLY other station that was interrupted was Wolf Blitzer on CNN. And I scrolled down from 205 all the way to channel 2 folks. NOBODY ELSE STOPPED THEIR PROGRAMING. Hey uh… Press Secretary Robert (Don’t call me Tom Arnold) Gibbs, if this was so important for the American people to hear, why didn’t the President and the White House wait until say…7 pm, when more people might have been home by then? This President cannot get enough of himself on t.v. folks. Pretty soon there will be a 24 hour a day channel of ALL OBAMA. Jeeeze! Enough already! There was no legitimate reason for the President to hold a press conference at this time of day EXCEPT to squelch the Glenn Beck show on Fox News. Yea Wolf Blitzer was interrupted too, but as far as Wolfy goes, well… he got spanked pretty hard on Jeopardy last week, where Alex Trebek actually "gave" Wolf money at the end of the game so there was "something" to give to the charity that Blitzer was playing for! I doubt this hurt his ratings any further.

It was so obvious, when they broke into Glenn’s show. At first I thought, uh-oh, some bad news coming here, I better listen. But then I saw B.O. (Lights, Camera, Action!) and I just went, you’ve got to be kidding me. The White House staff and their media plans are a joke. The direction of the administration is bad enough and certainly no joke, but this is like HOLLYWOOD MEETS THE GOVERNMENT. It’s shameful and indignant. What did the First Lady say? For the first time in her adult life, she was proud of America? Well, for the first time in my adult life, I’m appalled by the American leaders. Get the hell off my television unless you’ve got something urgent to tell us! Maybe oh I don’t knowSOME TRUTH?? Glenn Beck came back on somewhere near the last ten minutes of his show. I thought instead of being upset, I bet Glenn is laughing his butt off at this, because he can take a jab, tell it like it is, and roll with it. OUR WHITE HOUSE… FOLKS… has turned into a school yard playground mentality. While I don’t agree with Beck on his comment about America being better off without John McCain in office, I see his point made, but arguably disagree. Because of one pure fact that John would have our enemies of the world talking a much more water downed version of their “smack”. But you STILL ROCK GLENN BECK! And I pray that you keep going and uncover the corrupt and the danger, and I’m thankful for your patriotism.

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